Galganov Is Darth Vader – Go Figure

Because I stand in opposition to all of this. I’m the bad guy. I’M DARTH VADER of all people.

No kidding about the Darth Vader label. It came from an Anglo appeaser (Blogger) in Montreal who thinks I’m no better than the scum I stand against. In his opinion, I’m just the other side of the same coin.

YELLOW JOURNALISM and misinformation based on a bed of facts that are so distorted as to be defamatory is the primary tool of the LEFT.

The recipe is simple:

Take a smattering of truth, and then pervert it as if every word is true.

People who don’t know how to read, listen or watch BETWEEN THE LINES just don’t ever get to know the real truth until it is often too late.

In my particular case, I really couldn’t care less of what people such as those who hate me think of me, as much as I do about the misinformation that camouflages the truth, to the detriment of decency within our society.


In this Darth Vader Blog Editorial that is making a bit of a sensation amongst French language Activists in Canada, along with compliant Anglo elitists, the author of this SMEAR JOB finished his article by writing:

“Perhaps Mr. Galganov was once relevant, today he’s a dangerous humiliation.”

I wonder what it is in his mind that makes him believe that I’m such a humiliation or so dangerous? Is it that I’m stirring the pot with REAL truths lacking any innuendo unlike him and his?

He also wrote that I have now SURPASSED the late (and GREAT) Montreal writer Mordechai Richler for being the MOST HATED ANGLO in Quebec.

If that was meant as an insult – HE MISSED THE MARK.

Mordechai Richler and I didn’t like each other very much. As a matter of fact, I don’t know who disliked whom most.

But, to be compared to Mordechai Richler, one of the GREAT writers of our time is something I accept with ENORMOUS pride.

This author, like ALL people of his LEFTIST ilk, also suggests that I am a racist, without having the guts to come right out and just say it.

But, whether he says it or not, or alludes to it or not, there isn’t even one scintilla of evidence in anything I’ve ever written or said that he, or any other DEMAGOGUE could point a finger to that would affirm their mealy-mouthed accusations.

I find it extraordinary how the LEFT can take a truth, twist it inside out, up and down, then left and right until it is no longer recognizable, and then begin their spin.

Here’s a perfect example of how the LEFT takes something that is indefensible, twists it into a pretzel only to make those who stand for truth and justice out to be the villains.

The “official” number of ILLEGAL aliens in the United States seems to be eleven million. But, since no one really knows for certain, maybe that number is actually TWENTY MILLION or MORE.

But, here is an unassailable FACT. No matter what the number really is, THEY ARE ILLEGAL. And that’s where it should end.

I don’t understand the discussions or negotiations. What’s there to discuss? Either you belong in the USA or you don’t. If you do, you stay. If you don’t, ADIOS AMIGO, and out you go.

So where’s the debate?

Here’s another FACT:

Because of mostly Mexican ILLEGALS, a state such as Arizona is under criminal siege, so much so, that it is quickly becoming a domestic war zone. So, what do you do to protect you and yours from Mexican gangs of drug dealers and murderers when the federal government won’t?

You find the ILLEGALS. You arrest them. You jail them. And then you send them packing back across the border once they’ve done their time.

Is that too complicated?

And while you’re at it, you might as well arrest all the other ILLEGALS whether they’ve committed a crime or not, since they’ve already committed a crime just by being in the USA ILLEGALLY.

Also not too complicated.

Where it becomes REALLY complicated is when the LEFTISTS and the bloodsucking politicians get involved.

The Politicians get involved simply because they’ll sell out America as quickly as they’ll renege on a promise just to get votes. In this case, the votes are from Latinos who don’t like the idea that ILLEGALS should be treated as ILLEGALS should be treated.

As for the LEFT, they do what they do because they don’t live in the REAL world like the rest of us.

To them, everyone who stands up for good old-fashioned American values are the bad guys, while those who take advantage of the USA at every turn, are those who need their protection and support the most.


The good guys, who want to deal with the bad guys (ILLEGALS), are the bad guys in the eyes of the LEFT. While the bad guys (ILLEGALS), who in the eyes of clear thinking Americans shouldn’t be in the USA at all, are in the eyes of the LEFT the victims who need protection from the bad guys who are really the good guys.

Is this not enough to make you dizzy?

This is really no different in Canada, where people like me are considered to be amongst the Bad Guys by the LEFT because we are willing to fight the TYRANNY of the MINORITY.

In the province of Quebec, the unrestricted use of the English language is against the law. Imagine, ILLEGAL English right here in North America.

In Ontario, where about 4% of the population at most is French, they are using public money to operate French ONLY healthcare clinics where Anglos are unwelcome.

There are communities near Canada’s Capital (Ottawa) where it is ILLEGAL to put up an English ONLY sign.

And at least one French school board located an hour from Ottawa has decided to SEGREGATE their school busses to keep English-speaking children off.

And, because I stand in opposition to all of this – I’m the bad guy. I’M DARTH VADER of all people.

Because the majority of non French Canadians who number 97% (excluding the Separatist province of Quebec), Anglo Canadians are denied government jobs in their own government.

It’s affirmative action in the name of “Official Bilingualism”.

And for the “piece de resistance”, there is a law in Canada that has come up for third and final reading in the Senate, that will make it MANDATORY for all Supreme Court Justices to be FLUENTLY bilingual (French/English) in order to be appointed (for life) to this bench.

If you haven’t figured out what this really means – It’s simple:

Since very few English Canadians speak French, and fewer yet are REALLY bilingual, there will be very few English Judges that could be appointed to the Highest Court in the land.

But, because just about EVERY French speaker outside of Quebec, the few that there are, can communicate fluently in English, and most Montreal (Quebec) French Judges can also communicate in English, there will be an enormous imbalance of Supreme Court Judges in Canada.

Instead of appointing the VERY best that would be representative of ALL of Canada, we’ll have to settle for bilingual judges to satisfy less than 3% of the entire population EXCLUDING Separatist Quebec.


Beside Sonia Sotomayer, how many of the US Supreme Court Justices are FLUENT in Spanish? NONE perhaps . . . ?

Imagine this: What would the US Supreme Court look like if all 9 of the Supreme Court Judges had to speak fluent Spanish?


As an aside to this editorial, I was flabbergasted (Sunday April 25, 2010) while watching the eulogy in memory of the dead 29 West Virginia Coal Miners.

There were excellent speakers who riveted the audience of coal miners and their families as they spoke of courage, hard work, dedication and the REAL importance of the miners, contribution to American society and security, in as much as making America somewhat energy self-sufficient.

All of which is true.

But, one of the greatest applause from the packed house went to President Barack Hussein Obama who read with his usual aplomb from his teleprompter.

It was indeed yet another fine Presidential performance from the Performer-in-Chief.

It’s marvelous how short the memories of these people, the coal miners and their families are.

Before and during Obama’s campaign to win the Presidency, didn’t he say that he would NOT authorize any new coalmines, and would SHUTDOWN all existing coal mines once he won office, making it appear as if the coal industry and all the people who labored in it were villains of some sort?

With all due respect to the miners and their families in this audience, if I was one of them, I would NOT so much as have clapped my hands together just once for this Oval Office travesty. NOT ONCE!

To know more about what it feels like to be Darth Vader by the LEFT, because I have the audacity to express myself publicly, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 22-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As one of the other comments said, your ‘big differences’ make me chuckle.
    You are the best .. your wit and wisdom inspiring .
    Thank you for helping us keep an eye on our country and here’s hoping we can be better neighbors after the next election.

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