Galganov – International Criminal

I stand against any form of coercion that takes away any of my RIGHTS simply to appease another.

To all the Americans who visit this Web Site, it is very much worth your while to pay close attention to this editorial. To fellow Canadians – WAKE UP!

The following concerns a serious issue that SCREAMS about the misery caused to our countries by the TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY.

It has recently been brought to my attention from Le Devoir, a French Print Media in Ottawa, that a complaint has been made against me at the United Nations for Crimes Against Humanity due to HATE-SPEECH.

Some French CEGEP (college) teachers have gone so far as to call my “crimes” GENOCIDAL.

Within the last 24 months, other “criminal” charges have been laid against me in the province of Ontario for HATE-SPEECH.

Official complaints accompanying MORE charges against me for HATE-SPEECH have also been registered at the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

All of the charges against me are a joke, and have been dismissed as such. But, it certainly shows the mindset of the people who are out for my blood.


I am GUILTY – And I fully ADMIT to my guilt, which is standing up not just for my rights, but also for the rights of all people who do not want to be BULLIED by the TYRANNY of the MINORITY.

I stand against any form of coercion that takes away any of my RIGHTS simply to appease another.

I do not believe in AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Nor do I believe in SPECIAL RIGHTS for minorities. I BELIEVE IN EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE.

In a word – I believe in a MERITOCRACY.

The people, who are so upset with me, will do anything they figure they can get away with to SHUT-ME-UP, most of whom are French-speaking Canadians who believe they are entitled to VERY SPECIAL TREATMENT because they are a minority in Canada and North America.

But NOT all French-speakers feel that way. But far too many with undue influence do, alongside bleeding-heart LEFTIST Anglo appeasers.

The “TURKEY” running around trying his level best to DO-ME-IN, is most famous in the province of Quebec for walking from Montreal to Quebec City (about 180 miles) several years ago for the sole purpose of urinating on the statue of British General Wolfe, who defeated the French on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City 251 years ago in 1759.

Does this PUTZ know how to hold a grudge or what?

His name is Gilles Rheaume, who in addition to having a urinating problem on statues, he’s served as a past President of the racist Quebec St Jean de Baptist Society that does nothing more than survive on the largesse of the equally racist Quebec government in order for them to spew their anti English and anti-immigrant racist venom.

Rheaume is a guy who does nothing but live on the welfare of government like most LEFTIST jerks, who the French Media take seriously enough because he’s great for sensationalist news, and says many of the things they would like to say, but don’t have the guts to come out with.

I have been involved in battles against French Language SUPREMACISTS in Canada since the failed Quebec referendum to leave Canada in 1995; so much so, that my wife and I had no choice but to personally pay a small fortune for armed bodyguards to protect our animals and property due to serious threats.

It seems that when a Conservative has had enough, he or she goes to war with ideas, unlike Liberals who go to war with public money, demagoguery, outright lies, and threats,


1 – I do not want to be treated in any way shape or manner as a SECOND CLASS citizen anywhere I happen to be in Canada.

2 – I do not want to be excluded from any Civil Service Job in Canada if a Civil Service Job is what I wanted, only because 100% preference (Affirmative Action) goes to French speaking bilingual applicants.

3 – I do not want to have any restriction placed whatsoever on MY USE of my (ENGLISH) language anywhere in Canada.

4 – I’m sick and tired of watching VOLUMES of my tax dollars going to support a language and culture that hates mine, wants to separate from the country that feeds it, and contributes little to NOTHING to the fabric of Canada.

Years ago, I made it abundantly clear to the French Media that I would NOT give them any interviews, since they lie and distort just about everything I say anyway. So why should I bother?

As I told the French media, the WORST thing that can happen to the French Speakers of Canada, especially to those in Quebec, is when people like me couldn’t give a rat’s ass about explaining myself to people like them.


Anne and I have many French-speaking friends. We also share our hospitality and friendship with people of color, other religions (believers and not) and cultures. We are not exclusionists by any stretch.

But, frankly, I don’t give a damn what the French Speakers think or want anymore. It’s not on me. And it’s not up to me to sacrifice what I have so they could get what they want.

There are no laws anywhere in Canada that puts any restrictions on them whatsoever. NONE. Just like there are no laws that restrict any opportunities for Blacks, Latinos or Natives.

