So Far The Worst News For Obama

I believe that McChrystal and his staff spoke not just for themselves, but for MOST of the American Military.

Here’s the deal as I see it on General Stanley McChrystal VERSUS Obama.

Whether McChrystal knew what he was doing when he and his staff opened up to the Rolling Stone writer is irrelevant. What was said by all, was what I assume they all believed.

But even more so, I imagine they didn’t say it all.

If this is what McChrystal’s aides allowed themselves to reveal to the writer, imagine what they held back?

For those of us who pay attention to all things Obama, we all remember how he all but ignored his own HANDPICKED General’s request for 40,000 fresh troops with which to unleash an Iraqi style SURGE in Afghanistan.

Not only did Obama take forever to make a decision on his General’s troop request, he DIDN’T even have the time to meet with his OWN in-theater Commander, in whose hands he placed the entire future of the success of the war in Afghanistan.

But, in defense of Obama, how could he have found the time to meet his MOST important General when he was so busy touring the world apologizing for the USA, screwing-over America’s allies like the Poles, Czechs, Brits and Israelis between date nights with his wife, and the takeover of America’s banks, Wall Street, housing industry, insurance industry, and auto industry; not to forget the TRILLION dollar “stimulus package” that ONLY stimulated GREATER national debt?

Every time there is a horrific misstep by this President and his staff, the thought that SHOULD come to my mind should be: IT CAN’T GET ANY WORSE THAN THIS”.

And every time that thought SHOULD cross my mind, I’m blown away by the next even MORE egregious screw-up. It seems to me that this guy (Obama) can’t go to the bathroom without screwing-up.

But this time, the mess is of such a stature, as to be unsalvageable. Not only has this incident become a nightmare for the administration, it has become an even BIGGER nightmare for American military standing throughout the world.

If the President’s OWN handpicked General and the General’s closest aides have so little confidence and respect for the man (Obama) and his staff who are organizing this massive war in one of the worst places on earth, what can the leaders of allied nations who are also engaged in Afghanistan be thinking today?

It really doesn’t matter who said what, who resigned, or who was fired. The REAL damage had already been done once the article was made public, and the media had their chance to jump on it like junk-yard-dogs going after fresh meat thrown amongst them.

Not only has this IDIOT-IN-CHIEF lost the confidence of the American people who REALLY matter, and when I write who REALLY matter, I’m referring to hard working taxpayers, entrepreneurs and employers, rather than the UNIONISTS, CIVIL SERVICE, INTELLECTUALS, LIMOUSINE LIBERALS and all the other non contributing folk looking for something for nothing.

Obama has lost the confidence of EVERY World Leader who used to either look up to the USA, FEAR the USA, or consider American thoughts and policies before making their own decisions.

After scumming-out America, especially on his various World Apology Tours, but specifically to Moslems, the world of Islam has even LESS respect AND fear of the USA today under HUSSEIN Obama, than they did under George W Bush.

So, now that the DUFUS-IN-CHIEF has been “OUTED” by his Chief Commanding General in Afghanistan, and the General’s Staff as being somewhat of a “joke”, along with Obama’s staff, how concerned do you think the Islamists are right now about American resolve and ability?

Not much I bet. But it gets worse than that.

North Korea is wiping Obama’s nose in it as if he’s a puppy who just soiled the carpet. Ahmadinejad just laughs in Obama’s face as he merrily proceeds to build his nuclear arsenal. And the Russians can’t believe that after 6 decades of fighting the Cold War, they’ve finally won after they initially lost. How bizarre is that?

And the Chinese, they’re beating the crap out of the USA just by buying-up Obama’s debt.

But now, after this McChrystal fiasco, everything REALLY changes because I believe McChrystal is not a STAND-ALONE.

I believe that McChrystal and his staff spoke not just for themselves, but for MOST of the American Military, which is as bad as it gets, since a country the size and stature of America is ONLY as secure as its Military is united and powerful under its Commander-In-Chief.

I am not a “conspiracy theorist”, but I would NOT rule out the real possibility that McChrystal, who is no dummy, and has been proven to be a master strategist, might have intentionally fallen on his own sword to send a message about America’s Commander-In-Chief that had to be sent.

It might have been the MOST Patriotic thing he believed he could do to save America from America’s current President.

To me, after all of the other GARGANTUAN Obama messes and revelations, this is probably the VERY worst for him, his administration and the world

Being called-out by Bloggers like me, Conservative Radio Talk-Show Hosts, and Opinion Hosts at FOX News is one thing. But, being OUTED by your handpicked General is something altogether different.

I would like to say that it couldn’t get worse. But that wouldn’t be true. With Obama, IT ALWAYS GETS WORSE.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard.. There is another cable channel which is worthy. Newsmax, Channel 223 on dish. It tells it like it is. Fox, 205 has gotten mundane except for the gorgeous females. The great makeup people have even improved Maria when she appears.
    Newsmax now shares my attention.

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