Illegal Immigration – No Problem

Make it abundantly clear that there are NO such things as UNDOCUMENTED people.

I started writing this editorial a week ago, but enjoying summer seems to have gotten in the way. There was a trip to Ottawa that I’ve written about further into this editorial and a BIKE ride to Quebec’s Mont Tremblant in the Laurentian Mountains, where the English language is a dying entity, and flags abound of the Separatist “Patriote” – Quebec’s version of the Clan.

Nonetheless, I had a GREAT week where my biggest concern was whether or not we would be riding in the rain.

But now that I’m home, here’s the editorial you should have had last Monday.

If the Republicans really want to take over the House, and perhaps even the Senate, here is what I am CONVINCED they have to do about ILLEGAL Immigration.

1 – Make it abundantly clear that there are NO such things as UNDOCUMENTED people. People who are in the country without proper documentation are ILLEGAL.

2 – Come up with a comprehensive immigration solution for ILLEGAL immigrants.


Give every ILLEGAL immigrant permanent residency status if they have broken no laws other than being in the USA illegally. How’s that for easy?

BUT – The condition of their permanent resident status would be that they could NEVER – NEVER EVER become citizens of the USA. And they could NEVER – NEVER EVER participate in any type of election as a candidate, a voter, or even a financial contributor.

AND – If any of these now “documented” residents ever commit a crime. Goodbye.

3 – As for their American born children being Americans, why change the laws of citizenship (14th Amendment) that has stood since 1868?

4 – The next thing would be a law FORBIDDING the government from offering services in any other language but English.

When my grandparents came to Canada in the first decade of the 1900’s, they spoke Russian, Rumanian, Ukrainian and Yiddish. But what they couldn’t speak were either English or French.

The government made no special accommodations for them. If they needed to communicate with the government, a friend of the family, or someone from a Jewish Agency would help them out.

Even though my grandparents were linguistically challenged when they arrived, eventually, they learned how to communicate in the English language with enough fluency to get by.

But MORE important than that, their Canadian-born children (my parents) spoke perfect English and sufficient French.

So, when I call Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart . . . etc-etc-etc, and I hear a Spanish message, I have to wonder how serious people in the United States really are about preserving their language and culture.

I DO NOT BELIEVE any American politician should campaign in Spanish. NOT A WORD, since they are running for office in the USA, and NOT, and I repeat, NOT in Mexico.

If some American politicians believe that winning votes by campaigning in Spanish, while giving approbation to the use of the Spanish language is more important than drawing a line in the sand, they should NOT be elected.

If I had a vote, I for one would NOT vote for any candidate who would use Spanish to win favor with the minority, no matter how much I would otherwise support his or her other policies.

MORE SO – People who cannot pass a rudimentary English language test should not be allowed to vote.

5 – BUT – Before any of that is done . . . SEAL THE BORDER.

America must use whatever number of military reserves and law officers necessary to make the US/Mexico border airtight. And leave those men and women on the border until a more permanent solution can be deployed.

It just boggles my mind that the US has more than 100,000 fighting troops in Afghanistan, bleeding and dying for Islamic ingrates who will NEVER accept a Western Style Democracy, while Washington ignores a daily assault on its own HOMELAND as if it is really no big deal.

Anne and I spent the day in Ottawa (Wednesday the 4th) at the International Airport at US/Canadian Immigration, where we were interviewed at length about who we are, just to get a NEXUS Pass with which to easily enter the USA.

But, before we even got the interview, we had to fill out comprehensive forms for US Immigration, giving them an enormous amount of personal information.

And when we had our face-to-face interviews, we were fingerprinted and had eye-scans, all of which was fine with us, since we understand how vital Border Security really is.

Also, we respect America’s absolute RIGHT to defend its sovereignty, especially at its borders.

Even though I am a great admirer of the United states of America, and all it has stood for prior to Obama, Anne and I understand that we are NOT Americans. And for us, being in the United States is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT.

So, if we who are law abiding, respectful, English speaking, business owners who employ people, and do about 50% of our media business in the USA can subject ourselves to this type of scrutiny, JUST to get what amounts to a border SPEED-PASS, why can’t everyone else, especially those who want to live in the USA?

It’s just too bad so many Americans can’t seem to grasp that reality, and the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of the sovereignty of their OWN country.


1 – The economy.

2 – Joblessness.

3 – High Taxes.

4 – Obama-Care.

5 – The Stimulus.

6 – The Bank Bailouts.

7 – The Take-Over of AIG

8 – The Take-Over of General Motors and Chrysler.

AND THEN there’s the unfathomable INCOMPETENCE, ARROGANCE and DISHONESTY of Obama’s White House, Pelosi’s House, and Reid’s Senate.

Also not to be forgotten are the other IMPORTANT Obama agenda items such as Card Check (removal of the secret ballot from union voting) and the Fairness Doctrine (censorship of Conservative electronic broadcasting).

Both of which are in Obama’s MUST DO list.

BUT . . . For my money, it is ILLEGAL Immigration that is going to be the NUMBER ONE election issue, even though most American’s are stewing over the other “stuff”


For ILLEGAL Immigration, there is a seething populace who are no longer silent, who are becoming more and more LESS Politically Correct, who will vote for the candidate who will stand with America and America’s RIGHT to Border Sovereignty.

The economy and political arrogance are very important and resonating issues. But, it will be ILLEGAL Immigration, and the Party (candidate) that (who) comes up with a real MADE IN AMERICA no excuses comprehensive solution to secure the border that (who) will win power.

If the Republicans listen to their Conservative Base, and don’t try to mirror the “nice-guy” Democrats to win Latino votes, there is a BETTER than good chance the Republicans can take the House AND the Senate.

And that would be the BEST thing that could happen to America.

It would also set up the mechanism to STOP Obama in his SOCIALIST tracks, and set in motion the machinery for the Republicans to take back the White House in 2012.

Sometimes we never know how good it is until how bad it gets. And now, after less than two years of Obama, a whole lot of people now know how bad it’s already gotten, and how much worse it will get with TWO MORE YEARS of Obama/Democrat RULE.

In 2010 – Goodbye Reid and Pelosi.

In 2012 – Don’t let the door hit you on the way out OBAMA.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. 100% correct as usual, Howard. Especially from a secular view. When America lacks leadership that espouses freedoms, the world goes to the abyss. The entire world you identify knows the USA is leaderless, and they’re all taking advantage of the void, their way. Today, the pucker factor is high in Israel, but one day the true damage will come first to the USA, then Israel will lose its primary ally. Unfortunately, Obama will likely stay in office perpetually, due to a dumb sleeping electorate.

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