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The LEFTIST Socio/Political Activist Gun that is pointed at us is loaded with OUR money

As you all know, reading and listening to this Web Site is FREE. Forwarding Written and Audio Editorials is also FREE. And receiving Automatic Advisory Emails to announce New Editorials is FREE too.

And, unlike most Blogs with a large audience, I try very hard to read all the emails I receive, and in one way or another respond, even if it is only with a Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov, which is confirmation that I read what you sent.

But, as I’ve written so often – FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.

Once a month or so, I ask readers and listeners for financial support, since there is a REAL cost in managing Galganov.com.

There are no salary costs. Nor are their rent, heat, light, electricity or tax costs. Nonetheless though, there are costs in development, service, hosting, mail, travel AND ENORMOUS LEGAL COSTS.

One cannot fight for FREE SPEECH, respect for majorities, more personal individual responsibility, less government intervention, smaller bureaucracies, responsible government spending, less entitlements, fair public service salaries, perks and pensions, less taxes, non-activist judges and non intrusive governments, without spending money.

The ENTITLED activist minorities, which know how to play the political game pay nothing to get whatever they want. BUT WE DO.

For us there are no FREE RIDES. There are no government programs to help the MAJORITY to defend itself from the government itself, and the TYRANNY of the MINORITIES.

To the contrary, the Socio/Political Activist Gun that is pointed at us is loaded with PUBLIC money, OUR money, with which to do just the opposite.

And that’s where I find myself today.

I have spent a great part of my life and wealth fighting for RIGHTS that should NEVER have to be fought for in our society, such as our right NOT to have our hard earned cash taken from us by the government, for them to buy votes from those who either do not want to work, or feel entitled to a portion of our success, or want special treatment.

I have literally fought tooth and nail for our RIGHT not to be FORCED to live in someone else’s language or culture. I have fought with every ounce of my being against so-called AFFIRMATIVE ACTION that steals opportunities from deserving members of the majority, only to give these opportunities to others based solely upon race, culture or language.

I have made myself as available as possible to my American audience in their justified fight against this current White House Monstrosity, to the point that I have accepted at my cost, an invitation to speak at an upcoming Tea Party Event in the USA.

When invited, I drop everything to go on American Radio and Internet Talk-Shows to support those who understand the true meaning and value of Freedom.


On Wednesday and Thursday (May 12 and 13) THIS WEEK, I will be in court fighting a challenge I launched nearly two years ago in defense of FREEDOM of EXPRESSION in Canada.

It is a classic David and Goliath battle between us, who are funding this very expensive challenge out of my pocket and the pockets of others who really care about FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, against the side that wants to take this FREEDOM away.

The government is financing the side we are fighting. They have already spent as much as, and more than $200,000 before we’ve even gone to court. They’ll admit to $130,000, which I don’t believe.

The law firm we’re up against (Heenan Blaikie) is one of the LARGEST, most expensive, and most prestigious law firms throughout Canada, whose partners include and included several past Canadian Prime Ministers.

Our lawyer however, is a one-man army with more savvy than any number of lawyers I have ever met. In a few words, this man (Ken Bickley) is Brilliant and Courageous, since very few lawyers, especially of his caliber would ever contemplate going against a Goliath like Heenan Blaikie representing the Government in what is essentially a 100% Government City (Ottawa).

Heenan Blaikie is represented by Ron Caza:

Caza is famous for advocating on behalf of French Rights, where French RIGHTS were never in question, other than using the ILLUSION that French Rights were at risk unless English RIGHTS were abrogated, or English dollars went to pay for French ENTITLEMENTS.

In this case, Caza is defending a municipal law that makes the STAND ALONE USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN ONTARIO ON PRIVATE SIGNS ILLEGAL.

It’s important to know that the French population in the province of Ontario, which is about 99% bilingual, represents ONLY 4% of the total population, yet they’re the tail that’s wagging the dog.

If I lose, the RIGHTS of all English speakers across Canada to use only their English language on private signs will be conditional subject to French Language Activism.

If I lose, I will appeal. If they lose, they will appeal. You can only guess how much this will inevitably cost. And what effect this decision will have on the national RIGHT to FREEDOM of EXPRESSION.

Caza’s first shot across my bow when I served the Township almost two years ago was that he was going to BURY me in legal costs unless I withdrew IMMEDIATELY.

That’s how they (LEFTISTS) fight with other peoples’ tax money. But I will not be intimidated.

As Canadians reading this Editorial, you have a TREMENDOUS amount at stake riding on the outcome of this Court Challenge.

As Americans, you too have a tremendous amount at stake, since Barack Hussein Obama has already made it clear that he and his legal team believe that JURISPRUDENCE from other countries SHOULD be ADMISSIBLE as jurisprudence in the USA.


Canadian and American Jurists are always looking at court decisions on opposite sides of our respective borders for “guidance”.


If your politicians do not have the courage and intestinal fortitude to defend your borders from the hordes of ILLEGALS who pour through every day, so as not to OFFEND legitimate Latino voters, what do you think they will do when the question of making the USA bilingual becomes a REALITY?

I don’t hear Obama or anyone else, including John McCain, speaking about REAL Federal legislation that would make English the ONLY official language of the USA, and a prerequisite for EARNING citizenship. Do you?

So, if you can help, you will have no idea how much I will appreciate it. And if you can’t, I will appreciate your best wishes.

If you want to help, no matter how big or small, whether through PayPal or by written check via regular mail, all you have to do is click on the FREEDOM Icon at the Top Right of this Page to learn how you can support me in this challenge.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I believe what people want is the truth (at least thinking people), or at least an honest attempt by media to achieve this. Not the load of horsecrap that passes for news today. The news industry has simply lost touch with why they are in the game. It has all become twisting, manipulating, slanting and altogether fictionalizing truths. It is their own fault there is a huge segment of the population that is disillusioned with them and has opted out.

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