Ethnocentric Nationalism – The Enemy Within

TWENTY-ONE percent of California’s voting population is Hispanic.

If you’ve ever wondered why our societies are so screwed-up, it’s to a great degree because of the concentration of activist minorities who come to our countries to change our culture to favor theirs.

So why do these people come?

No one invited the Moslems to come to our countries to attempt to impose their Sharia laws upon the rest of us. No one invited the Latinos to come to the USA to make America Mexico. But that’s what’s happening. And it’s happening fast.

TWENTY-ONE percent of California’s voting population is Hispanic. As a result, virtually EVERY Californian politician is running ads on radio, television, print, mailings and billboards in SPANISH to win the Latino vote.

Do you see something “a little” wrong with this?

Gerry Brown has had his henchmen, in this case his HENCHWOMAN (Gloria Allred) create an issue of Latino race-baiting against Meg Whitman (former CEO of EBAY), who is without question the MOST capable and competent person to become the next Governor of California.

The question is – What won’t the politicians do, say, and give away to concentrations of minorities just to win an elected position?


In a political system where Seats are decided by Ridings (voting districts), where a simple majority decides the outcome, especially where there are more than two candidates, a special interest group becomes critically influential.

Canada’s Parliamentary system is a perfect example of TYRANNY of the minorities, where there are 4 MAJOR Parties in 9 of Canada’s 10 provinces, with one ADDITIONAL Party in ethnocentric French speaking Quebec.

It is NOT unusual for a politician in Canada to win his or her Seat with LESS than 40% of the vote – INCLUDING THE PRIME MINISTER, in this case, whose Party (Conservative) won LESS than 40% of the total vote (37.7%).

In Canada, it is the Party which wins the most number of Seats that gets to become the government with the Party’s leader becoming the Prime Minister, who too must win his or her own Seat to sit in Parliament.

Imagine this – The political Leader of your country gets to govern ALL OF THE PEOPLE, when MORE than 60% (62.3%) of the TOTAL population voted AGAINST the leader’s Party. That’s the current situation in Canada.


Because countries like Canada have multi Party systems, it gives SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS an enormous degree of power they would normally never have. And should certainly NEVER deserve.

A perfect example is within Ethnocentric Nationalistic Quebec, where there are 75 of Canada’s 308 Parliamentary Seats, making Quebec an extremely important source of votes and power for all National Parties.

But in Quebec, there is one LEFTIST Party (Bloc Quebecois) whose sole goal is to take Quebec out of Canada, which runs candidates ONLY in Quebec, which in the last election (2008) won 49 of the 75 Seats that make up almost one quarter of Canada’s 308 Seats, giving these Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalists an enormous influence within Canada’s Parliament.


For the other 4 Parties to compete with the Separatist Bloc Quebecois, they too have to GIVE French Quebec rights, privileges and transfers of OTHER Province’s wealth no other Province or Territory can ever hope for.


Because of the concentration of Ethnocentric votes in Quebec, and the current reality that no Party in Canada can form a majority government without winning a great number of seats in Quebec, EVERY Party openly prostrates itself on the alter of Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalism.


The worst is how the REST OF CANADA is forced to live with ethnocentric laws that UNFAIRLY give tremendous public sector employment advantages to French Speakers, the redistribution of wealth from hard working successful English Provinces to the failed SOCIALIST Province of Quebec, and Regulations that are smothering businesses and individuals.

When the Federal government (ALL PARTIES) does WHATEVER it can to accommodate minority demands SIMPLY to buy votes, it spells DISASTER for the country in every way imaginable, especially in defining what the country is all about.

Imagine this – Quebec, which is home to almost 97% of all of Canada’s French population has held TWO referendums on separating itself from Canada, but still controls the Canadian agenda.


Quebec has passed multiple language laws, which effectively make the UNRESTRICTED use of the English language ILLEGAL.

Quebec has made it ILLEGAL for all but a few children who can PROVE their Anglo-Canadian educational bonifides to attend publicly funded schools from grade-school through high-school, literally choking-off the growth and very survival of the English language school system in the Province.

And from virtually EVERY Federal politician from the REST OF CANADA concerning Quebec’s demand to eradicate all signs, history, contributions, and SURVIVAL of the English population within Quebec – NOTHING!

About a week ago, a nationally published Canadian magazine (Maclean’s) that is owned by a behemoth media company (Rogers) ran a story about how Quebec is the MOST corrupt Province in Canada.

The front page of the magazine showed Quebec’s Winter Carnival Mascot, a Disney like character in the guise of a snowman making off with a suitcase full of money.

THERE WAS OUTRAGE – So much outrage that Ethnocentric Quebec DEMANDED a retraction and an apology, and that Canada MUST do something about this INSULT and DEFAMATION.

The problem for Quebec, is that EVERYTHING in the Maclean’s story was true, and didn’t even scratch the surface.

BUT TRUTH BE DAMMED – Quebec was insulted by the cover and the story.

So, to handle this “affair” in the usual political way by Federal Politicians who are terrified of losing Quebec votes, Parliament was called to hold a vote of CONDEMNATION of Maclean’s Magazine.


IT WAS UNANIMOUS! – EVERY politician in Canada’s Parliament voted to condemn the Magazine, not because of the validity or invalidity of their story, but rather because Quebec DEMANDED it.

Now, you tell me how much hope and trust we in North America can have in our governments, when they support a CORRUPT Province by ATTACKING and CONDEMNING an HONEST press?

Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the USA. Between natural birth rates and ILLEGAL immigration, Latinos have taken over entire voting districts where they vote on NOT WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY BEST FOR AMERICA, but rather, on WHAT IS BEST FOR THEMSELVES.

In the Province of Ontario where I live, the French population numbers around 4% of the total. JUST FOUR PERCENT, yet, you’d think they were the majority considering how the politicians bend over backwards to accommodate them.


1 – There are French ONLY PUBLICLY FUNDED healthcare clinics in Ontario where Anglos are NOT welcome, even though MOST of the funding comes from English tax dollars.

2 – The French have Segregated school busses because French parents, French teachers, and French school-boards do not want their French children to be linguistically corrupted by their CHILDREN’S’ Anglo friends.

3 – And now there are Language laws in certain communities that have a strong French presence, where it is AGAINST the law to put up a private commercial sign ONLY in the English language.

This is a law that I’m currently fighting all the way to the Supreme Court.

Once an activist minority becomes important enough to politicians in terms of number of votes, the day is done, and the country better prepare itself for the governance of the minorities.

You Americans who think this type of TYRANNY of the minorities cannot happen to you, THINK AGAIN. It’s already happening, and it will only get worse.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, we are here if we are needed! Just speak the word! We stand with Canada, one of the highlights of my life is speaking on the Parliament Hill in 2012, standing with you and other political leaders. I am currently doing 13 episodes of television, a full season. One of the recordings yesterday included the speech in the Parliament the afternoon following our rally. We pray for ‘your’ Canada – may justice be done. I refuse to be silent –

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