Sleepless On The Farm

Can any of us remember a worse government from the top down, than there is today in Washington DC?

Thank you to the many people who have written to me recently wondering if I’m OK, and why I hadn’t published anything in the past couple of weeks, especially with all that’s been happening.

Here’s the answer:

I’ve been mentally and physically exhausted. Also, I’ve been stressed to the max, anticipating our late summer hay crop, which is thankfully now in the hay sheds.

If anyone thinks a farmer’s work is easy, just try to cut, load and unload 24,000 pounds of hay in 90-plus degree weather with shirt soaking humidity ahead of forecasted rain.

And, to make things worse, half your work crew doesn’t show-up, and the equipment that really takes a beating at best of times is prone to break when it is being worked the most.

At the beginning of every haying, I tell Anne that this is the last time I’m doing it. I want to sell the equipment, and just buy our hay like most other people.

But, when it’s all done, and the hay is just GORGEOUS, and in our hay shed, knowing that all of this was made with our own hard labor from seeds, to fertilizer, to the horses bellies, it just seems so right. So, we do it all again.

But, at 60 years old, “making” hay just isn’t getting any easier.


I didn’t sleep very well. Actually, when I did sleep a bit, it was fitful and laced with stressful subconscious thoughts that magnified those things that bother me more than I realized.

I thought about the Superior Court decision that went AGAINST my challenge in DEFENSE of Freedom of Expression, and how a French Canadian Judge could possibly rule that one culture, in this case the French Ontario culture representing about 4% of the TOTAL Ontario population, has the RIGHT to FORCE another culture, in this case the English Ontario culture (96%) to advertise in a language NOT of their choice.

It bothered me even MORE that I received several emails from French speakers who gloated in their victory.

But it wasn’t their rejoicing that bothered me, since my respect for what they think, say or write is zero. It was at how absolutely STUPID they were to celebrate a decision that makes the stand-alone use of their own minority language ILLEGAL.

If you don’t know what I’m writing about; a group of ethnocentric Franco/Ontario nationalists got a bylaw passed that makes it ILLEGAL to post a private commercial sign in their Township that is NOT 100% bilingual.

So, in this Township (Russell Ontario), there is no longer any FREEDOM of choice of Expression, and to these Franco IDIOTS, this is somehow a victory.

I’m not overly concerned about the French Judge’s decision against my co-litigant who is a Franco Ontarian and myself, since we plan to win in the Court of Appeal.

But, I am very much concerned over the utter stupidity of a civilized well educated community that is so TRIBAL, that they are willing to make the stand alone use of their own language ILLEGAL, just to screw over English speakers.

Then I thought about Latinos who are outraged because their voting ballots in the forthcoming American elections are not bilingual (Spanish and English), or in Spanish only upon request, in all polling Districts.

What kind of crap is that?

Since when is America a Spanish speaking country?

Isn’t it Obama himself who keeps on saying that ILLEGAL, excuse me, “undocumented immigrants” must register, pay some form of fine, get to the back of the immigration line, and LEARN ENGLISH who wish to stay in America?

Yes it is the Messiah who says this. So, what’s with Spanish language voting ballots in an AMERICAN election?

I look at it like this: IF you can’t understand an English language ballot in AMERICA, perhaps you shouldn’t be allowed to vote?

Then there’s this HILLARY CLINTON outrage at the United Nations Human Rights Commission where she cited Arizona for a Human Rights CRIME because of their Immigration Law that mirrors the Federal Immigration law the Feds won’t enforce.

If ever there was a reason to despise Democrats, ESPECIALLY Leftist Democrats, I can’t think of a better one. And she wants to be President. What a joke.

Then there was this pathetically USELESS Oval Office speech Obama gave Tuesday night about the end of the war in Iraq. It was indeed a speech about nothing.

The truth is that America’s real military involvement ended with the success of George W Bush’s SURGE before Obama became President.

But, since Iraq still doesn’t have an elected government, and people are being murdered just about every day because of which Moslem Sect they follow, the stability in Iraq is probably on a par with the stability of the Democrat Party in the forthcoming November election.

And then there’s Israel and this ridiculous charade of making “peace” with murderers and cutthroats.

Is it only me, or has anyone else noticed that the so-called Palestinians haven’t had one election since Hamas more or less won the last one?

So, with whom is Israel to make peace? And why would Israel want to make peace with people whose “national” charter doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist?

Worse yet – Why would Israel think they could make peace with savages, who in cold blood murdered 4 Jews who were minding their own business while driving in their car in Israel, just to make a political point?

There are no shortages of reasons for THINKING people in North America and around the world to lay awake at night worrying about tomorrow, since there is so much to worry about.

At no time in my 60-year-old memory, or in the memories of people who are considerably older than me with whom I speak, can any of us remember a worse government from the top down, than there is today in Washington DC.

And perhaps, what makes the preceding even worse than what most people imagine, is that the electorate are so stupid as to not know the difference between their rights and the rights of government.

And since it bothers me so much – Just as a closing thought about what Hillary Clinton has done vis a vis Arizona and the United Nations Human Rights Commission:

Clinton has ATTACKED and EMBARRASSED her own country on the International stage before a Commission that is in itself an embarrassment, anti-American, and an oxymoron.

To my way of thinking, there is NOTHING a politician of her stature could do short of sedition that could possibly be MORE repugnant.

But, after writing about all of this doom and gloom, there is a real reason for many of us to start thinking that there will be better times ahead. Not just a bit better times, but better times on steroids.

I’ll write about it in my next editorial

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Two of the correspondents above agree with what I have been saying for two years.
    Waynesboro, VA and Belgium. While the “Handlers” have kept everyone focused
    On the Southern Border, who is watching the Northern Border, twice as long and
    more dense. I hope the mid-terms happen.

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