Middle East Peace – The Lie and the BIG Lie.


The foundational lie about Peace In The Middle East is that it’s all on Israel.

The small lie:

If ONLY Israel would be willing to make some “painful” concessions to the Palestinians and her Arab neighbors, not only would there be peace in the Middle East, but the Moslem World would stop hating the West.


The Middle East Arabs and Persians, including ALL of the Moslem World would accept peace with Israel under the right conditions, when what they REALLY want is Israel in PIECES.

What they ALSO REALLY want is for the entire Middle East to be Judenfrei. And if ever they achieve this goal, it will not in the least bit, slow down Islam’s DISDAIN for the West and HATRED for the USA.

The REAL truth is twofold:

1 – The Moslems do not HATE the USA because America supports Israel. They hate Israel because Israel is a mirror image of the USA.

2 – The Moslems use Israel ONLY as an excuse to rally their forces of evil and the depravity that is Sharia and the rule of the Koran, depending upon which Arab/Moslem despot is in power at the time.

For Barack HUSSEIN Obama to even hint that the problem with global Islam is all or even partially on Israel, says to me one of three things.

1 – Obama is too ignorant of geopolitics and history to really understand that Israel is nothing more than a “straw man” to the Moslems.

2 – That Obama believes in his own narcissistic powers of persuasion of turning crap into gold, and simply ignores the facts of his substantial limitations.

3 – That Obama actually HATES Israel, and will do whatever he can to give the Moslem World Israel’s head on a platter.

As for number 1- I can’t believe that Obama is as ignorant of history and geopolitics as he would have to be, to think there could ever be a deal that would satisfy the Arab/Moslems without killing-off Israel.

As for number 2 – I do however believe that Obama is such a narcissist, that he REALLY believes in his own supranational powers of persuasion. And that if Israel can’t see it his way, than Israel is the problem.

As for number 3 – I truly believe Obama’s disdain and perhaps hatred for Israelis REAL and should be taken very seriously.


I believe that Obama would sell Israel out in a heartbeat if he could. Not only that. I believe that selling-out Israel is what he is really about in his idea of a TRANSITIONAL New World Order.

When Obama was running for the Presidency of the USA, I wrote repeatedly about Obama’s associations with LEFTIST Jew-Hating Scum.

After Obama took the White House, I wrote that Obama would sell Israel down the proverbial river given half a chance. One does not need to be a clairvoyant to see who and what Obama is, and what he stands for just from his past associations.

When Obama made his FIRST international address to the world, why was it to the Arab Moslem World on Al Arabiya?

Why did Obama travel all the way to Cairo to deliver his INFAMOUS “We Love You Moslem Speech”?

Why did Obama order his White House, State Department and Homeland Security to NEVER refer to wanton attacks on American civilians by Moslems as TERRORISM, or that the attackers were Moslems?

Why did Obama order the government NOT to use the phrase WAR ON TERROR, when in fact that is exactly what it is?

Why did Obama just host an international Moslem entrepreneurial conference, considering Obama has as much experience being an entrepreneur as any of my horses?

Why did Obama allow his Court Jester (Biden) make the Prime Minister of Israel (Netanyahu) wait 90 MINUTES for supper as humiliating punishment for the announcement of construction for 1600 new East Jerusalem apartments by a housing ministry?

Why did Obama allow or encourage Hillary Clinton to telephone Benjamin Netanyahu to demean him while reading Netanyahu the RIOT ACT for three quarter’s of an hour?

And what about Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to the White House, when Obama made the Israeli Prime Minister enter the White House through the back door, keep him from any and ALL media, and then make him stew by himself in a White House anteroom while Obama took off to have a bite with his wife and children?

And when it was all over, why was Netanyahu was once again escorted out a backdoor, as if he had some sort of communicable disease, instead of through the front door with the traditional handshake with the President for the cameras to see?

Would Biden, Clinton, and Obama treat any other national leader in the same disgusting manner? Even a PUKE like Ahmadinejad?


So here’s what I suggest for Israel:

SCREW HIM! Just screw him as if he doesn’t matter. The US Congress will for the time being still stand with Israel. And without the House and the Senate, Obama can do just so much.

And the MORE he does to damage Israel, the MORE he does to damage his own Party.

After this November election, which I believe will be a massacre for the Democrats, unless the Republicans find a way to commit suicide, it will become even that much more difficult for Obama to inflict a deathblow to the Jewish State.

And then there’s the BIG GAME in November 2012, when Obama has to face all the people he has lied to; and whose lives he’s turned into a misery.

All Israel has to do is keep on being Israel of 1948 to 1967. Not the Israel of LEFTIST Peaceniks like Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Olmert.

Israelis must recognize that they are facing their greatest threat and foe since the War of Independence 62 years ago, when 6 Arab armies did their very best to wipe out Israel in its most vulnerable moment of rebirth.

Those who recreated Israel after a 2000-year absence of being a Jewish State, were men such as David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, with SPECIAL mention to Ze’ev Jabotinsky (one of my personal heroes) who famously said for all Jews:

“Better to have a gun and not need it, then to need it, and not have it.”

Jabotinsky was the creator of the Jewish Brigade that fought with enormous glory as part of the British army in both World Wars. He was also the founder and leader of the Jewish Freedom Fighters known as Irgun.

Just as note: I ride a powerful Painted American Quarter Horse whose image you see on my home page. I named him Jeb Stuart after the last great American Cavalry Officer. But, I lovingly call him Jebatinsky.

These are the people in whose likeness Israel needs today, as much as Israel did 62 years ago, in order to keep the BARBARIANS from the gates, just long enough to ride-out the Obama storm that should come to an end in November 2012.

I believe with heart and mind that the combination of Obama’s narcissistic nature and apparent LOVE and RESPECT for Islam, as he’s repeatedly demonstrated, must be the threat Israel takes MOST seriously.

I wonder how the LEFTIST American Jews (78%) who devoted their support and votes for Obama feel today? That is if they have enough brains to even understand what they did when they voted for a man whose closest friends hate Israel, hate Jews, hate White people, hate America, and hate the Freedoms that have made America so great.

ALSO – I’m not so certain that Obama is doing all he can to keep Iran from getting the BOMB. Maybe what he’s doing is giving the appearance that he’s doing all he can to keep Iran from getting the BOMB, when in fact he might be doing anything but.

If you want to know more about what I think Israel HAS TO DO to survive Obama, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 10-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard I follow your blog and post them on my FB page in order to share your insight with others and I have about 300 FB friends to share them with. I am a CANADIAN and follow your take of American politics as well as whenever something happens or changes in the US, it eventually comes or affects Canada. Keep up writing your blog as it can and should make people think a little more about our political system and hopefully hey will become more engaged and learn to think. keep it up. &#1285

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