Happy Days Might Be Around The Corner

I’m not a gambler. But this is one bet I am quite willing to make.

In my last editorial (Sleepless On The Farm September 3, 2010) I wrote:

“But, after writing about all of this doom and gloom, there is a real reason for many of us to start thinking that there will be better times ahead. Not just a bit better times, but better times on steroids.”


The world, let me repeat this – THE WORLD, and not just America is waiting for something REAL BIG to happen soon. REALLY SOON.

In the past, after horrid periods of negative change, financial collapse, and honest to goodness mental stagnation, the way out always seemed to be with major armed conflict.

And after enough blood was spilled and treasure lost, the recoveries were periods of great prosperity. But this time, we won’t necessarily go through the pain of mass bloodshed, not even against the Moslems who have no stomach or ability to fight a real fight.

This time, we will be recovering from an ideological/social/financial war inflicted upon the world from the LEFT – THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN. But this time, instead of bombs and bullets, our war will be fought and won with ballots.

And after VICTORY, and the DEVASTATING defeat of the enemy from within, the restructuring and rebuilding will be breathtaking.

Many of the people who read Galganov.com are of the age when they can still remember how American EXCEPTIONALISM rebuilt all of Europe and Japan after World War II.


The FIRST major VICTORY will be won by the GOOD GUYS this coming November when the House Democrats are virtually driven out of office, with the Senate going Republican, or so close, that it becomes a political Eunuch giving neither comfort nor support to Obama and his cadre.

The SECOND VICTORY will be delivered for the GOOD GUYS in November 2012 with the crushing DEFEAT of Obama, or any other Democrat (Hillary) who will run for the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America.

With the FIRST VICTORY, things will begin to change almost immediately. Businesses seeing the writing on the wall for the DEFEAT of the LEFT will begin to invest. They will begin to innovate. And they will begin to hire.

IF – And it’s a REAL BIG IF . . . If the Republicans do in office what they promised to do on the campaign trail, there will be an honest to goodness EXPLOSION of CONFIDENCE and GROWTH.

It will be as if the Klieg Lights had just been turned on upon a stage that has been in darkness for far too long. There will be a bounce in the steps of people who before this massive VICTORY did all they could just to drag their asses from here to there.

And after the SECOND VICTORY, America will switch into ultra high gear just to catch up on all that was lost during the past eight years, when the Democrats controlled the House and Senate, and in the last four years when they had the White House too.

I am so confident that the American economy and entrepreneurial spirit will EXPLODE with such enthusiasm, that America, like in the past, will once again carry the entire planet on her shoulders to better times.

I am so sure of this prediction . . . that I’m working on Anne to consider us moving to the USA where we already do a substantial part of our media business.

I can’t imagine a greater joy than being part of a rebirth, the likes of which none of us have ever seen in “peace-time”.

Now let me give you what can be the VERY bad news:

If the American people do not give the Conservative Republicans the massive victories I had predicted more than a year ago. Or, if the Republicans go back to their same old same old after a HUGE victory, all will be lost, and America could very well be doomed.


I’m not a gambler. But this is one bet I am quite willing to make:

I would bet the farm that America will rise from the ashes of Pelosi, Reid, OBAMA and all the other LEFTISTS and Republican “moderates” to once again be “THAT SHINING CITY UPON A HILL”.

Just as an aside:

THANK YOU to all the people who support Galganov Dot Com with your after-tax, out of your own pocket, personal money, all of which goes 100% into the cause, since we pay no salaries to keep this Web Site going.

For those who are not in a position to help out financially, just by spreading the word about this Web Site helps in an immeasurable way to help. So thank you too.

As many, or some of you might know, Gary Sinese of CSI New York has a terrific Rock and Roll Band that entertains the troops wherever they might be. Also, Sinese uses his band to play concerts across the USA to raise money to build special homes for wounded veterans.

The name of the organization is “BUILDING HOMES FOR HEROES”.

The Web Site is . . . http://buildinghomesforheroes.org

I am PROUD to let you all know that Anne and I are contributors to this extraordinary effort to help men and women who sacrificed so much for our FREEDOMS.

If there is a comparable effort being made in Canada for our Canadian wounded HEROES, we would be just as proud to write a personal check for them as well.

FREEDOM ISN’T FREE – Everyone must do their part with the exception of the LEFT who look to the rest of us to do our part and theirs too. SO WE DO.

But that’s OK – Because, if we had to depend on the Something-For-Nothing Bunch and their plentiful opinions on how everyone else should live, and how WE should pay for how THEY want to live, North America would look like Bangladesh.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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