Only a BAD Miracle Can Save The Democrats

This is a prediction that I REALLY believe will be true:

More than a year ago (July 23, 2009 – see ARCHIVES), I wrote that the Democrats will SELF-DESTRUCT during the November 2010 midterm elections, and will make Obama their own LAME-DUCK President.

It wasn’t hard to foresee – Not even without a crystal Ball.

What I can’t understand however, is how MOST of America didn’t see Obama for what and who he was before they voted for him.

I couldn’t fathom how his deep associations with gutter-dirt like Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko didn’t make him politically toxic, even within the Democrat Party.

Or how people believed a guy with a ZERO accomplishment or management record could ever successfully run the greatest enterprise (USA) the world has ever known.

So, when Obama won the Presidency based upon a mountain of BS and meaningless slogans such as YES WE CAN, coupled to HOPE & CHANGE, the ONLY question in my mind was how long will it take before he becomes the GREATEST White House failure and political PARIAH in American history?

No one can elevate the hopes of a nation to an insurmountable pinnacle, and then expect those who hitched their entire world to his wagon to continue to shout his praises when he delivers LESS than NOTHING.


I am absolutely confident that the Republicans will WIPEOUT the Democrats this November because of what the current polls are confirming.

The incumbent Democrats and Democrat wannabe politicians are already polling at their MAXIMUM, which means that there is absolutely nowhere for them to go but down. AND DOWN THEY WILL GO.

On the other hand, as people are starting to learn more about where the Republican candidates stand on REAL issues, their polling numbers are steadily going up.

Think about this – Last week, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware was polling 15 points BEHIND her Democrat challenger. This week, she is ONLY 9 points behind, and there’s still a little MORE than a MONTH to go for her to change more minds.

They’ve already thrown all the dirt they could against O’Donnell, so what’s left for them to campaign on, their Democrat record, or that her rival described himself as a Marxist?

The same is absolutely true for EVERY other race where the polling shows that the Republican is even, or a few points behind.

There is NOWHERE for the Democrat to find additional support, and EVERYWHERE for the Republican, as people start to question if they REALLY want TWO MORE years of a Democrat led House and Senate.

How can anyone who is NOT absolutely committed to the Democrats vote for a candidate who REFUSES to run on their own Party’s record, and/or REFUSES to speak about Obamacare, the Bailouts, the Stimulus and the TRILLIONS of dollars in the crippling new DEBT caused by Obama?

Are the Democrats going to run on their job creation record?

Or how about their pledge to lower taxes, as taxes are set to go through the roof for EVERYONE because the Democrats won’t vote on extending the Bush Tax Cuts for EVERYONE?

Or what about immigration and border security, as Obama’s Democrats SUE Arizona for trying to enforce what is in essence Federal immigration laws the FEDS refuse to enforce themselves?

Or how about kicking the Gulf States like Louisiana in the guts after the BP disaster, by forbidding new oil exploration, driving away TENS of thousands of good paying jobs?

During the first months of Obama’s Presidency, he traveled the world putting down his OWN country, telling all the America-Haters who were only too happy to hear an American President speak about American ARROGANCE.

These Presidential “I HATE AMERICA TOURS” were not forgotten. Not by anyone, and not by a long shot.

There are no shortages of Democrats who would sooner suffer from hemorrhoids, rather than to be seen with Obama, who say that this election is NOT about Obama, but rather about good government. REALLY?

They can run from the NARCISSIST-IN-CHIEF, but they can’t hide. And even if they could hide from him, they can’t hide form Reid and Pelosi. But, even if they could hide from them too . . . THEY CAN’T HIDE FROM WHAT THEIR PARTY HAS DONE TO THE USA IN LESS THAN 2 YEARS.

This is a prediction that I REALLY believe will be true:

Any Republican who is within striking distance for a Senate or House Seat, or a Governor’s Mansion will win unless he or she has some of the ugliest baggage one can imagine.

If the Republican candidates who are within striking distance are clean, or even relatively clean, the Republicans will SWEEP the House, take back the Senate, and control the Governor Mansions at a time when redistricting is so important.

Watch the polling and see for yourselves. The Democrats will continue to lose support while the Republicans will continue to rack up the votes.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Will we wake up? Sadly I think not.
    98 % of canadians will still welcome the muslim hoard!
    Close to having the comparative SS in our midst!
    Dream on canada.

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