A Government Should NEVER Be Feared

Every now and then we need a jolt to focus upon that, that is sometimes in doubt.

In my last Editorial . . . Motorcycles, Politics And The Need To Remember, June 14, 2010 (see archives), I wrote that in my next editorial, I would describe the “profound impact” this trip had upon me, and why it has “given me the strength to carry-on”.

So this is it.

I also wrote how one of the MOST important exhibits in the Holocaust Memorial proves how much Jewish Leftists have missed the point.

There were actually several extraordinary points that were missed, all of which diminishes the dynamics and importance of this one-of-a-kind event in human history, to nothing more than an exceptionally sad tale.

1 – When I entered the WASHINGTON DC Holocaust Museum about a dozen years ago, one of the very first exhibits that drew my attention, and in my opinion was the MOST IMPORTANT exhibit of all, was a list naming prominent Jewish Germans, who through their arrogance of self-importance, ignorance, self-hatred or cowardice, were to a significant degree responsible for the Holocaust.

In essence, the headline on this wall declared that without the willingness of these Jewish Elitists to comply and appease, Hitler could not have as easily done what he did.

While there were plenty of “common” Jews in Germany (and the rest of Europe) who were prepared to challenge, and even fight the Nazis while they were revving-up, the “ESTABLISHMENT” Jews including intellectuals, bureaucrats, community organizers, Rabbis, and limousine Liberals preached conciliation.

There was no such exhibit that I could see at the Skokie Holocaust Memorial.

2 – The Skokie Holocaust Memorial exuded a historical perspective that made even the most casual observer uncomfortable. But, it did NOTHING to generate a feeling of outright anger. In some respects, it was almost antiseptic.

3 – Lumped into the “telling” of the story of the Holocaust were other genocides. THIS IS WRONG. It is wrong for one extraordinary reason amongst many others.

I could easily list some of the recent genocides starting with the Armenians, Ukrainians, Poles, Chinese dissenters, Russian dissenters, Cambodians, Somalis, and Bosnians, all of which were horrible.

But, NEVER in the history of mankind did humanity ever attempt to wipeout an entire people based solely upon their cultural genes.

Unlike every other genocide, which were created to either drive-out another people, punish them, exact revenge, or beat them into submission, the Holocaust was an INDUSTRY created by the MOST civilized people for the exclusive purpose of OBLITERATING one class of humanity from every inch of planet Earth.

Therefore, there was no room in this Holocaust Center, or any other Holocaust Center to compare what happened EXCLUSIVELY to the Jews during the Holocaust, than with what happened to any other people who suffered mass murder.


4 – FINALLY: The last exhibit that sent me over the top was a giant screen presentation that INCLUDED a video of Barack HUSSEIN Obama giving one of his patented TELEPROMPTER speeches blathering about the NEED to eradicate racism and bigotry.

This exhibit, and this exhibit ALONE, says just about all that needs to be said about the mindset of the Jewish LEFTISTS who created this otherwise important museum by SHOWCASING a man who is doing EVERYTHING he can to undermine Israel, while emboldening Israel’s bloodthirsty enemies.

Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah and Hamas, all of which include Iran, Palestinians, Lebanon and Syria are pledged to DESTROY Israel.

In Ahmadinejad’s own words: “WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP”.

Yet, this President (Obama) is prepared to meet with Ahmadinejad without any pre-conditions, and is working overtime to reestablish “normal” relations with the TERRORIST State of Syria, while PUSHING Israel to end the blockade of Gaza, and accept a “Peace Deal” with the Palestinians that would impose great harm on the Jewish State.

It is interesting how this Skokie Jewish Community who organized and constructed this Holocaust Memorial chose today’s single greatest threat to Israel (Obama), as their final punctuation in their reprise of the WORST Human upon Human atrocity in recorded world history.

If the people responsible for this transgression at the Skokie Holocaust Memorial were alive in Germany during the build-up of the Holocaust, they too would have found their names on the WALL of willing Jewish appeasers at the Washington DC Holocaust Museum.

After touring the Skokie Holocaust Memorial, and discovering how much we DIDN’T learn from our experiences, I realized that standing alone is not a unique position.

It is always the few who are willing to stand alone in the face of REAL challenges, who make the differences.

The chattering classes have all the courage necessary to say what people WANT to hear, and present what people WANT to see. BUT THEY ARE THE PROBLEM OPPOSED TO BEING THE SOLUTION.

Standing alone very often becomes a burden that seems unbearable. It isn’t easy to suffer verbal abuses, demagoguery, financial costs, printed insults, threats and derision, even from people who should know better.

And it sometimes becomes an even larger burden knowing that you’re fighting the fight that is extremely worthwhile, while most around you sleepwalk, oblivious to the very real threats that face them and those they care about most.


Without our RIGHT to express ourselves completely; whether in speech, signage, the written word, symbols, audio visual . . . etcetera, we lose our right to disseminate information, criticize, and organize dissent.

Thomas Jefferson said: “When the people fear their government there is TYRANNY; when the government fears the people, there is LIBERTY”.

John Adams said: “Fear is the foundation of most governments”.

What governments FEAR the MOST, is an organized effort to remove government that does NOT serve the people. This is the foundation of our Democracies exercised through the ballot box.

But, without the MAXIMUM limit of FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, all that government should fear the MOST would not exist.

When I walked out the door of the Holocaust Memorial, my beliefs in the battle I’ve chosen in defense of FREEDOM of EXPRESSION were reinforced.

I felt less mentally tired, less unsure of myself, and knew that I followed the righteous and lonely path amongst the very best of company, who throughout history stood against those who either usurped, or attempted to usurp this FOUNDATIONAL Freedom.

It took me 3 days of riding my motorcycle to get to Skokie Illinois with the other 5 riders with whom I traveled.

It took me 2 days of HARD riding by myself to make it home in time to be in court (Ottawa) for my challenge against a law that strips away FREEDOM of EXPRESSION from the English speaking Ontario majority (96%), in the name of APPEASING ethnocentric French Activism (Tyranny of the Minority) in Ontario (4%).

The five days on the road, with the stress of getting there, coupled with the much GREATER stress of coming home alone, were all made WORTHWHILE by visiting this Holocaust Memorial that showed the ABSOLUTE need to NEVER surrender the fight for FREEDOM of EXPRESSION to those who do, and to those who do not understand what it is REALLY all about.

The FOUR issues that I listed above that illustrated how much the LEFTIST organizers of this Holocaust Memorial don’t “get-it”, not only strengthened my resolve, but drove home my belief in the need to stand and fight until one can no longer stand.

Not only do I NOT want to fear my government, I don’t want those who empower a government to be feared to go unchallenged.

Every now and then, we need a jolt to focus upon that that is sometimes in doubt. This is what my trip to Skokie did for me.

There is no Audio Editorial accompanying this article.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sins of omission are just as grievous as sins of commission. Often what todays “main-stream” media leaves out will skew the truth of a story the way editors and managers want. Their stooges obey or lose their jobs. There is so much pressure and $$$ to tell half-truths, kill a story, or wait until approved by government or “Big Shots” that most so-called journalists have become “bots”. Thanks for telling it like it IS, good article. For freedom of expression and truth.

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