How To Destroy America From The Inside

Obama’s Chief of Staff (Rahm Emanuel) said that a “CRISIS is too good to waste”

Before I get into the guts of this editorial, I just want everyone to know that Anne and I have visited Arizona and think it is one of the all-time GREAT US States.

We rode horses on the mountains and cliffs of Tempe. We slept at the El Tovar Lodge overlooking the Grand Canyon. We walked the paths and trails at Sedona. And we marveled at the beauty of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and area.

What is happening to Arizona because of the unwillingness of Washington to do the right thing with ILLEGALS (Latinos) borders on being criminal.

Not ONLY do I support what the Arizona State government has decided to do about ILLEGALS, I just might make it my business to fly to Arizona JUST BECAUSE, and give them my tourist dollars.

To support Arizona, I ask EVERYONE who reads and/or listens to this Web Site to BOYCOTT San Francisco, while spreading the word that San Francisco cares MORE about the rights of ILLEGAL Latinos, than it does about the safety and rights of the legitimate people of Arizona.

I have repeatedly written that Obama and his White House will divide America to the point where there is every possibility of American-on-American violence.

I will now go as far as to write that American-on-American violence isn’t just a possibility, but far more a probability and likelihood, so much so, that I will be surprised if it does not happen.

Obama has a genius for pitting Americans against each other with extreme positions from the LEFT that antagonize everyday Americans.

Obama ran on a platform of HOPE and CHANGE as a “TRANSITIONAL” President. He never once laid out in actual words what he meant by HOPE and CHANGE, let alone in which direction he wanted to TRANSITION America.

But now that Obama has been in the White House for almost 2 years, there are no questions anymore by what he meant by TRANSITION. The ONLY question that remains now, is how far he will go before he is stopped by his own Party or by a TRANSITIONAL change in Congress?

Had the American people who were not LEFTIST ideologues, who voted for Obama had any inkling as to how much damage Obama was prepared to do to America, his Presidential candidacy wouldn’t be more than just a footnote in history.

But, people voted for an American Idol with no real accomplishments to his name, rather than a candidate of substance, and what America got as a result by squandering their vote is on them.

What is happening in Arizona right here and now is just the beginning of an Obama caused conflict that will rage between the States.

Instead of doing what he can to bring the people together on this issue of ILLEGAL immigration, Obama is instead throwing fuel on the fire by condemning Arizonians for doing what they HAVE to do to protect themselves from the ILLEGALS.

When I hear that San Francisco is leading a BOYCOTT of Arizona, it makes me shudder. But it does not make Obama shudder.

To Obama, this seems to be music to his ears. What can possibly be better than to have DISSENSION amongst the folks when the goal is to transition America to the point where OBAMA can exercise REAL power by EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE?

Remember the words of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff who said that a “CRISIS is too good to waste”.

I have never known of any President, INCLUDING Richard Nixon, who had such a profound love of the power and prestige of the White House, who without any hesitation uses it as though it is an entitlement.

What is happening in Arizona now, especially if the LEFT takes it to the next level, very well might be the spark that will ignite a real fire across the USA, where the patience of the people has already gone beyond thin.

Broken promises, distortions, outright lies, corruption, incompetence, executive power secrecy, Communist Czar appointments, unemployment, tyranny of the bureaucracy, and the GREATEST debt in world history is all that Obama has to show for his dreadful less than two years in power.

The people can ONLY take so much before they snap and lose all trust in government, and react in ways that are anathema to the values and laws of the land.

I believe that America is on the cusp of this horror show.

Americans can take a great deal abuse at the hands of their government and still keep it together. We know that from experience.

But, what they can’t take is the sheer ARROGANCE of a President who cares ONLY for what he believes is important, while he dismisses all those who disagree with him.

Americans CANNOT take a leader who believes that he is somehow EMPOWERED to rule, opposed to govern and places himself high above the people.

If there is a line that should not, and cannot be crossed, I believe that America has one foot on the line, with the other just stepping over it.

Obama has pitted race against race. He has painted honest opposition as idiots, red necks and Nazis. And has EXCLUDED the people of America from the national debate.

Instead of traveling the globe promoting American EXCEPTIONALISM, Obama has instead chosen to travel the earth to demean America and her GLORIOUS history and countless contributions.

This too is not lost on those American people who possess brains and pride.

In my opinion, it is no longer a question of whether or not real violence in America will flare. The only question is when, and to what extent?

What troubles me almost as much as the pending darkness that will soon enough engulf the USA, is that there remains almost half of the American population who still think that Obama is good for America.

I guess there is no explaining stupidity.


I’ve heard and read that some class “A” IDIOTS, especially amongst the elitist LEFT have compared the Arizona State Law that makes it ILLEGAL to be an ILLEGAL alien, to the Holocaust and Nazism.

Those who say such a thing should be tarred and feathered.

No one in Arizona is rounding up Latinos for beatings, torture, rape and EXTERMINATION. To even whisper such a thing is a slap in the face to the 12 MILLION people who died in Nazi Death Camps, of whom 6,000,000 were murdered and mutilated for the crime of being Jewish.

If you want to know more about what I think is in store for the USA because of Obama’s arrogance and narcissism, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to Hear a 12-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. By the time I get home from work, the only thing Fox News has to offer are hour-long opinions from the resident narcissist (who I can’t stomach to watch), Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity’s staged arguments between liberals and conservatives. I depend on the internet for my news. Thanks to you for providing something in my inbox I actually want to read!

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