Islam – A Modern Day Cult Of The Dark Ages

Don’t pay any attention to the PR - Look at the facts

Islam has much of the world twisted into knots, especially Europe. And now it’s America’s turn. And even though the assault is on, it doesn’t mean the USA has to succumb.

How can a religion in this modern age that is far more a culture of political dominance through violence and intolerance have been so successful, particularly after everything we’ve witnessed that has been done to so many European countries in the name of Allah?

It’s easy. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS PLAY THEIR GAME. And that is exactly what most of the world is doing.

As Moslems strap bombs onto themselves, including women and children to murder others, we have bought into THEIR line that those people who commit murder by suicide are a “TINY RADICAL FRACTION” of the overall Moslem community.

Oh yeah . . . Says who?

The arrogance of those who make this claim as if it’s TRUE is stunning. How do any of them know how many of the 1.5 BILLION Moslems are peaceful? Where are the in-depth studies and analysis?

Which arrogant LEFTIST can say with ABSOLUTE certainty that Islam has been “HIGH-JACKED” by RADICAL elements of this “GREAT RELIGION OF PEACE”, rather than this is who and what they really are?

Just like politicians (Democrats and Republicans) who vote for critical BILLS without ever reading them, how many of these bad actor politicians and LEFTISTS have ever taken the time to read the Koran, or REALLY understand what Islam is all about?

How many of these political pieces of work and LEFTIST apologists understand that the PRIMARY obligation of ALL Moslems is to convert the entire planet to Islam?

How many of these characters understand that the rules of the Koran are nothing like the rules of Secular law that governs and PROTECTS us from the likes of THEM?

Don’t pay any attention to the PR – Look at the facts.

Why is it that virtually every bloodbath on the planet involves Islam? Or that women, in this day and age, even in supposedly sophisticated Moslem countries like Saudi Arabia are treated like garbage in the name of Islam? Or people who dare stray from the dogma are jailed, beaten, tortured and stoned to death for their indiscretions?

Why is it that Moslems murder Moslems ONLY because of the difference in their sects; such as Sunnis killing Wahabis, Wahabis killing Sunnis, both of them killing Kurds etc – etc – etc?

There was a time when Christianity was also in the world conquest “business” where people were tortured to “learn the truth”. Or in the case of New England in the early years of America, people were burned at the stake for witchcraft and heresy. But that was long ago.

Today, the modern Judeo/Christian ethic is the guiding light that drives the most successful societies the world has ever known.

And, just how bright that Judeo/Christian light is that guides our EGALITARIAN societies, is just how dark Islam is that moves the world to a level of intolerance that belongs in the Dark Ages.

So, for the non Moslem APOLOGISTS of Islam to state with passionate conviction that Islam is a GREAT RELIGION OF PEACE, and that those who commit murder in the name of Islam are part of an EXTREME minority who’ve high-jacked this great religion, says to me that the non Islamic APOLOGISTS are just as culpable for the horrors of Islam as are the Moslems who perpetrate the crimes against humanity, and the BILLION PLUS who adhere to this Dark Ages Cult.

It’s just so easy to be an apologist for someone else’s bad behavior, in order to show just how open and compassionate a person could be. I guess it gives the LEFTISTS a feeling of moral superiority to be so clever to understand the cultural needs of others.

I wonder why it’s so easy for the LEFTISTS to cut a HUGE swath on Islamism, yet, when it comes to accepting the passions of Conservatives who want nothing more than for people to be FREE from government abuses, the LEFT view the Conservatives as if they’re Nazis?

With the exception of one incident, where an honest-to-goodness EXTREME RIGHT-WINGER (Timothy McVey) murdered people at Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, killing 168 people, when and where else in America have Conservatives carried out TERROR attacks against anyone?

Yet, when right-headed people speak about JIHAD and Islam’s TERROR war against the West, Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing is always held-up as an example of Right-Wing American Christian TERRORISM by the LEFT.

Not only is this a crock, it is counter productive to their own LEFTIST argument. And here’s why:

1 – McVeigh declared war on the American police “establishment” SPECIFICALLY because of what had happened at Waco Texas two years prior, where 76 people including men, women and children died at the hands of federal authorities.

2 – McVeigh’s actions had NOTHING whatsoever to do with religion, least of all Christianity.

3 – The McVeigh attack on the Alfred P Murrah Building was in 1995, 15 years ago, yet the LEFTISTS want the world to believe that it was as if it happened yesterday.

4 – McVeigh was not part of any vast Right-Wing-Conspiracy, as the LEFT wants everyone to believe. He wasn’t even part of a small Right-Wing-Conspiracy. With all of the enormous resources at their fingertips, the authorities found no proof that McVeigh was involved with any group other than two other people (Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier).


6 – The VAST majority of Americans INCLUDING Conservatives had no sympathy for McVeigh. They wanted him caught and brought to trial. And they wanted him executed for his crime.

7 – I cannot recall one responsible person, let alone any group who condoned what McVeigh had done, or tried to spin the blame for his actions upon others.

Now, let’s have a look at a contrast between America’s ONLY TERRORIST and the Moslems who’ve been TERRORIZING not only the United States of America, but just about the whole planet.

1 – The Moslems have declared WAR on the West, Modernity, Egalitarianism and all other Religions other than Islam.

2 – The actions of the Moslems have EVERYTHING to do with religion.

3 – The Moslem attacks on the West and the Allies of the West are perpetrated every day somewhere on this planet. They are neither isolated nor anecdotal.

4 – The Moslem war on the West is indeed a VAST WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY.

5 – In America, which Moslem TERRORIST who murdered Americans on American soil or otherwise has been brought to court, found guilty, and executed? NONE!

6 – I don’t hear a clarion call from MOST Americans to hurry-up and bring the captured 9/11 Moslems to trial, least of all from LEFTISTS.

7 – There are a HUGE number of American APOLOGISTS, Moslem and non-Moslem who try to explain Moslem “concerns”, and why the Moslems do what they do because of what America has “forced” them to do.

Freedom of Religion does not mean we should give a Religious CULT the Freedom to take away our Freedoms, or to change the nature of our society that is governed by the Secular Rule of Law based upon our Judeo/Christian values.

Instead of sucking-up to Islam, we should be holding Islam’s feet to the fire at every opportunity. Or be prepared to get on our knees in praise of a CULT that worships MISOGYNY and DEATH.

A CULT that hates Homosexuality and any form of public affection.

A CULT that stones women to death for “indiscretions”, and cuts off hands of people for stealing.

A CULT that allows “honor killings”, the murder of girls and women by their male relatives for non-permitted sexual activities including flirting.

Are we indeed prepared to welcome a CULT that believes in the rule of law by a Mullah?

With Obama and the horde of LEFTISTS at the helm of the Good-Ship USA, the Islamists are feeling lucky. But, because they are so much more in the open today than they were yesterday . . . SO SHOULD WE!

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on as usual Howard! It is the unfortunate nature of our species to not worry about the barn door until the horse gets out. Until something major happens, we (collectively) will probably not heed the warnings of people like you and your ilk and remain comfortable in ignorance and apathy. I hope I am wrong and we see positive results November 4. It’s sad to see this once great country sink to such an abysmal level!

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