Shame On Karl Rove & Dana Perino

To hear Karl Rove go at Christine O’Donnell, you’d think she was a baby-killer.

I watched the Primary returns on FOX News last night (Tuesday, September 14, 2010), and as they came in favoring Tea Party Candidates, I was gleefully amazed at the BLOWBACK coming from the people against the ESTABLISHMENT.

And then there was Dana Perino, who on Sean Hannity’s show expressed her enormous disappointment that OUTSIDER Christine O’Donnell beat longtime ESTABLISHMENT incumbent Mike Castle.

Her disappointment was palpable, even though Mike Castle voted MORE often for Democrat initiatives then he did with Republicans, especially on issues such as Cap and Trade and the Stimulus Program.

Dana Perino DEFENDED Mike Castle, because in her opinion, he can win the general election because he is so moderate. And O’Donnell can’t.

But, MORE than that, she argued with the other Hannity guest Stuart Varney that the Republicans need “ESTABLISHMENT” politicians.


Aren’t ESTABLISHMENT politicians the reason why America is in the mess it is currently in? And Aren’t ESTABLISHMENT politicians the reason Congress is so reviled by the American people on both sides of the divide?


Rove was so upset with Christine O’Donnell’s victory, that he eviscerated her live on-camera. He went so far as to DECLARE that she has no chance whatsoever of winning in the general election this November.

To hear Karl Rove go at Christine O’Donnell, you’d think she was a baby-killer.

And then came the Republican ESTABLISHMENT Executive Insiders who declared within moments of O’Donnell’s victory that the Republican Party would NOT finance her campaign to win the Delaware Senate Seat because she COULD NOT WIN. What are these people drinking?

When I write that this is unbelievable, it is saying what everyone who is a political OUTSIDER is thinking; that this political nonsense is all about the politicians, and NOT about the people who elect them.

To best put Rove and Perino’s comments and attitudes in perspective, they were part of that political ESTABLISHMENT insiders club.

They were major players in the Bush White House when George W Bush increased the size of government. Spent like a Democrat. And didn’t do what had to be done to stop Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae before they collapsed the American economy.

If I was producing FOX News, I think I’d have to reconsider how much face-time I would want to be giving Rove and Perino after this dreadful performance both of them put on last night.

After Castle’s defeat, one of his key organizers came out and said that Christine O’Donnell cannot expect any support from him and his people since O’Donnell already has the support of Palin.

That was the first thing that has come out of the mouths of the ESTABLISHMENT Republicans that made sense. With Palin supporting O’Donnell, why the hell would she need Castle?

What Rove, Perino, Castle and the Republican executive don’t seem to understand, is that their favorite (Liberal) candidate lost by a fair election to a candidate the PEOPLE wanted.

This was not a rigged election.

In fact, Castle had the ENORMOUS support of the Republican Party, the Republican leadership, and substantial financing behind him, yet the PEOPLE chose Christine O’Donnell.

So what is the message from Rove and Perino? Is it SCREW the people and what the people want? It sure seems like it to me.

The good news, is that this kind of visceral attack on Christine O’Donnell from ESTABLISHMENT insiders, especially within her own Party, will galvanize an army of people who will come to her side and do whatever they can to get her elected, if for no other reason other than to prove that the PEOPLE really do want Conservative CHANGE, and that it’s time to throw the ESTABLISHMENT bums out!

The other good news is that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has come out in support of Christine O’Donnell’s victory.

Not ONLY will this November be a rout for the Republicans over the Democrats; it will also be a rout for Center-Right Conservatives over the so-called “moderate” Republicans.

John Boehner, Republican Minority House Leader who is famous for his: “We are not the party of NO, we’re the Party of HELL-NO” slipped-up last week when he suggested that if the Republicans couldn’t get ALL the Bush tax cuts extended, then he would vote for those he could get extended.

It didn’t take minutes until there was an outrage at his submission to Obama, and until Mitch McConnell made it absolutely clear that the Senate Republicans want it all or nothing.


I am indeed disappointed in Rove and Perino, but not surprised when I put their own political backgrounds into proper perspective, since THEY ARE ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS.

Not only is this is going to be a very good November for Conservatives, it will set up an even BETTER November for 2012.

Here are two predictions:

1 – Christine O’Donnell will win the Delaware Senate Seat.

2 – If Palin decides to run for the Republican Presidential Nomination she will win it. And then she’ll win the Presidency.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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