The Verdict’s In – Freedom of Expression Has Lost

Is this not something one could only expect to find in Alice’s Wonderland?

WE DIDN’T LOSE – FREEDOM LOST (temporarily).

But it isn’t over by a long shot!

To all of my American readers, think the Spanish language as you read the following:

For those of you who have been following my battle for Freedom of Expression in Canada, the judge’s verdict concerning FREE-SPEECH came in Friday, August 20, 2010, and as suspected, I and my co-litigant, French speaker Jean-Serge Brisson LOST.

No big surprise . . .

Here’s some quick background for people who don’t know what I’m writing about:

Canada has an extremely activist French minority, that through the years have won incredible rights NOT available to any English speakers.

And even though MOST of these rights were granted to the ethnocentric nationalist province of Quebec, which has been RECOGNIZED in Canada, by Parliament no less, as a “nation”, is where the unrestricted use of the English language is AGAINST THE LAW.

But, it doesn’t end with the “nation” of Quebec where 97% of Canada’s French speakers live. Many of those discriminatory pro-French policies have also been implemented throughout the rest of the country.

I won’t list the egregious number of double standards that favors French speakers in Canada OVER the Rights of all other Canadians, other than to say that unless a Canadian can pass a French proficiency exam, EVEN in the MOST English parts of Canada which number 97% of the Canadian population EXCLUDING Quebec, they have virtually no chance whatsoever of getting a job, or advancing to a better job in Canada’s civil service.

In the Province of Ontario, where the French population numbers about FOUR PERCENT (4%) of the TOTAL provincial population, laws have also been enacted forcing civil servants of all description to pass a French proficiency exam in order to work for many government agencies, INCLUDING the City of Ottawa.

In effect, what this means is that 4% of the Ontario population gets to DICTATE to 96%. It’s even more severe in the Federal perspective, when you consider that ONLY 3% of the Canadian population excluding the “nation” of Quebec gets to DICTATE to the ENTIRE country.

In the 96% English province of Ontario, there are PUBLICLY FUNDED French ONLY healthcare clinics, PUBLICLY FUNDED French ONLY community centers, PUBLICLY FUNDED French ONLY cultural centers, and PUBLICLY FUNDED French ONLY Schools, which have segregated school busses to guarantee that there will be no English children on-board.

Common sense and simple arithmetic will tell you that 4% of the population could NOT possibly cover their own costs, especially when infrastructure, medical and retirement costs (pensions) are all factored in.

So, who’s paying for these mostly subsidized FRENCH ONLY entitlements? WE THE ENGLISH PEOPLE ARE PAYING. And what’s our thank you in return?

1 – Anglos can’t get decent jobs in many of their OWN civil services.

2 – English speaking members of the military have little chance to advance to superior ranks. And the same can be said about the RCMP – etc.

3 – And NOW, in certain parts of Ontario where there are significant concentrations of French speakers, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO PUT UP A PRIVATE COMMERCIAL SIGN ONLY IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

While it is true that it is also against the law to put up a private commercial sign only in the French language, it is ONLY a ruse by the Franco zealots to justify FORCING English speaking people to use a language other than the language they want to speak.

Jean-Serge Brisson and I went to court over this overt attack on everyone’s RIGHT to Freedom of Expression, as is supposedly guaranteed in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, AND WE LOST.

But, we NEVER expected to win in a super LEFTIST city like Ottawa, Canada’s home to where civil servants reign supreme.

We knew that the REAL FIGHT would be carried on in Toronto at the Court of Appeals, where Franco Activism and a Franco Activist judge will play no part in our challenge against a Township bylaw that strips all Canadians from their RIGHT to communicate as they see fit.

This Court Challenge against a law that blatantly violates every person’s FREEDOM of EXPRESSION is no small deal. If we lose, it will mean that every bureaucrat in Canada, INCLUDING pissant mayors in small towns will have the RIGHT to suspend civil rights and liberties.


TYRANNY of the MINORITY can be successful for only so long, until the MAJORITY rises-up and fights back in earnest.

We are already seeing it in the United States with the Tea Parties.

And as the Tea Parties become ever more so successful, they will become ever more belligerent until those who wish to have their way over the majority, or over the people who produce the most, will either shut up or will be “shut-up” by others.

This too will happen in Canada as the people begin to wake-up.


At one point during the hearing on this FORCED Bilingual Sign Law, the French Activist Lawyer (Ron Caza) said that the bylaw VIOLATED Canada’s Freedom of Expression, and then with some extraordinarily CONVOLUTED thought process, he said that it actually ADDS a Freedom because it now makes everything bilingual.

Even the compliant judge (Monique Metivier), who up to that point gave Caza a free ride in her court, had to intervene at this ridiculous logic by saying:

“A law that forces the use of a language is no different than a law that FORBIDS the use of a language.” AND THERE’S OUR CASE.

So, for her to have ruled against us is a mystery.

AFTER almost two years, and HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars that had been spent, Metivier ruled that I have no standing, and that Jean-Serge’s Freedom of Expression was not violated, even though it is now against the law for Jean-Serge Brisson to put up a sign only in his own native French language.

Imagine that . . . A law that is supposed to help promote and protect the French language at the expense of the English language, that makes the stand-alone use of the French language ILLEGAL.

Is this not something one could only expect to find in Alice’s Wonderland?

There are a great many people who have helped finance this very important RIGHTS challenge who live in Canada and in the United States of America to whom I am extremely grateful. But this is ONLY round one.

So, I ask all the people who read Galganov Dot Com to consider the consequences of Jean-Serge and I losing, INCLUDING Americans whose legal LEFT is pushing hard for American Courts to accept the jurisprudence of other countries.

Like I wrote at the beginning – THINK SPANISH.

Think dial 1 for English – Dial 2 for Spanish.

Think about Spanish language political campaign ads in America.

Think about Spanish on signs and packaging in major retail places of business.

How long do you think it will be until Spanish is recognized in the USA as an OFFICIAL language by politicians willing to sell out the USA in order to win votes?

Now think Elena Kagan, America’s newest Supreme Court Justice who is a great believer in using International Jurisprudence as a guide to what should otherwise be MADE IN AMERICA judgments.

Everyone has a lot to lose if we lose. So, if you can . . . please help in this fight.

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The anti-Freedom French Activist side held a robust press conference where they celebrated their ‘victory”, but before they pop all the Champagne corks, they should understand in the IMMORTAL words of John Paul Jones: “I have not yet begun to fight”.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. More and more folks are ‘seeing’ as I did 18 mos ago that prior to O’s term ending, some crisis (likely gov’- made) will be used to declare marshal law. He then remains as prez for duration while corralling people & dictating their lives. Why else has DHS acquired so much war-type weaponry & war-vehicles? Why else has upper military ranks been thinned (esp of those not agreeing with his admin’s policies)? Class & race warfare has been fanned to frenzy & media omits facts. ASK YOURSELF WHY!

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