Which RACIST Voted A Black Liberationist Into The Oval Office?

The people who have been screaming RACISM for so long, have just screamed it several times too many.

On October 27, 2008 I wrote as part of an editorial:

“Is it racist of me to ask why more than a million new Black voters (according to ACORN) turned out by ACORN, seem to be part of a monumental fraud that can kill the Democratic election process of the world’s foremost Democracy?”

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On October 28, 2008 I wrote as part of an editorial:

“If Obama wins, it will be the equivalent to the Boston Tea Party, in as much as it will be the catalyst of a vicious social revolution that will tear the USA apart, between those willing to try, and those willing to live off the risk and success of those who have tried and succeeded.”

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On July 29, 2009 I wrote as part of an editorial:

“He (Obama) has race-baited from the get-go. And he has divided America like no one has seen since the Civil War.”

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I wrote the two first editorials BEFORE Obama was elected, and BEFORE there were TEA PARTIES. But even then, it wasn’t hard to see who Obama was and what he would do to the USA and the entire world if he were to win the Presidency.

Since those editorials, EVERYTHING I’ve written about Obama has been prescient, giving the impression that I could be some kind of a prophet, which unfortunately isn’t the case.

What is the case and confounds me to the point of extreme irritation, is why didn’t the vast majority of people who voted for this piece of work NOT see what I saw. It isn’t as though Obama’s past was some big secret.

MORE SO – Why is it that after 18 months in office, especially after creating the most spectacular failures in American history, that there are people, who in spite of everything they now know, will still vote for the DIVIDER-IN-CHIEF?


Defending my RIGHT to be a White Member of the Judeo/Christian MAJORITY who is English speaking, hard working and middle class DOES NOT MAKE ME A RACIST, in spite of what Obama’s minions would want everyone to believe.

But, before all of this talk about how GREAT it is that Americans elected a BLACK President, NOT a great President, but a BLACK President, all of a sudden I became aware of THEIR racial divide.


Isn’t it absolutely incredible how so many people opted to vote for COLOR rather than quality?

This would NOT happen – But, if it did happen, what would the LEFTISTS say when Obama gets turfed out on his ass, which he will on or before November 2012, and White folk, especially the Conservative media, celebrate the election of a WHITE President?

You know the answer.

The REAL racists are the Liberal THUGS and people of color and alternative cultures and religions like Islam who try to use White Judeo/Christian Guilt to make people like me feel remorse for my success and the good life I and mine enjoy.

Here’s a newsflash for the LEFTISTS who want to smother me and mine in their sickening brand of GUILT. Forget about it. That train has left the station with the election of America’s MOST racist government since the Civil War.

Reverse racism is no different than the type of racism that has all but been eradicated in literally every official facet of our society in North America.

But, according to the LEFT, either that’s NOT true, or it’s simply NOT good enough. So what do they want?

What do they want people like me to do about the absolute failure of the American Black Community as a whole?

Or about the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL Immigrants (MOSTLY all Hispanic) in North America, but more specifically in the United States where the suggested number could be as high as thirteen million, but could also be as high as twenty million since there is no way of really knowing?

What do the LEFTISTS want me to do about the rappers, the gang-bangers, and the unwed Black and Hispanic mothers?

What do they want me to do about whole cultures that thrive on jive, where higher education is equal to sort of being able to read and write?

How is any of the preceding my fault? But more succinctly, why should I feel any responsibility for their collective failures and misery?

When the NAACP came out this past week condemning the TEA PARTIES for being racist, they got it all mixed-up. It is not the TEA PARTIES that are racist. IT IS THE NAACP.

I’ve had enough with the LEFTISTS’ game of making me, and people like me feel responsible for the abject failures of others.

Because I see it the way it REALLY is, opposed to the way the LEFTISTS want us to believe it is, DOES NOT MAKE ME A RACIST. It makes me a REALIST.

More important than that, it makes me honest, which is something the LEFT has virtually no concept of. To them, DISHONESTY is a “legitimate” tool they use to promote their own LEFTIST agenda that has no bearing on reality.


The White Judeo/Christian Majority will not take this kind of abuse forever, especially after being so generous as to deny our own people jobs, positions in government, and university entrance through the MOST racist program in modern time, which we refer to as AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

It is not lost on MOST thinking people that Obama has surrounded himself with socialists, many of whom are Black Activists who wield enormous power over the lives of all American people.

It is not lost on MOST thinking people that Eric Holder refuses to prosecute Blacks who used armed intimidation outside a polling station, knowing full well what Holder would have done had it been White Neo Nazis doing the same to Blacks.


People, even decent peace and law-abiding people like the majority of Judeo/Christian White Americans will take only so much abuse before they lash-out. And when they do, not only will it not be pretty, it will be unstoppable until it runs its course.

This is what the LEFTISTS, Hollywood-Types, Academics, Elitists, and the Something-For-Nothing Bunch have wrought upon America by electing a RACE-BAITING Black Liberationist to the office of the Presidency.

I’ve written extensively about Barack Hussein Obama, making many predictions that have all come to pass based upon simple observations. And if you doubt what I just wrote, visit all the Barack Obama Archived Editorials to see for yourself.

And when you do, you will see that I have not been wrong. And I will not be wrong about this racial blowback either.

I’ve been called a racist from people who have no other argument other than to stoop to demagoguery. But that’s OK with me, since over the years, my skin has grown thick enough to repel just about every personal insult.

Historically, most people who are not in my frame of mind, who are not equipped to deal with such slurs and defamations, normally stay silent instead of becoming confrontational.

But that was historically.

Because of the Tea Parties and other such Conservative groups including Conservative Talk-Radio and FOX News, most of the people are waking-up to the reality that they’ve been steadily screwed by their government, in order for their representatives to win votes from vocal non-producing minorities.

And like everything else, nothing is forever, NOT even a free ride for the LEFT on the backs of those who have for several generations carried the full load because of White Judeo/Christian GUILT.

The people who have been screaming RACISM for so long, have just screamed it several times too many.

The whirlwind that is just around the corner is ON THOSE who put a Black Liberationist in the White House for no other reason than it felt good.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Watters on any street is why such stupid voters should pass a test before having the privilege to vote. Regarding any of your editorials, it’s so satisfying to read an honest, educated take on what’s happening in the world.

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