This was my kind of rally, where people celebrated reality and decency without the need to apologize.

I just joined a Biker-Gang. Honest to goodness I did. Well sort of. I’ll tell you more about the “gang” a bit later in this editorial.

On Tuesday, April 20, 2010, a very large number of Jews got together in Downtown Montreal, as Jews did throughout much of the Western World to celebrate the 62nd Anniversary of the REBIRTH of the Jewish Nation.

There was a great deal of music, a sea of blue Israeli flags, and an aura of excitement.

On the fringe were the expected pro Palestinian demonstrators wearing their Arafat Keffiyehs shouting the usual taunts and Palestinian mantra, which more or less went unnoticed.

What made this event very much like a Tea Party Rally was the focused and incredible attitude of the people in attendance.

These folks who assembled at noon at Place du Canada in Montreal were UNAPOLOGETIC Jews who couldn’t give a damn about what the rest of the world thought about Israel’s RIGHT TO EXIST.

They couldn’t care in the least about the pro Palestinian demonstrators and their useful IDIOT supporters, some of whom were self-hating Jews, or the LEFTISTS who want to play “Let’s Make A Deal” with the future of Israel and the Jewish Homeland.

The celebrants’ message couldn’t be clearer:

Israel does not need world approbation to exist. Israel does not need to bend a knee to cowards and Quislings. And Israel has NOTHING to apologize for to anyone. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

This was my kind of rally, where people celebrated reality and decency without the need to apologize or feel guilt for success and vibrant survival, just like those fine people who attend TEA PARTIES to celebrate America the way America should be celebrated.


15 years ago, I sold my motorcycle because of an unrelated accident (cross country skiing of all things) that made it very difficult for me to ride the Bike. But, now that I’m 60 years old and really yearn for the feeling of cruising on two wheels, I decided to buy another Bike, which I did.

But, riding alone is not as much fun as it is to be riding with others. But since I don’t know anyone else who rides a Bike, I was resigned to ride the open roads in solitude.


The day before I was to pick up my shiny new motorcycle, I received an email from someone in Toronto, who learned about Galganov.com from a friend or associate of his in the USA. And upon reading my biography, he discovered that we both went to Sir George Williams University in Montreal as night students in 1968-69.

In his email to me, he wrote that instead of riding horses as I do, he rides Bikes, and was the president of a Jewish Motorcycle Club in Montreal before moving to Toronto, where he still rides his Bike in an associated Jewish Bike Club.

Well that’s all I had to read before I asked for the name and contact to the Bike Club in Montreal. So, before even picking up my Bike at the dealer, I was already enrolled as a member in the Montreal Maccabees Motorcycle Club where the members range in age from their late 40’s to early 80’s.

At 60 years old, it seems as though my age is amongst the average. I guess there won’t be too many barroom brawls unless it’s over bagels and lox.

Since I haven’t been on a Bike in over 15 years, I have an awful lot of catching-up to do, which isn’t too bad since there are no better people for me to relearn with, than this group who ride for pleasure and pride.


It might be hard for you to imagine how good it felt for me to ride with the couple of dozen or so Maccabee Bikers as escort to the parade of Jews who marched on the Downtown Montreal streets from Phillip’s Square to Place du Canada where the people gathered to celebrate life and FREEDOM.

It was an exceptional day for me that will be etched in my memory forever. And if I never ride a Bike again, just being there amongst the escort of this parade with other non apologetic Jews in celebration of Israel and FREEDOM would make my purchase of a motorcycle well worth the price.


In mid June, I will be riding with a group of Maccabees to Skokie Illinois (800 miles) to celebrate the opening of a New Holocaust Memorial Center, where hundreds of Jewish Bikers from all over North America and other parts of the world will meet to remember the greatest crime against humanity while showing solidarity with Israel.

As you might have learned from reading and listening to this Web Site, I am not a person who sits idly by watching the world go forward. For me, life is too short not to be engaged, and too important not to make a difference.

When I was 18 years old, upon joining the Jewish Defense League (JDL), I made a pledge along with other young Jews – NEVER AGAIN!

In that pledge made more than 42 years ago, I only thought of NEVER AGAIN in terms of another Holocaust, but today, 4 decades later, this pledge means even more to me than just the Holocaust.

The pledge of NEVER AGAIN, to me, incorporates all those who will abuse or abrogate FREEDOM anywhere and everywhere.

There would have been no Holocaust had FREEDOM not been so easily surrendered in Europe. Therefore, when I write, speak, and now ride, it is all about making sure that I do my part to fight for FREEDOM so that all people everywhere, but more so in North America and Israel will be FREE and safe.

It is an incredible feeling to be riding with people who are proud of whom they are and not afraid to say so. It reminds me of a time when I stood with others as an 18 year old, making a pledge that I have never broken, and NEVER WILL.

Even though I know that there are MILLIONS of people who share my values as I share theirs, it nonetheless feels so good to know that I am not alone, especially when I hear the rumble of their engines.

To know more about my first ride with the Maccabees and the forthcoming “Ride 2 Remember” in Skokie Illinois, click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to listen to a 10-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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