America’s Cancer

This cancer goes by the name of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his legion of LEFTISTS.

Rahm Emmanuel is famous for many not so flattering things, but most of all to me, for his declaration that “A CRISIS IS TOO GOOD A THING TO WASTE.”

I guess that he and Obama must be thrilled right about now with all the crises that are on their plate.


It has been a month plus, since the oil has been spewing into the Gulf Coast. If ever there has been a man-made environmental nightmare – THIS IS IT. So where’s Obama been? I guess he figured it’s time for yet ANOTHER photo opportunity.


Not just a month ago, Tennessee was under water with enormous financial losses and loss of lives. It was in the words of Old-Timers who’ve lived there from birth, that this is the worst disaster any of them can remember.

So what has Obama done about TENNESSEE? Did he ever visit? Think how the media treated Bush over Katrina.


I don’t care what the government reports in JOBLESS numbers. I DON’T BELIEVE THEM. And why should anyone believe them?

When has the government ever been honest or forthright about anything, especially about something as important and sensitive as mass unemployment?

I believe the TRUE jobless numbers in the USA are hovering in the mid-teens, pushing as high as 20% in some regions. Forget about seasonally adjusted, people who’ve given up looking, part time workers and all the other mumbo-jumbo the government spews.

Unemployment is unemployment – PERIOD.

Do you remember when Obama gave that State of the Union speech, January 27, 2010 from the US Capital Building, PROCLAIMING that JOBLESSNESS is his administration’s NUMBER ONE CONCERN?

What happened since then, since I have not heard a whisper from the Obama White House about his NUMBER ONE CONCERN since that speech?


What happens when you can’t pay your bills? When the mortgage is months past due, as are the car loans? When the credit cards are all maxed-out and you can’t meet the minimum payments? When the private school you’re sending your children to wants to know when the tuition is coming?

And if you have a source of income, it is at the highest level you can hope for, but it’s not even close to enough to pay the current bills let alone the older debt?


And what does the BIGGEST SPENDER in American history have to say about fixing this nightmare, as if it isn’t he himself who’s responsible for it?

Let’s spend MORE money to CREATE a Debt Commission to study the debt.

To anyone who operates a small business, the solution is easy: STOP SPENDING.

The debt coming from the Obama White House, the Democrat led House and Senate; along with FREE-SPENDING States like California, all have GREEK consequences.


Even though Obama’s White House won’t admit it, or recognize it, America is in a REAL WAR with Mexican gangs and ILLEGALS, which is crippling many American States and Cities.

So where’s Obama’s voice in defending the USA from this INVASION?

He blames Arizona for passing a law that enforces Federal Immigration Laws his OWN administration won’t enforce.

So, all of a sudden after meeting with the Republican Senate Caucus, Obama will send a handful of troops (1200) to the border to do what can be best described as PR, giving the impression that the SURRENDERER-IN-CHIEF is actually doing something.


While Obama is withdrawing from the International Scene, SURRENDERING American EXCEPTIONALISM, the Russians, Indians and Chinese are spreading their influence worldwide into spheres of influence that used to be dominated by America.

How’s that going to bode for the future?


The Obama White House acts like the Schmucky school kid who dares, double dares, and triple dares the other kid to step over the line, while continuously moving the line.

I CLEARLY remember Obama telling the Iranians, and the ENTIRE world that the Iranians NO LONGER have months to comply with UN sanctions, BUT WEEKS.

That was MONTHS ago – MANY MONTHS AGO. And Obama’s still daring, double daring, and triple daring the Iranians while he continues to move the line.


It is more likely than not that the Middle East will EXPLODE into war this summer. But, not like all the other wars Israel has fought, where the big cities were somewhat spared.

This time, when the bullets and bombs fly, they will be long-range, targeting major cities with Arab/Moslem combatants INSIDE Israel in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and from the borders of Syria and Lebanon.

Why now?

It’s now because the Arabs feel they will NEVER again have a President in the White House who will do nothing when the carnage starts. And they’re right. Especially when Obama’s BIGGEST concern about the Middle East is a few hundred new apartments to be built by Israel in Israeli East Jerusalem.


Anyone who knows anything about a declaration of war, especially the people who SHOULD know, knows that any attack on a Warship is an indisputable Act of War.

It was NEVER a secret that the North Koreans sank a South Korean Warship in International Waters. So, why the BIG delay in saying so?

Could it be that Obama didn’t want to face the reality of the situation? That he would have to respond with MORE than JUST words, since the USA has a Mutual Defense Treaty with South Korea?

What needs to be done with North Korea won’t be done, ONLY because Obama is all talk and no action, unless he’s SCREWING-OVER his own country and spending other people’s hard earned money.


When I was told some 16 years ago that there was a “chance” that I had cancer, I didn’t sit on my fat-ass hoping the doctors were wrong, or that it might not be that bad, or if I did nothing about it, it would just go away, or not get any worse.

My wife (Anne) and I were as proactive as any people could be. We rushed tests, paid out of our own pocket for tests that would have taken up to two months to receive otherwise on the public plan, put myself on the fast-track surgical list, and readily accepted very uncomfortable radiation treatment as a 20% further precaution once the surgery was over.

AND NOW I’M OK. Had we not done this, virtually none of you would have ever heard of my name. It was that bad.

So, here’s the reality – America and the rest of the world have CANCER. This cancer goes by the name of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his legion of LEFTISTS.

In less than two years, Obama has sent America back generations. He has created a global instability the likes of which we haven’t seen since World Wars I, II and the Cold War.

But, because of Obama, there will be no Cold War.

That bus has already left the station. There is already an Obama caused downward spiral dragging the planet to Perdition before we can hope to recover.

My cancer was caused through nothing I deliberately did. It came under the category of shit-happens. But that said; America’s cancer was caused by STUPID people who voted for a President, Commander-In-Chief, and World Leader as if they were voting for an American Idol.


YES WE CAN: He’s already proven NO he CANNOT.

HOPE AND CHANGE: With his brand of Change there is NO Hope.

I got rid of my cancer before it was too late – IT’S NOT TO LATE FOR THE USA.

TEA PARTIERS and other like-minded folk MUST keep up the pressure.

Business owners CANNOT capitulate to organized labor.

States who are suing over Obamacare MUST keep up the litigation.

States like Arizona must remain firm in their resolve to SEAL their border with Mexico and DEAL with the ILLEGALS.

Israel must hope for the best and PREPARE for the WORST, even if that preparation means a FIRST STRIKE, and be damned with what Obama thinks.

America and the world CANNOT wait till this November to begin the process of ridding the cancer. THE TREATMENT MUST BE NOW.

We can already see the Democrats running from the bright lights like the cockroaches many of them are, as are hordes of pretend Republicans. You can see it in John McCain, Maverick my ass, whom all of a sudden discovered there’s a REAL problem on the border and with Illegals in his own State.

Why has McCain seen the light now? Not because of Arizona’s great problem, as much as McCain has a problem getting reelected. McCain has milked his Vietnam heroics long enough.

To quote Barack Hussein Obama – IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE! In my words: It’s time to cure the cancer.

To know more about where I think the world is headed because of Barack Hussein Obama and the LEFTISTS, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to Hear a 15-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Its a sad reality, but its all about the money, and what ever it takes to make it. It might aw well be called entertainment tonight … for people who watch the news, but get upset when its real news.

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