Hey Barack – Who’s Your Daddy?

And why did Obama stab the Czechs and the Poles in the back?

Not only can one ask the President of the United States of America WHO’S YOUR DADDY? We can just as easily ask if he’s Putin’s or Medvedev’s Bitch?

Where Russian Masters used to weigh every possible response and reaction they could expect from the USA before they made any consequential international decisions, today, they don’t even give it a thought.


America, through America’s President Barack Hussein Obama, has made it ABSOLUTELY clear, that America is no longer the most significant player on the World Stage.

During the Presidential transition between Bush and Obama, the Russians INVADED the Western-Friendly Sovereign Nation of Georgia, where the Russians destroyed towns and villages, while murdering Georgian troops at the same time as they were ILLEGALLY seizing Georgian territory.

All of which was, and still is a CRIME according to United Nations rules and standards. But, who was to say anything if it wasn’t to be the United States?

And who in the United States was to say or do anything when the outgoing President would not have the power to enforce whatever decision he might have taken, while the incoming President was not yet sworn-in?

The simple answer was for the incoming President (Obama) to show Presidential leadership by declaring for all to hear that the Russians had NO RIGHT whatsoever to invade a Sovereign Nation, and once in office, he would make certain that the Russians would pay a dear price for this CRIME.

Instead, the incoming President gave soft approbation for what the Russians did by analyzing the situation, while not wanting to rush to judgment.

But, once Obama was confirmed as President, it became much worse.

After years of assuring Eastern European countries which left the Soviet influence, that they could ALWAYS rely on the United States for security and support, Obama INSTANTLY reneged on the American promise to place an anti-missile missile defense shield on the territories of the Czech Republic and Poland, leaving both of these countries high and dry.

And why did Obama stab the Czechs and the Poles in the back? Because the anti-missile missile defense system bothered the Russians. So, what did the Russians give-up as a quid-pro-quo for Obama’s treachery against two allies?


Then there was the little issue of the Russians turning off the gas pipelines to Western Europe through Ukraine, forcing prices through the roof, while creating continental insecurity. What did Obama have to say about that?

How about more BUBKES?

But, Obama has NOT been totally silent on Russian/American Affairs, after all, didn’t Obama agree to a deal where the US would unilaterally scrap America’s Short Range Deterrent Nuclear Arsenal in exchange for the Russians doing the same?

That would sound like a great deal, if only the Russians had any significant Short Range Missiles of any consequence.

And now for the “Piece de Resistance” – American security (FBI) had been following a Russian Spy Ring for years, which reported directly to Obama’s good friends at the Kremlin (Putin and Medvedev).

And, when the arrest of these Russian spies became public at the same time Medvedev was being “treated” to an American delicacy at a hamburger joint as Obama’s guest, Obama became angry at the FBI for making the arrests public at that time.

Imagine – Obama being humiliated by his own FBI, because his guest (Medvedev) who was responsible for this Russian ring, which was spying on the USA was “insulted” by this allegation, which of course was proven to be true.

So, how did Obama deal with this Kremlin Based Spy Ring, which could have had enormous penetration into USA security?

Obama worked an INSTANTANEOUS deal with the Russians for a spy-swap. 4 people who REPORTEDLY spied in Russia on behalf of the USA, for TEN real spies who could have done significant damage to American security, which we will NEVER know because they were NEVER interrogated, and are now back in their Russian Homeland.


Obama has made it so, that the ONLY way for the Americans to visit the International Space Station will be at the convenience of the Russians, with whom American Astronauts and scientists will have to depend upon for a lift.

But, not to worry, since Obama has deemed that the MOST important thing NASA has to do from here on in, is to make the Islamic world feel good about itself.

Is it Prime Minister Putin or President Medvedev who’s in charge of Russia?

It’s important to know which Russian is in charge, so we can know to which of these two Russians, Obama is the BITCH? Or, in an even sicker way, does Obama take turns being the bitch to both?

If there was a way for an enemy to the United States to even further weaken America’s International Standing and Security than America’s Bitch-In-Chief to the Russians, I can’t see how.


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  1. Barry hussein is a muslim. Hence he wil go to any ends to ensure their success whilst babbling out the other side of his mouth.
    I have long held the belief he was/is an unqualified puppet installed to carry put his handlers orders. On that agenda is to bring the US down. He is accomplishing that perfectly.

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