Not Everyone Should Get Out And Vote

Should DUMMIES be entrusted in deciding the future of a country?

I know that those on the LEFT who read and listen to will call me a Neanderthal for what I’m about to write. But so what, I’ve been called much worse by far better.

America is in the homestretch of their MOST important election in my living memory, and perhaps ever. How this election plays-out will define not just the social and economic future of the USA, but rather whether the USA survives at all.

I don’t write these words casually.

If the people vote to keep the Democrats in power in the House and the Senate, but especially in the House, it will lead to the destruction of America, as we know it.

And it’s not just about the USA. If the Conservatives do NOT win BIG, the results will impact throughout the planet in ways we do not want to imagine.


I watch the President stump for the Democrats, specifically amongst the youth at universities, imploring them to go out and vote, since the youth seems to have become less enamored with Obama and his mantra of Hope and Change and YES WE CAN, than they were two years ago.

As for turning out Black Americans to vote – FORGET ABOUT IT.

Obama and his cadre aren’t even trying, since they know that 2008 was a one of. And since Obama did NOTHING for Black America, not even giving them lip service, or a car in each driveway, or free housing, or JOBS as they expected from the Messiah, they can’t be bothered.


Here’s a big question . . . WHY? Why should everyone vote?

MORE TO THE POINT – Why should everyone be ALLOWED to vote?

Isn’t voting one of the MOST important things a citizen can do? Isn’t voting so critical to the health and future of a nation that there should be some criteria as per who can qualify to vote?

Shouldn’t you know something about “some” of the issues, or even a little bit about your own country to be able to vote?

Why should anyone who is so misinformed and ignorant of the barest of socio/political issues, and their OWN country be entrusted with the wellbeing of the future of a nation?

Every time a Pundit like John Stossel, or a Late Night Show Comedian like Jay Leno goes to the streets with large and clear photos of REALLY prominent politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, asking people chosen at random to identify the people who are on these photos, virtually NO ONE can recognize them.

But, show these twits photos of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, or this character on Jersey Shores who goes by the name “The Situation”, and they’ll recognize all of them just about every time.

Ask any of these wannabe VOTERS to name the last 5 Presidents before Obama, and they’ll look at you as if you’re from Mars. Or get REALLY tough and ask who were America’s two Second World War Presidents.

Ask these people who want to steer America in one direction or another to name the Pacific Coast States, and they’d be lucky to get more than just California.

Ask them to name just 5 of the 13 Atlantic Coast States from Canada to Florida, or just 3 of the 8 Great Lake States. Or even 3 of the Great Lakes. Or how many Great Lakes there are, and prepare yourself for duh.

Ask them to name just 2 Gulf States, or 2 States that border Mexico, and enjoy the vacant smiles and giggles.

Ask those who wish to guide America with their vote to name the people who run the MOST important offices in the USA.

1 – The Leader of the House.

2 – The Leader of the Senate.

3 – The Vice President.

4 – The Secretary of State.

5 – The Attorney General.

6 – The Secretary of Homeland Security.

I bet you MOST wouldn’t even get Joe Biden right as VP.

Ask wannabe voters, especially ghetto voters and students to name the year America became a Nation, and I’d be flabbergasted if more than a few would know that it was 1776.

I’m not certain most would know beyond the day being a holiday, what the significance is of July 4th. Or where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Ask them to name just two of America’s Founding Fathers – JUST TWO, and I’d bet MOST wouldn’t even come up with George Washington, let alone any of the others.

Ask how many States there are in the Union, which is something Obama seemed to have some trouble with during his campaign, since he thought there were 57.

Ask which was America’s last State to enter the Union? And which other State entered the Union in the same year? And what year was that?

Ask the average person on the street to tell you what the meanings are of the 1st and 2nd Amendments? And then stand back to be amazed at what people can invent in their minds.

These are simple questions that I as a Canadian can answer without giving it too much thought. So here’s what I propose:

Create a questionnaire similar to the one I just wrote, or even simpler. And make it mandatory for everyone to take this test to become eligible to vote.

But, instead of making a passing grade 50%, or even just 25%, HOW ABOUT JUST 10%? And give them the questions TWO weeks before the day of voting so they can read-up to be prepared. And let them even bring a crib sheet to the test.

And if people cannot get just 10% of these questions right, JUST 10%, then they should not be allowed to vote, since they would either be too stupid, too lazy, or too uncaring.

After all, should DUMMIES be entrusted in deciding the future of a country?

And not to think Canada is any better, I would be MORE than pleased to see a voting-means-test for Canadian voters too. It’s not as if we’re so much smarter on this side of our border.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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