Obama Versus Netanyahu – NO CONTEST

It won’t be long, before what Obama wants, will NOT be what Obama gets.

I could no more disown Reverend Wright, than I could disown a favorite uncle stated Obama.

That was just before he threw the America-hating, White-hating, Jew-hating, and Israel-hating Wright under the bus.

As much as Obama made a big deal about his TYPICALLY WHITE Grandmother who was ill during the Presidential campaign, it didn’t take him a blink of time to throw the old socialist under the bus when she croaked.

He didn’t even attend the funeral of the woman who raised him. I guess he was just too busy with Presidential date-nights, hoops and golf.

There is a long list of folk Obama has thrown under the bus after their usefulness became a liability, in the likes of Tony Rezko his Arab born political financier, Bill Ayers the 1960’s unrepentant domestic TERRORIST, and Rod Blagojevitch the hustler par excellence amongst others.


Before I write another word about Obama and Israel, I must FIRST and FOREMOST state with unconditional confidence that Israel has not survived during the past 62 years surrounded by HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of bloodthirsty Arabs because Israel is stupid and/or naïve, but instead lucky.

Israel clearly understands that MOST of the world, ESPECIALLY Moslem countries (Turkey included), just about all of Europe, Asia, MOST of Africa, and a big chunk of South and Latin America have either no use for Israel, or hate Israel with a vengeance.


So, when Obama says to his Jewish and Christian Fundamentalist co-citizens, that he is a GREAT Friend to Israel, and would NEVER allow any harm to come to Israel, one has to wonder whether to laugh out loud or cry inside.

Obama said during his Presidential campaign that WORDS MATTER. He was right. Words do matter. But, MORE than words, ACTIONS matter MOST.

So, let’s take a look at Obama’s ACTIONS:

1 – Obama is in PRO-Islam promotion OVERDRIVE; to the point that Obama thinks that one of NASA’s most important roles is to make Moslem countries feel good about themselves.

2 – Obama continuously praises Islam at home and abroad for their GREAT contributions to the world, and specifically to America, of which no one can seem to point a finger to which “contributions” he is referring.

3 – Obama has placed Moslems in critical government positions in many high profile Agencies, INCLUDING Homeland Security.

4 – Obama came damned near close to scraping his chin on the floor when he bowed like a fool to the King of Saudi Arabia.


The last time Israel’s Prime minister visited Obama at the White House, Obama treated Netanyahu like a junkyard dog.

None of this and MUCH MORE is lost on Israel and Israel’s Government. Especially NOT on the two most important Israeli players: Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman.

As I wrote at the beginning of this editorial, Israel has not survived for the last 62 years because Israel’s been lucky.

If it was all about luck, millions of Jews would be dead and/or disenfranchised, and there would be yet another backward Arab country in the Middle East in place of Israel.

In spite of the friendly criticisms about Israel’s poor PR from worried and caring folk, Israel is a country that leaves virtually NOTHING to chance, including it’s most important relationships.

Israel knows who and what Barack HUSSEIN Obama is. They also know that Obama has no choice but to publicly suck-up to Israel so as not to INFURIATE the Democrats’ Jewish base, and further aggravate the not-so-sleeping Christian Fundamentalist GIANT.

In Obama’s usual off-the-cuff narcissistic stupidity, when he treated Netanyahu like dirt, he had no idea how PISSED-OFF he would make the Democrats’ Jewish Base, and many others in the USA, who, unlike Obama’s useful Jewish Idiots weren’t surprised by his dreadful treatment of one of America’s best friends and allies.

And now, Obama wants a DO-OVER.

This time he put on the big show for all to see that he really does like Israel, and does “respect” Israel’s Prime Minister. It was full of Pomp and Circumstance, photo opportunities, pats on the shoulder, handshakes, smiles and friendly banter.

But, in reality, it will only fool the fools who’ve already swallowed the Obama claptrap . . . hook, line and sinker.

Obama already lost at LEAST half of the Democrats’ Jewish supporters who voted for this Israel-Hater (78%) last time around. And they’re not coming back to Obama.

They might stick with the Democrats and vote for Democrat Senators and House Members, but they sure won’t support the Israel-Hater-In-Chief.

And there’s another thing happening that no one seems to be speaking or writing about. While Obama is doing his best to throw Israel under the bus, Israel has been VERY busy formulating new relationships with other nations who are quite significant in and out of the Region.

In place of Turkey that is sliding inextricably towards becoming yet another failed Islamic State, Israel has forged some very powerful relations with NATO member Greece, which is no lover of Turkey, and also needs to have a great friend in the region (Mediterranean).

But it’s not just Mediterranean countries Israel is working overtime with to build solid foundational relationships. Israel is becoming quite important to India, has always had strong relations with Taiwan, and is making SERIOUS inroads in Africa.

The last thing Israel is prepared to do is place all their eggs for their survival in just one basket, especially when the person who controls that basket is Islam’s GREATEST American cheerleader.

Benjamin Netanyahu smiled at LORD Obama. He uttered great platitudes for the Narcissist-In-Chief. He firmly grasped the hand of the man who will do whatever he can to destroy Israel, all the while knowing whose hand he was shaking.

But in a battle between the narcissism of Obama, and the genuine smarts of Netanyahu and those who are closest to him, it is a NON-CONTEST.

Perhaps to the Obama fanatics (political freaks) who see him as their LEFTIST Savior, this is all about Obama’s grandiose words. But in the real world, where ACTION means EVERYTHING, words are nothing more than hollow platitudes.

And when it comes to action, just look at what Obama has done in less than 2 years in office to inflict so much harm to the USA, compared to what Israel’s leaders have done to make the MOST vulnerable country on the planet into one of the most successful countries, especially during these extraordinarily hard times.

I worry for Israel every day, because any mistake or misstep by Israel can be fatal. But, as long as Israel’s Conservative leaders, opposed to the LEFTIST Israelis (Rabin, Peres and Olmert) who nearly brought Israel to Israel’s knees from 1993 (Oslo), to the ouster of Olmert, are in charge, Israel will continue to survive and flourish.

There is also another reality that I am positive that is NOT lost on Israel: Obama is a LAME DUCK President whose popularity is falling as fast as the US Economy he is PERSONALLY dragging down.

It won’t be long before what Obama wants, will NOT be what Obama gets.

Israel knows that November 2010 could very well become an unparalleled American political game-changer. All Israel has to do is outwait HE who believes that with words alone, that HE can walk on water.

In the annals of Big League Global Players, Obama is a Pipsqueak who shouldn’t even be on the field, let alone Quarterbacking what used to be the best team to have ever to stepped onto the field before he took over.

As far as comparing Obama to Netanyahu: One knows how to Talk-The-Talk, while the other knows how to WALK-THE-WALK.

Like I wrote: NO CONTEST.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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