Israel – Now, Then, FOREVER.

If it were up to me, I would have sunk the ship.

I had already written an Editorial about how I imagined Obama would be greeting Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu like Royalty, in order to win back the American Jewish vote he squandered by treating Netanyahu like garbage the last time Netanyahu came calling.

But, a funny thing happened on the road to yet another sickening photo-op for Obama. Israel had to do what a REAL country has to do in terms of defending its national security and integrity.

Not that Obama would have a clue about what that is, evidence being how he is MISHANDLING the Mexican/US border travesty.


Prime Minister Netanyahu cancelled his visit with Obama because of the clash on the High Seas. In truth though, there was no reason why Prime Minister Netanyahu had to cancel his Obama meeting.

Actually, being in the USA with the President no less, would be under “normal” circumstances the BEST place to be in a situation such as this. That is, if the President wasn’t an Israel-Hater.

But, it was a GREAT excuse for Netanyahu NOT to be bothered to share any PR time with the Israel-Hater-In-Chief. And who can blame him?



On the surface, it is being portrayed as yet another example of how the big bad Israelis are subjugating “POOR” Palestinians and the “KIND” humanitarian folk who only want to help out of compassion.

What is NOT being discussed at all, is Israel’s LEGITIMATE RIGHT as is recognized by the World Community to operate a Naval Blockade against a declared enemy, which in essence means using all measured force necessary to keep out unwarranted shipping.

But, the facts which most of the media are wrestling with, go far beyond the reason and cause for this incident, since they focus just about ONLY on ISRAELI VIOLENCE.

Before I write another word, I state with 100% conviction that what happened off the coast of Israel heading for Gaza was indeed a TRAGEDY. But not in the sense the World Body and media speak of.

One of the tragedies is that Israel was FORCED to react at all. That Israelis were beaten, stabbed, clubbed and shot at while trying to peacefully board the ships for the express purpose of turning the flotilla to an Israeli port, where the ships would be unloaded, allowing non military cargo to be transported to Gaza.

The other TRAGEDY is that the world has another EXCUSE to demonize and punish Israel.

Back to WHY it happened and WHO is responsible? It happened specifically because of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA who is singularly and totally responsible for everything.

If Obama wasn’t so busy EMPOWERING the Arab/Moslem World with lies and deceit, while diminishing Israel and his own country, the SO-CALLED Peace Activists aboard those cursed ships would have NEVER tried to do what they did.

Obama has drawn an entirely new ROAD MAP for the Middle East by giving victim status and unwarranted legitimacy to the Palestinians, while playing Joseph Goebbels AGAINST the Jews of Israel.

1 – The people onboard these ships, especially the ship that led the attack against the Israelis were NOT Peace Activists. Peace Activists don’t smash the heads of other people with steel bars, stab other people, and shoot other people.

2 – That the Israelis killed ONLY 9 of these Peace Activists is in my opinion a tremendous display of restraint.

If it were up to me, I would have sunk the ship.

These were NOT mercy ships bringing humanitarian aid to starving impoverished people. These ships were nothing more and nothing LESS than an open PROVOCATION and challenge to Israel’s security and sovereignty.

It’s fascinating how the WHOLE WORLD rushes to the support of Palestine, this FICTIONAL political creature, and PRETEND people that NEVER existed before the UN LEFTISTS created it, while creating for themselves a never-ending INDUSTRY, at the same time ignoring the REAL suffering of people living under the thumb of totalitarianism in the name of Islam and others.

No region and people on the planet command as much attention, resources, and global wealth than do the Palestinians. It is a TRILLION dollar perpetual industry that keeps UN LEFTISTS, mostly Euro-Trash in Fat City, just about all of which is financed at the expense of the Western Democracies they actually disdain.

There are no starving Palestinians. There is no health crisis in Gaza. There is nothing these ships could have been bringing to Gaza that isn’t already available through the Gaza/Egypt/Israel Border Crossings courtesy of the UN.

Nothing that is; that aren’t rockets, explosives, guns, bullets and who knows what else the Palestinians could and would use to kill Jews in Israel.


Isn’t it curious that the North Koreans SANK a South Korean Battle Ship causing the death of more than 40 South Korean sailors, and hardly a peep was made of it?

But, in an act of self-defense, Israeli commandos kill 9 people amongst a viscous mob, and the UN Security Council is CONVENED at the speed of LIGHT to CONDEMN Israel, with NO ONE coming to Israel’s defense, INCLUDING Obama’s White House.

But it doesn’t really matter.

As I wrote on May 22, 2010 (I Am Israel – See Archives), in the end, Israel will ultimately stand alone facing the specter of modern-day evil incarnated in Islam.

It will be up to Israel, and to Israel alone to be a light upon the path which GOOD Men and Women of conscience and courage will follow, in what I believe is to be an inevitable war between Islam and MODERNITY, that will NOT end all wars, but will give the world peace for a time to come.

Less than two weeks ago, I wrote – I AM ISRAEL. Today, I state it once again:



To know more about where I stand on Israel’s ABSOLUTE RIGHT to security and the Nazi-Like double standards of the world, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to Hear a 12-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good article as usual, Howard. Thinking outside the box & ability to articulate accurate views is a gift that begs for knowledge, unbiased truth, freedom & our nations’ foundational values. Most prefer entertainment, tend toward group-think, like angry swarming bees when disturbed. Independent, intelligent, often contrarian-to-majority views with truth are a rarity, thus the appeal. (This is why Fox News ratings are usually higher.) It’s all about truth; truth sets us free!

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