To all those who worry most about Obama’s quest to “deal” with Israel, Obama is not to be as feared as many dread, simply because Obama is not Israel.

I was RE-BORN after an exile of 2,000 years, because I am Israel.

I rose from the ashes of Hell on Earth we call the Holocaust, because I am Israel.

I clung to the earth of my promised land with flesh-torn-hands to reclaim what for thousands of years was always mine, because I am Israel.

I opened my Jewish doors to Christians, Moslems and all others who yearned to live in religious FREEDOM, because I am Israel.

I ask for nothing other than to be allowed to live in peace and security, so that my children can also grow and prosper under the Sun and Stars like all others, because I am Israel.

I stand with but a few friends, who stand by me in a hostile world with whom I will stand forever, because I am Israel.

But I also know that in the end, I will be standing alone, because I’ve always stood alone, because I am Israel.

I live by the tenets of thousands of years of Biblical Covenant to do what is right, regardless of the cost and risk, not just because of the word of God, but more so because without a moral compass there is no direction, because I am Israel.

I pray every night to be accepted by those who wish me ill, even though I know my prayers will go unanswered, because I am Israel.

I’ve begged to be accepted. I’ve surrendered territory won in bloody battles to be accepted. To be accepted, I’ve forcibly removed my own people from their homes as they cried with despair, because I am Israel.

I rush to give aid in times of need during a Tsunami or a massive Earthquake, even to those who wish I did not exist, or wouldn’t lift a finger to help me in my hour of need, because I am Israel.

I warn the families of those who are trying to murder my family, when and where we will attack, so as not to harm those who are not directly engaged in our destruction, because I am Israel.

I share with the world magnificent technologies, medical discoveries, and ways to feed those who without my help could not feed themselves, because I am Israel.


I am not just defined as a piece of barren unproductive geography brought to life by the dreams and resilience of a people who reach far beyond their grasp.


All of us who reach beyond our grasp, who live by a moral code that cannot be shaken, who wake every day in the hopes of waking to a better world are Israel.

All of us who stand against evil while defending the essence of truth, justice and FREEDOM are Israel.

Christians who care about their soul are no less Israel. Jewish believers and non-believers who do right by mankind are Israel. And people who believe only in the heart of mankind to do the right thing are also Israel.

People who will not bend a knee or surrender to those who cast upon them terrible aspersions, lies and hatred are Israel.

Those of us willing to share our good fortune with others, not through coercion, but through compassion are Israel.

Those who will defend those who cannot defend themselves are Israel.

And all those who stand and fight against all who wish to force themselves upon humanity to take what is not theirs are Israel.

Israel can never be defeated without first defeating decency in humanity, because in the final truth, those of us who really care about doing what is right are Israel. Even to the last person.

Because of the ideals of Israel, and as long as one decent person who is willing to stand-up and be counted continues to take breath, Israel will survive to the end of time.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I would love to hear you on Peladeau trying to revive the PQ and become Prime Minister one day. He owns 40%+ of the media. I personnally find his entry into politics indecent.

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