Does Anyone Get It?


Is it just my way of thinking . . . or is everyone out to lunch?

Inviting Steven Colbert to appear before Congress (September 24, 2010) as an EXPERT witness on the hardships facing migrant field workers was as DUMB-ASS as DUMB gets.

As the people of the USA are turning out in the TENS & HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS to protest the disconnect between their government and themselves, here comes an IDIOT member of Congress who invites a COMEDIAN of all people to JOKE about an extremely serious issue.

WORSE – Having Colbert sitting in the PEOPLE’S House (Congress) cracking jokes, wasting valuable time where NOTHING but important issues should be debated amongst serious stakeholders is a combined INSULT to the Democratic process, to the people and their families who labor in the fields, AND TO THE PEOPLE WHO ELECT THEIR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.

Since I have very LOW expectations from the people who sit in government, how could I possible be surprised by this stupidity?

But, when I hear EVERY political pundit, INCLUDING the people on FOX News say it was a “funny shtick” but not appropriate in the House, I have to wonder how far these people are also out of touch.


NOTHING ABOUT IT WAS FUNNY – How could any these media talking heads think any part of this INSULT to the PEOPLE’S House could be funny?

How funny is it that Congress was reduced to being a Yuk-Yuk Club even if it was for just a few minutes?

How funny is it that people who literally slave in the fields, sometimes under very unfair conditions are made to be a punch line?

What happened in the PEOPLE’S House with Colbert says all that has to be said about how far the system has collapsed, and how much of a LACK of respect the elected representatives have for the people who elected them. Not to mention how out of touch the pundits are.

If there is any way for ALL of these arrogant, thankless, incompetent politicians to be tossed out, and TOTALLY replaced with new people who’ve NEVER served who REALLY understand what is expected of them, that would be best.

The next best however could very well be around the corner on November 2, 2010.


I am not impressed with the Republican campaign pledge. It doesn’t cover earmarks. Nor does it cover term limits. It doesn’t outright declare a total suspension of ALL unnecessary spending. Nor does it promise a TOTAL change in how taxes are charged and collected.

To me, the Pledge is little more than a campaign stunt telling the people what the Republicans think the people want to hear without upsetting the folk who are sitting on the fence.

Nonetheless, the Pledge is better than nothing at all, and “could” be a starting point to policies that would REALLY take America back to where it was when the rest of the world hated the USA because the USA was indeed EXCEPTIONAL.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am a past Canadian, born there and became an American citizen in 1947, I agree with you that if this attack is Islamic, then Canada should seek revenge and restitution and the US should support and assist anyn action Canada takes as Canada has for the US

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