LIBERAL-SPEAK . . . Just Saying So Doesn’t Make It True

A perfect example is “RADICALIZED” Moslem. What’s that?

Not only does LIBERAL-SPEAK need its own dictionary, it’s contagious. A perfect example is “RADICALIZED” Moslem. What’s that?

Are Radicalized Moslems like Africanized Killer Bees, a new sub-species?

I guess they must be, because for some reason that’s what murdering Moslems who pull the trigger on Western targets are called, opposed to JUST Moslem.

Isn’t it curious how the murderers of THOUSANDS of Israeli Jews over the years, who were NOT killed by Moslem TERRORISTS according to the LEFTIST media, but rather by Militants?


It seems as though the ONLY Moslems who are called TERRORISTS, are those who kill their own kind. But they’re ONLY called TERRORISTS without the Moslem prefix.

Yasser Arafat had more Western and Jewish blood on his hands than all the righteous soap in the world could ever wash off, but he was NEVER called a RADICALIZED anything.

It actually behooved the chattering class to even refer to him as a TERRORIST let alone a Moslem, especially when he received his Peace Prize.

I wonder how the media (Liberal and Conservative) would describe the MILLIONS, perhaps hundreds of MILLIONS, or even a BILLION Moslems who danced for joy at the news and sight of the Twin Towers crashing down in a cloud of human dust?

We all saw the images of Moslems dancing in the streets throughout the world, while throwing sweet candies in celebration of such an enormous “victory” against the Infidels in the Name of Allah.


Why wasn’t Timothy McVeigh described by the media as a RADICALIZED Christian, even though his Christianity had nothing to do with his attack on the Oklahoma Office Building, since they in the media were so quick to label him a FAR RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALIST?

I really don’t understand this RADICALIZED crap, other than to understand that it is a way to give EVERY follower of Islam a free pass for the behavior of all those who commit acts of savagery in their name.

I know that this might be a bit tough for most within the media (Liberal and Conservative) including FOX News to follow. But, I will give it my BEST SHOT.

There are no RADICALIZED Moslems. There are ONLY Moslems who murder in the name of Islam who have yet to be properly denounced by their own GLOBAL community.

NOTHING better illustrated the sick mindset of the LEFT, then when Mayor Bloomberg of New York City declared before we knew who was responsible for the Times Square Bomb, that the would-be bomber just might have been a deranged person who didn’t like Obamacare.

So, let me get my head around this:

Moslems who murder in the name of Islam are RADICALIZED. But, without any information whatsoever, or even a scintilla of evidence, Bloomberg pointed a nuanced finger at the Tea Party Movement.

And then, when the truth was revealed, instead of condemning the Moslems responsible, he went out of his way to WARN and ADMONISH all New Yorkers who might think despairingly of Pakistanis and Moslems.

Good luck on that Bloomberg.

EVERYONE knows who set the bomb and parked the SUV at Time’s Square designed to commit murder and mayhem.

Just like EVERYONE knows who murdered all those people at Fort Hood.

Just like EVERYONE knows who the people were who conspired to attack New York City’s subway system.

Just like EVERYONE knows who the Christmas Day Crotch Bomber was.

And what about the 9/11 planners and MURDERERS?


So here’s a newsflash for Bloomberg and all others just like him:


It’s not just sick, but DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS how the LEFT, along with compliant Conservatives refuse to call it as it really is in fear of violating the rules of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Or worse – Hurting the feelings of Moslems.

It really boggles the mind how MOSLEMS, who murder innocent people because they are not MOSLEMS, or the “wrong kind” of MOSLEM, are excused by LEFTISTS and moderate Conservatives who created a special designation (radicalized) for them that sort of explains everything.

It’s just like how the LEFTISTS and moderate Conservatives have given victim status to the ELEVEN PLUS MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in the USA, while making those who are LEGITIMATELY fighting for American RIGHTS, CULTURE and SECURITY to be labeled racists and worse.

We are in the middle of a perfect storm, where everything is beginning to build. Where the storm clouds, rolling thunder in the distance, and flashes of lightning are not all that far off in the horizon.

Politicians can lie ONLY so much, until the people begin to HATE the liars.

Politicians can ignore the truth ONLY so much, until the people WAKE-UP.

Politicians can indebt the population ONLY so much, until there’s nothing left with which to spend, and no more money to STEAL from the working class.

And Politicians can push ONLY so far, until the people begin to PUSH-BACK.

If our Politically Correct, and LEFT leaning leaders in the WEST don’t wake-up NOW, specifically in the USA where there’s wild government spending, a bloated civil service, entitlements, porous national security, and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, there will be HELL-TO-PAY.

And to a growing extent in Canada, where government waste, a bloated overpaid civil service, high taxes and French AFFIRMATIVE ACTION that denies the 97% non-French majority outside of Quebec opportunities in their own government does not come to an end, here too there will be BLOW-BACK.

If we don’t smarten up NOW – What we are seeing throughout Europe with Moslems taking over, and in Greece and other ENTITLEMENT countries which are BROKE, where labor RULES, this will visit us sooner rather than later.

The people can take only so much, especially the people who are the REAL movers, doers and CONTRIBUTORS within our countries, who are NOT the politicians, NOT the bureaucrats and NOT the rest of the overpaid and over indulged civil servants who THRIVE and SURVIVE ONLY on the tax dollars of the working and entrepreneurial class in the private sector.

They should NEVER forget the message of Madame “Guillotine”.

It’s not as if revolutions and civil wars are only memories of history and restricted to continents other than our own.

The politicians, bureaucrats, educators, elitists and Something-For-Nothing Bunch have a great deal to fear. The storm is closer than they think.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks Howard for keeping us posted on the latest twists and turns in our “political world”. Just got back to Ontario, Canada from Myrtle Beach. Learned a lot about Obama Care while sitting in the hot tub at our resort. None of it good. Our Ontario health care system isn’t perfect but sure made me feel better after hearing some of the horror stories others are facing in the U.S.A………

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