A Black On Black Lynching

Shirley Sherrod was lynched in her own words . . . by “HER OWN KIND”

I’m 60 years old, and can clearly remember hearing my parents and teachers tell the story about the boy who cried wolf as if it were yesterday.

It seems to me that this is a fable not too well remembered, or perhaps not even known by people of a younger generation.

The moral of this fable is simple: If you cry wolf when there is no wolf, and falsely cry wolf too often, that when the wolf is REALLY at the door, no one will believe you, and then the chances are pretty good the wolf will eat you.

I’ve heard Black Activist anti-White Racists the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wail about “LYNCHINGS” so many times, that the word and deed in itself has lost the value of its meaning, importance, and history.

There was a time, not that long ago, as recently as the 1950’s when Black Americans were indeed LYNCHED by White Mobs led by the despicable KKK.

So, when someone like me tears a strip off Obama for being a liar, incompetent, and a race-baiter, I’m immediately called a racist who is GUILTY of participating in a “LYNCHING”.

The problem with using this word as a catchall by cultural ingrates like Jackson and Sharpton, is that it demeans those who really were lynched, and all those others who suffered the pain, loss, and terror during those times.

Therefore, when I hear Black Activists roll out the LYNCHINGS comparisons, I simply wonder how much more stupid they could possibly be.

Anne and I spent this past week from Thursday to Sunday in Toronto on a business/vacation getaway. At the hotel where we stayed, they had CNN on their television cable system. There was no FOX News.

So, for four days, all I could watch on television in terms of international and American news was the WORST news broadcasting I could imagine. CNN is so far to the LEFT, that a compass, map and GPS shoved up their ass couldn’t help them find the Center let alone the Right.

And to make things even worse, was CNN’s 4 day 24 hour coverage of Shirley Sherrod, the Black woman who lost her government job because of an out of context video recently made public about a speech she gave some two decades ago.

As far as CNN was concerned, this was the MOST horrible thing that could have ever happened in America. WORSE! It was the fault of FOX News and that “RACIST” Andrew Breitbart who posted the “edited” speech online.

To keep this in context, Breitbart is the person responsible for those sensational videos on ACORN.

As far as Sherrod is concerned, who appeared on every LEFTIST News Media who would have her, she accused Breitbart of wanting to return America to the days of Slavery, while also in her opinion, FOX News wants to divide America on lines of race.

I’ve heard, and have seen Shirley Sherrod interviewed, and at the risk of being called a racist yet AGAIN, I found this woman to be ARROGANT, self-centered, angry, an opportunist and indeed a RACIST, not because of what she might have done or didn’t do two decades ago, but what she is doing and saying today.

It is SHE, Sherrod who is making all of this about race. It is SHE who still uses the words that in effect say that Whites would be more comfortable with their “OWN KIND”.

BUT . . . What everyone is missing is who the REAL racists are, and who sponsored the real LYNCHING of Shirley Sherrod.

It wasn’t FOX News or Andrew Breitbart who fired (lynched) Shirley Sherrod, but rather, it was the race-baiting Obama White House and the racist NAACP.

According to an INSISTENT Shirley Sherrod, her FIRING was directed from the White House. But, think about this for a second. It is not just any White House, but a White House to paraphrase Sherrod that is run by one of “HER OWN KIND”.

I couldn’t care less about the racist charges leveled against FOX News and Breitbart, since they didn’t fire Shirley Sherrod. It was the NAACP who put the noose that was strung from the old oak tree that wrapped around her neck. And the White House who kicked away the stool upon which she stood.


Shirley Sherrod was “lynched” in her own words . . . by “HER OWN KIND” because these IDIOTS thought it would be politically expedient.

CNN, all the other LEFTIST media, the NAACP and The White House are NOT doing themselves and race relations any favors by riding this tired pony into the ground, since all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

And as far as I’m concerned, it will get far worse long before it begins to get better as long as the Black Community continues to get egged-on by LEFTISTS, vote seeking politicians, and despicable self serving leaders like Jackson, Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and even Barack Hussein Obama.

When times are as tough as they currently are, and hard working folk and entrepreneurs carry the weight of a nation upon their already over-burdened shoulders, is not the time for the Something-For-Nothing Bunch to start adding insult to burden.

The last thing the Black Community needs right here and now is for the White Community to begin fighting back against years of reverse discrimination, unfair advantages for Blacks, and insults against them based exclusively on color.

To quote Obama’s super-racist pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright: “The chickens are coming home to roost”. AND THAT’S THE LAST THING THE AMERICAN BLACK COMMUNITY NEEDS.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama is doing his utmost to destroy America. He has purged the U.S. military of 197 top commanders including 9 Generals in 2013. They all had one thing in common; disagreement of his policies.
    He is allowing flights in from ebola hot spots, and is considering allowing non U.S. citizens to enter the U.S for treatment.

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