The good news for the rest of the World is that they can ignore Obama until he is gone and all but forgotten.

As much as I and everyone else is trying to get a handle on what makes Barack Hussein Obama tick, and what is his OWN agenda, opposed to everyone else’s who surround him, everyone seems to be all over the board.

Many people, especially on the more extreme RIGHT think that he’s some sort of a plant who has been put in place by a shadowy group that is representative of a vast LEFT WING conspiracy.

Some closer to the MIDDLE see Obama as a Socialist who has planned-out how he wants to move the USA to a more European style Socialist Society.

And then there are the LEFTISTS who just love what Obama’s doing, as long as he’s sticking it to “big” business, taxing the crap out of so-called “rich” people, taking over banks, insurance companies, the auto-industry – etcetera.

The LEFT also loves it when Obama humbles the USA in the sphere of world politics, which he doesn’t seem to be doing anymore. Maybe someone told him that scumming out the country he leads, is no less repugnant than publicly ‘dissing his wife and family.

And the message I hear most often from the LEFT and the RIGHT, is that Obama has some form of MASTER-PLAN to move the USA in a direction the LEFT have been attempting to bring America to since the time of World War II.

I’ve heard Obama described as being BRILLIANT, mostly from the LEFT, but not disputed by the RIGHT. So, I guess, if no one from the RIGHT has come forward to say that Obama isn’t brilliant, I have to assume they think he is.


I think Obama is the BIGGEST dummy that has ever occupied the White House in my living memory. Making the people who prostrated themselves on the Altar of Obama just as dumb. Maybe even DUMBER.

I think he is so far over his head, that he doesn’t have a clue as to what he is doing, or what has to be done.

I don’t believe for a second that he is NOT from the far LEFT, but I also don’t believe that he has any concept of what real Socialism is all about, since he and his family absolutely love the joys of being rich, while hanging-out with the rich folk. While the last thing he wants is to be rubbing shoulders with the “little” people who chant his name.

Obama has the attention span of a spoiled child with far too many toys and doting parents, flipping from the MOST important toy of the moment, to the next MOST important toy of the moment, to the next one after that, and so on.

Obama has no obvious concept of what integrity means and the absolute value of his word, since he throws whomever is no longer useful to him under the bus, and lies like a cheap rug over everything he’s said and promised.

I find it stunning how NONE of the media ever connect the dots, especially when Obama so SERIOUSLY denounces the HUGE American Debt, as he continuously INVENTS ways to run it up, and then says the ONLY remedy is to raise taxes on the “rich” and businesses.

I have no doubt that Obama is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, meaning that he really believes the crap that comes out of his mouth, even when he reverses himself in the same speech.

OBAMA SEES HIMSELF – And that’s it.

He doesn’t see the people around him. Nor does he see the domestic and international chessboard upon which the entire World plays for position and advantage.

I believe that in his mind, if it is what he thinks, than that MUST be right, and everyone else SHOULD think the same way. And if they don’t, then there is something wrong with them.

The American people didn’t vote for a BRILLIANT strategic thinker, or a man of remarkable principle – JUST THE OPPOSITE.

I never heard one pundit, not even his most ardent media supporter ever speak or write about anything brilliant he has accomplished. As a matter of record, I don’t remember even one of them speaking or writing about a single Obama accomplishment of any sort.

How sad is it that the American people voted for someone with no accomplishments and no personal history to be proud of, that anyone can point to?

The American people voted for a con man who can read a speech off a teleprompter with the best of them.

They voted for an American Idol with no favorable history of accomplishment, no practical experience of any kind, and an ego so big, that it makes the country he leads look small by comparison.

In essence, I TRULY believe the American people voted for a Demagogic Narcissistic PRETENDER. I shudder to imagine what that says about any, and all of the so-called thinking-people who voted for this train-wreck.

We all know what Obama thinks of himself. But, for a little while, because of his pandering media in the USA and the rest of the world, we were under the illusion that World Leaders thought likewise.

Do you remember his first world get-together in Europe, where like a rube, he rubbed-up the Queen of England, and then when in France, he told French President Sarkozy that he preferred to have a PRIVATE date with his wife, rather than join Sarkozy with his?

I clearly recall how the American PANDERING media went GAGA when there was some totally insignificant disagreement between two World Leaders, maybe over something as mundane as who should sit or stand where for a photo-op, and Obama made a suggestion they agreed to.

The media were orgasmic in their reporting of how Obama ALREADY negotiated his FIRST global solution.

I’ve written several times in previous editorials how European Leaders, amongst other World Leaders think of him as being somewhat of a joke. But, what happened this past week in Toronto at the G8/G20 showed him to be:

1 – Out of step with the World on Global Economics.

2 – Moving in the wrong direction in terms of National Debt and Obligations.


Not one of these 20 World Leaders cared in the least what Obama had to say about the Global Economy, other than to say with their own policies that Obama doesn’t have a clue.

So much for the Global President.

So much for the Messiah who was going to Part the Waters and cause the Sun to Shine.

So much for the President who was going to make the whole world into a Global Village where everyone will sit holding hands in a huge circle, smelling the incense, while singing Kumbaya.

The good news for the rest of the World is that they can ignore Obama until he is gone and all but forgotten. Where in contrast, America and the DUNDERHEADS who voted for Obama will be stuck with the PRETENDER-IN-CHIEF for another two years, and the horrid consequences of his ridiculous policies for a generation or two to come.

Maybe next time – Or better yet – Maybe during this coming November Mid-Term Elections, the American people will vote for substance rather than razzmatazz.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Howard, I agree with several of your commentors that you are the best out there. Of all the comments I’ve read, no one, including you, has mentioned the risk of and potential for crony-instigated government restrictions on our free speech rights on the Internet. As your type of news dissemination grows, it will be attracting the attention of those who will want to control it in order to shut you down. God bless you and may he have mercy on our countries.

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