09-17-84 . . . 11-04-93 – It’s Coming For The Democrats

If anyone thinks Obama isn’t a joke? Think about his SUPPORT for the 9/11 Mosque.


For the American LEFTISTS and Liberals who are still CLINGING to their FALSE Prophet of Hope and Change, the numbers in the title of this editorial are extremely significant.

FOCUS ON 11-04-93:

On September 17, 1984 (09-17-84), a handsome young Irishman with a gift for the gab, and a natural flair to turn a phrase without the aid of notes, least of all a teleprompter, EXPLODED upon the Canadian political scene.

He was Brian Mulroney – An unabashed Conservative.

Until the grand entrance of Mulroney, Liberals literally OWNED Parliament where there were years upon years of Liberal governments with a brief interlude here and there of Conservative governments, most of which had such slim numbers, that they were in effect toothless.

But, on this date in September, the silver-tongued Brian Mulroney won the single GREATEST political victory in Canadian history. His majority was so huge, that there wasn’t enough room for all of his elected Members of Parliament to sit on their own side of the House of Commons. Some had to sit on the same side of the House with the Opposition.

Mulroney led his Conservative Party out of the wilderness, and into the land of political plenty because the Liberals lost touch with the people.

Instead of even pretending to govern on what the people wanted and expected, the Liberals took it upon themselves to TELL the people what was good for them whether they liked it or not.


Sound familiar?

The arrogance of government had become palpable, to the point that the voters were just waiting to throw the Liberal bums out.

And once in Power, Mulroney went right to the job. But like Obama, he too was going to change the country overnight, also whether the people liked it or not. Or wanted it or not.

And like Obama, he too was a social engineer who did remarkably stupid things to win the hearts and minds of a significant less contributing minority. But, instead of empowering Blacks and Hispanics, Mulroney empowered French Quebec, giving them special status no other province could dream of.

Not only did this NOT sit well with the rest of the country. It was an issue that simmered under the surface waiting for the opportunity to explode.

Mulroney also RAMMED through legislation the vast majority of Canadians DIDN’T want, such as NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and the GST, which is Canada’s national sales and services tax charged on virtually every product and service bought and sold in Canada at the retail level.

Mulroney finished his first term, and was reelected to a second term with a much smaller majority, ONLY because his opponent was a bigger disaster than he was.

But, even after his less than convincing second victory, he STILL continued to show his disdain for the “little” people.

After serving most of his second term, the polls showed that a Mulroney led Conservative Party in the next election wouldn’t do well at all; so, he resigned, throwing the Leadership of his Party open to a summer convention.

In the Fall of 1993 (11-04-93), Canada went to the polls, but instead of the Conservative Party holding on to the House, even with a minority, they lost ALL but TWO Seats.

In essence, Mulroney’s ARROGANCE led to the TOTAL collapse of the Conservative Party of Canada, where in a parliament of 295 Members at that time, the Conservative Party of Canada, Canada’s oldest political Party was all but wiped-out.

The important thing to remember is that just two elections before, Mulroney and his Conservatives won by the greatest majority in Canadian history, only to be swept away in total disgrace just 9 years later.

Anyone who truly believes that the Democrats CANNOT be eviscerated in the forthcoming midterm election is sadly mistaken, especially when you consider that Brian Mulroney was a competent leader who actually did a good job where it counted, while Obama is so far over his head, that nothing he does can be pointed to as a success.

To me, the ONLY thing standing between the abject destruction of the Democrats is if the Republicans commit political suicide by saying or doing something REALLY stupid.

And even then, I wouldn’t bet any money on the fortunes of the Democrats in 2010 or 2012. The proof of this is in how much light the Democrat candidates are now putting between themselves and Obama.

The Canadian Conservative Party was actually wiped out from the political scene, only to be resurrected many years later under a different brand because of an ARROGANT leader.

And even today, 17 years later, Mulroney is still remembered for what he failed at, rather than for what he accomplished.

What is also a fact, is that Mulroney, as arrogant as he was; he was still a competent leader. So just imagine what will happen in the USA to the Democrats who follow a leader who is a national and international joke?

And if anyone thinks Obama isn’t a joke, think about his SUPPORT for the 9/11 Mosque, aka . . . The Cordoba House, or whatever the Moslems want to call it today, no matter how Obama tries to spin it?

11-04-93 is well on the way for Obama and his Democrats.

The days are already speeding by too fast as I get older. But, even with this knowledge of aging, I can’t wait for the first shoe to drop in November 2010, with the second shoe to follow in November 2012.

I figure the Democrats are starting to understand just how much HURT is waiting for them around the corner, and around the corner after that. GOOD!

The ARROGANCE, INCREDIBLY POOR JUDGMENT, and INCOMPETENCE of Barack Hussein Obama make Mulroney look humble, and look at what happened to him and his Party.

A repeat of 11-04-93 is well on the way for Obama and his Democrats.

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Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You’ve said it all! We know that “Barry” THRIVES on CRISES and creates one when needed. Meanwhile, people are not focusing on our biggest problems which are ISIS, Israel & Iran. Also, God help us all if the Republicans don’t take over the Senate because we will definitely ALL be DOOMED! As it is, “Barry” is successfully accomplishing his AGENDA which is to destroy our country and CHANGE it to a MUSLIM society. You’re right on, Mr. Kenneth Oldfield!

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