NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE needs someone whose extent of courage of conviction is to vote PRESENT.

Before LORD Obama was elected President, I repeatedly wrote that a President does NOT have the luxury of voting PRESENT.

Do you remember when Obama wormed his way into the Illinois State Legislature, instead of taking a position on difficult issues, he voted PRESENT about 130 times?

That said: Obama is now quick to say for all who will listen: “I AM THE PRESIDENT and the BUCK STOPS HERE”. Too bad his empty words are not backed-up with action.

Before Obama took over the reins of power from George W Bush, Russia INVADED the sovereign territory of Georgia. It was without question his FIRST challenge.

Obama’s position was to do and say NOTHING, other than we have to study the situation. I don’t know what there was for him to study, since one sovereign nation attacked another sovereign nation without provocation.

His excuse for his refusal to take sides was that he was not yet sworn-in as President, and didn’t have all the facts.

Funny, since when does NOT having all the facts stop the Wind-Bag-In-Chief from passing judgment? I’m sure you remember the Black Harvard Professor and the White Cop.


As Ahmadinejad moves inextricably closer to possessing NUCLEAR WEAPONS, along with the systems to deliver them, Obama talks a great talk, but in reality he is doing nothing.

Or – Is doing nothing his real plan?


As the South Western States are involved in a Back-Alley Street Fight against ILLEGAL Mexican THUGS and others, Obama sits on a fence saying nothing of any substance.


As Arizona passed its law that does nothing more than support and ENFORCE existing federal immigration laws, Obama is quick to DENOUNCE Arizona, while not standing AGAINST boycott policies that are in absolute VIOLATION of the Inter-State Commerce Act.

The Messiah didn’t stand against these boycotts, which he MUST, since he’s sworn by LAW to uphold the US Constitution.


It has been revealed and ADMITTED by the White House that Obama’s Administration BRIBED at least two Democrat candidates in different parts of the country NOT to run against White House favorites.

Where’s Obama’s voice on this EGREGIOUS violation of law that is an OUTRIGHT attack on Democracy.


As the British Petroleum Deep Water Drilling Platform EXPLODED, where was Obama? How come it took him forever between golf, vacations, fundraisers, concerts, State Dinners, and presentations to sport teams to TAKE CHARGE? Or at least pretend to take charge?


Why didn’t Obama give Louisiana EVERYTHING they needed and begged for to keep the oil offshore?


North Korea SANK a South Korean War Ship, which is an automatic ACT OF WAR. So, where’s Fast-Talking Slow-Walking Obama to PUNISH North Korea to set an example to them and the rest of the hostile world?


Israel did what any Nation of real CHARACTER would and should have done in defending their SECURITY and SOVEREIGNTY against murderous THUGS.

As I wrote in my last Editorial, if it were up to me, I would have removed everyone from the 6th ship where Israelis were viciously assaulted, and sunk the DAMNED thing. And if the people refused to abandon ship, I would have sunk it anyway.

But it wasn’t up to me, so Israel played REAL nice with people who don’t deserve to live, YET, worldwide governments and media have pilloried Israel for doing what Israel had every right to do.

So, what’s Obama’s position on Israel’s RIGHT to defend itself?


The Chief of Mossad, Meir Dagan released an extremely RARE public statement that sent shivers throughout Israel and a warning to American Jews in particular. That is if they ever read it.

In essence, what he said was that Obama’s lack of world leadership, and his weakening of America, has EMBOLDENED Israel’s enemies, giving them what they believe is a window of opportunity to take-down Israel.

He went even further in his analysis stopping just short of saying that Obama is anti-Israel.

To read a more in-depth story on the Dagan Report, copy and paste this Web Link:

If this isn’t a message that should NOT escape every person who cares about Israel’s right to exist, and Islam’s WAR on Modernity, I don’t know what is.

I write this Blog because I can’t think of anything else I can do to fight this combined force of EVIL, encompassing the LEFT and Islam.

I only hope that enough people read and listen to what I believe, whose minds are open enough to question the intentions and competence, or lack thereof of government.

I hope that what I write and broadcast offers a modicum of optimism to so many people who have not yet given-up, but feel abandoned and alone.

But, MOST of all, I REALLY hope that people who vote for the LEFT, especially who blindly vote for Democrats, will rethink what and who they are voting for after reading and listening to this Blog.

I wish that every time I point a figure at America’s Jewish Community who voted for, and supported this Obama Sickness, the guilt they SHOULD feel will become unbearable.

I want them to understand that whatever happens to Israel because of Obama, IS ON THEM!

America NEEDS a REAL President. The World NEEDS a REAL President. And NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE needs someone whose extent of courage of conviction is to vote PRESENT.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I watch Fox Network News. It bothers me to observe the difference between how the male newscasters are dressed compared to the female newscasters. The men appear very business-like in suits, dress shirts with collars and ties. The women, as attractive as they are, sit with short skirts and crossed legs which sometimes permits exposure up to their thighs. I’m sure the male viewers find this intriguing, but it compromises their intellectual believability and seems inappropriate. Am I prude?

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