Conservative Republicans stand for term LIMITS. Democrats want to die in office.

I heard it all from the mouth of Geraldo Rivera, who is a real legend in his own mind.

He said on FOX & Friends (Morning Show September 17, 2010) that the Democrats have always been the Party of the people, the workers, and the unions, while the Republicans have always been the Party of business and the wealthy.

And he calls himself a Republican. Now there’s a joke.

He likened Tea Partiers to mentally deficient people who have a screw loose (my words – his sentiments).

But, what Rivera didn’t say, was that THE DEMOCRATS are the Party of BIG government, HIGH taxes and the GREATEST amount of regulation possible.

He also didn’t say that it is the Democrats who want to pass CARD CHECK, which if successful will throw away the secret ballot in union voting.

Or that Democrats want to Control what is said on radio and television in the name of the Fairness Doctrine, which is nothing more than the censorship of Conservatives.

And if you want to go back much farther in American history, Rivera didn’t mention that it was the Democrats who OPPOSED the abolition of slavery.

But, none of this editorial is about Geraldo Rivera. Why should it be, other than to use him as a poster-boy for LEFTIST thinking?

Here’s the TRUTH about CONSERVATIVE Republicans the Democrats DON’T want you to know:

1 – The Republican Party was CREATED in GREAT part to END slavery. Democrats were for it.

2 – Conservative Republicans stand for FREEDOM of the INDIVIDUAL. Democrats are all about the Rights of the COLLECTIVE.

3 – Conservative Republicans stand for SMALL governments. Democrats have never seen a government that is TOO big.

4 – Conservative Republicans stand for LESS bureaucracy. To Democrats, RED TAPE IS ALL ABOUT US.

5 – Conservative Republicans stand for FEWER and lower taxes. Democrats can NEVER tax enough.

6 – Conservative Republicans stand for term LIMITS. Democrats want to die in office.

7 – Conservative Republicans stand for LESS litigation and tort reform. To Democrats, suing is as American as Mom’s Apple Pie.

8 – Conservative Republicans stand for up and down votes and no earmarks. Democrats LOVE ear marks and vote without reading what they’re voting for.

9 – Conservative Republicans stand for a line-by-line Presidential VETO. Democrats only want to veto lower taxes, less bureaucracy and smaller government.

10 – Conservative Republicans stand for adherence to the Constitution. Democrats see the Constitution as suggestions to build upon.

The problem is the Republicans who were NOT Conservatives, who over the past generation felt they were ENTITLED to the “good-life” in politics.

EVEN WORSE . . . Establishment Republicans FORGOT why they were elected, and who serves whom.

With the Tea Parties and other like-minded Groups, Republican leaders are beginning to understand that they will either embrace Conservative basics and values, or they will be as done as burnt toast.

The current primaries were far MORE than just choosing candidates. They were all about CHANGING COURSE. They were all about getting back to core values where politicians understand that their ONLY purpose is to serve the COUNTRY the way the people want the country to be served.

So, when Republican “ESTABLISHMENT” types, the likes of Karl Rove and Dana Perino vent venom on Christine O’Donnell who beat a Republican dinosaur in a fair and square election, all that it says to me, is that Rove and Perino haven’t yet got the message.

What the likes of Rove and Perino don’t, and can’t seem to understand after O’Donnell’s stunning victory, is that the PEOPLE believe that a real Conservative who might lose while running a campaign on honest values, is a far better option than supporting a “pretend” Republican who will win on Liberal values.

Why people like Rove and Perino can’t find that refreshing would be beyond me if I didn’t understand that people like Rove and Perino are all about winning, In SPITE of values and the consequences thereof.

Because of people like them over the years, Republicans LOST their way and governed like Liberals. So, when I hear, read, and/or see the Rove TYPES declaring that winning is everything, I CLEARLY understand that they are in many ways far MORE damaging to the fabric of society and to the future of Democracy and FREEDOM than are the Liberals they purport to oppose.

Here’s a NEWS FLASH for Dinosaur, Insider and ESTABLISHMENT Republicans – THE PEOPLE WANT PRINCIPLED CANDIDATES who will say what they will do and do what they say.

Even amongst Moderate Democrats, and especially with Independents, people want to get back to the basics, and want politicians who are NOT politicians.

So, when I read and hear all this crap about Christine O’Donnell being behind in her taxes, late on repaying her student loan(s), maybe not a real university graduate, trouble in paying her mortgage, played around with “witchcraft” when in high school – etc, etc, etc, and is born again because of her troubled past lifestyle; I SAY GOOD.

Actually – I say GREAT!

She . . . better than just about every political “professional” understands what the majority of the population is living with. She probably understands the fear of the collection agency phone-call, the bailiff’s knock on the door, and maybe even the repro-man coming to visit.

Or, when she made a purchase and handed over her credit card to pay, she might have mentally offered a prayer that the card will be good.

I bet she also understands sleepless nights.

Yet, in spite of all of her “trials and tribulations” she has found worthy principles to guide her life. She has NOT blamed others for her problems. And she has not given up. Nor has she laid down demanding that others should pick up her tab.


Christine O’Donnell will win the Delaware Senate Seat as will the other Conservative candidates who will win their respective Seats, not because of some fancy Rove-like political slight-of-hand, but rather, it will be because that’s what the people want.

And if Republican ESTABLISHMENT types, LEFTIST Media, and Democrats want to Demagogue these candidates because there is nothing else they can offer in opposition, it will be at their very own peril.

November 2, 2010 will go down in history as a date NEVER to be forgotten in the development of the USA, when the people will have actually taken back their country.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Just a matter of time before the “Doofus” American President comes out with a statement such as…lets not jump to conclusions or some other rot. Have no doubt at all the media goes into over-drive to protect the identity of those that were involved.

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