Obama To The Rescue With Words, Words And MORE Words.

Like Rahm Emanuel so famously said: “ A crisis is too good a thing to waste”.

Nothing better illustrates the mindset of the Obama government than their initial reaction, or better defined as lack thereof to the Gulf Coast Oil Platform CATASTROPHE.

Before dispatching EVERY environmental force possible, in the event that this problem could be as bad as it has turned-out to be, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder dispatched LAWYERS.

You read that right – Obama’s FIRST concern was whom are we going to be suing? Rather than how bad can his be? And what are we going to do about it RIGHT AWAY?

This incident also demonstrates yet another GARGANTUAN mainstream bias.

When Katrina hit, the LEFTIST media were all over George W Bush for not being in Louisiana as the waters were still rising, as if there would have been anything George W could have done about it, even if he was there when the hurricane was still pummeling the coast.

The explanation for George W Bush’s delay for the perfunctory Presidential visit to the scene of the disaster was not accepted by the media, even though it was honest and factual.

1 – His presence would have only taken away from the needed resources of the first responders.

2 – As President of the United States of America, he had other preplanned obligations to be taken care of to keep a semblance of normalcy throughout the country, in spite of the Louisiana disaster.

But that doesn’t suggest for a second that Bush wasn’t aware and engaged in the disaster.

And as for the anemic response from FEMA, America’s First National Responder and Disaster Coordinator, as if George W Bush was personally charged with its management, he was EVISCERATED in the media for FEMA’s horrific lack of response and gross incompetence.

But, with all criticism due to FEMA, who in the world could have ever anticipated or prepared for a tragedy like Katrina?

Nonetheless, George W Bush was blamed for EVERYTHING.

I remember the LEFTIST media and members of both Parties referring to the “victims” of Katrina as ‘REFUGEES”, that is until George W Bush passionately TOLD the media and all others to STOP referring to these victims as REFUGEES.

These people are not refugees Bush told America. They are Americans who are victims of a tragedy not of their own making, who need their country’s help. They ARE Americans. NOT refugees.

It’s kind of curious how no one from the LEFTIST media or anywhere else acknowledged George W Bush for making this extremely important distinction.


Where has Obama been during the last week and a half while America braced for what might be the country’s WORST environmental damage it has ever faced?

I know where he was Saturday night (May 1, 2010). He was delivering comedic zingers to his media lapdogs at the annual White House Correspondence Dinner.

The media can be forgiven for not noticing Obama’s absence from the Gulf Coast, because it’s kind of hard for them to criticize the Comedian-In-Chief while they roared at his humor.

Gulf Coast? What Gulf Coast? Oil coming onshore to massacre the ecology? What Oil? What shore?

How can the compliant Obama cheerleading media possibly focus on this pending environmental doom while their MESSIAH was entertaining them?


I can’t understand how the IDIOT people who support this Charlatan-In-Chief can close their eyes to the FACT that he sells himself as the Global Environmental President, when his OWN Homeland environment is threatened with a cataclysmic event like none other, while he cracks jokes?

Let me remind you of how he dealt with other National Domestic events like the Fort Hood Military Base Massacre and the Airplane Crotch Bomber. It took him forever to utter an anemic peep because it involved Moslem attacks on the Homeland.

But, when it came to the RACIST Black LEFTIST Harvard professor Louis Gates, who was RIGHTLY arrested by a White Cambridge Massachusetts Police Officer, Obama was all over it like flies rush to manure, making accusations of racism and police overreaction.

And as usual, Obama’s assessment of the situation was to blame the White guy, even though he didn’t have a clue as to what really happened. But why let a little truth and accuracy get in the way of a little race-baiting by America’s first Black President?


I am not now, nor have I ever been a conspiracy theorist . . . BUT – No one is saying how the fire started onboard the Rig, and what exploded to bring down this usually unsinkable drilling platform?

I have a friend who was one of the team of engineers and draftsmen on the Hibernia Rig that was built to serve in the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland, where one finds the worst of the worst conditions.

As he was showing me the plans and construction and explaining how big it was, my only thought was how the hell could this thing float? And more so, how safe can it really be when the ocean decides to throw a tantrum?

In just a few words he said: “It’s safer than a very well built home in a hurricane”.

Think of Katrina and the hundreds of other major hurricanes and massive waves, especially in the Gulf of Mexico that have WHACKED THOUSANDS of Rigs. How many of them have sunk?

So, what brought down this massive state of the art Rig?

How come I haven’t heard the word TERRORIST, not even once? Wouldn’t that be a great TERRORIST attack on the heart of America’s Homeland Oil Independence?

Maybe it was just a case of shit happens? But maybe not – So, why hasn’t anyone raised the question and possibility of TERRORISM?

Because of this tragedy, whatever the reason, the result falls perfectly in-line with Obama and his LEFTIST policy of NO NEW OFFSHORE DRILLING, guaranteeing that America will continue to be even MORE beholden to Arabs, other Moslems, and America hating Latinos in South America and Mexico for America’s critical energy needs.

I know that Obama spoke about the need for “some” new offshore drilling just a few weeks ago. But that was to appear to be open to the mainstream population who want to drill, and want to stop being dependent on unaffordable oil from people who HATE America.

It was in fact Obama’s way of throwing them a bone. But, now that this has happened, forget about any new drilling for as long as a decade, or until Obama gets his ass kicked out of the White House in November 2012.

In the meantime, start thinking $4 and $5 a gallon at the pumps.

Like Rahm Emanuel so famously said: “ A crisis is too good a thing to waste”.

To know more about what I think of the lack of response from Obama’s White House on this Gulf Coast Catastrophe, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 12-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Being a “Citizen Journalist” does not offend me at all. As a matter of fact, I welcome the title and view it as being a professional one! We “Citizen Journalists” often provide more solutions to the problems-at-hand, via sharing our comments and ideas, than our famous POLITICIANS do. We keep abreast of REALITY! Your “listing of DIFFERENCES” denotes those reasons why we are not restricted. I view you as being the “Number One Citizen Journalist”. Thank you!

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