But that’s not good enough for them.

THEY WANT MORE. They want what I have by making ME pay for it.

And because of their concentrated vote, and shrill voice, they get whatever they want from the spineless politicians who are far more interested in getting elected than they are in the country they serve.


If you really want to know how far TYRANNY of the MINORITY can go, hare are some vital yet simple statistics that are literally killing Canada:

The province of Quebec has a total population of about 7 million people out of 33 million Canadians overall, of whom, about 6 million are French speakers.

Supposedly, there are as many as 1 million French speakers in the rest of Canada. But, these numbers are always pumped up to make them MORE significant than they REALLY are.

By never-ending political intimidation and threats of secession, Quebec has been granted Nation Status by Canada’s Parliament. Imagine, a nation within a nation, with membership in the UN (UNESCO) and Quebec’s own immigration policy and quota.

Outside of the mostly French-speaking nation of Quebec, French speakers account for LESS than 3% of the total Canadian population, but CONTROL most of Canada’s civil service where all SENIOR appointments MUST go to bilingual Canadians, which translates into French-speakers.

Effectively, what this means, is that 97% of Canada’s population (excluding the nation of Quebec) has very little chance of getting a senior civil service appointment IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

In the French-speaking nation of Quebec, the unrestricted use of the English language is AGAINST THE LAW.

In the French-speaking nation of Quebec, less than 3/4rs of 1% of the gargantuan Quebec Civil Service is made up of bilingual English speakers. No Affirmative Action for the non-Ethnic English minority in Quebec representing about 14% of the Quebec population.

In the French-speaking nation of Quebec, all English-speaking hospitals built mostly with private funds from the English and Ethnic communities have been FORCED to become French FIRST with allowable English. But, EVERY Anglo or healthcare professional who graduated from an English university MUST pass a French proficiency exam, which many French-speakers can’t pass.


It has now come to the point where French-speakers in the province of Ontario (which is not a nation) have created publicly funded French ONLY healthcare clinics. Publicly funded French ONLY community centers. And segregated school busses where English-speaking children have become PERSONA NON GRATA.

Ottawa, an Ontario City which is home to Canada’s Parliament has passed French Proficiency requirements for their municipal civil service, to the point that Ottawa MUST IMPORT thousands of civil service employees from Quebec, located just across the Ottawa River because the vast majority of people LIVING in the city of Ottawa are NOT French speakers.

The Ontario Anglos pay for those BLOATED civil service salaries, tremendous perks, and obscene pensions that the Anglo taxpayers can NEVER hope for. Pretty good deal for the French-speakers of Quebec living across the river from Ottawa don’t you think?

All of the above and MORE is based upon just 4% of the Ontario population. How’s that for TYRANNY of the minority?

And now, in the welfare Maritime province of New Brunswick, a town called Dieppe is in the process of passing a LAW that forbids the stand alone use of English on private commercial signs where French MUST be predominant.

In the Vancouver Olympics that just ended, thousands of great Olympic jobs where denied to British Columbians who paid for the Olympics, because Ottawa wanted the Olympics to reflect what they propagandized as the REAL face of Canada. Therefore, French-speakers were “imported” from Quebec to authenticate the illusion.

If the REAL face of Canada was ever presented, there wouldn’t be a hint of the French language, considering 97% of all French-speakers live in the nation of Quebec.

I have been called everything from an Extremist, Hate-Monger, Francophobe, Racist, and Bigot. Yet, when I ask any one of my MANY accusers and detractors INCLUDING THE MEDIA to give me just one example, they can’t.

SO I DON’T CARE – As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to know or hear about the gripes of self-pitying minorities in the likes of French Language Activists, Blacks, Hispanics or Natives.

I will be amongst the first to come to their defense whenever someone attacks their rights. But, I will also be amongst the first to get in their faces the moment they come after my rights.

My wife and I don’t work as hard as we do while living a decent life, for others to invade our space to tell us how we should live according to them, and take what we have worked so hard to earn, because they feel entitled.

The time has long past for all of us who work hard and make no demands on others, to stand up and tell the minorities, the LEFTIST media, the elitists and the cowardly complicit politicians where to get off.

As for me being their PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE – GOOD!

To hear more about what I feel about the Tyranny of the Minorities, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page and listen to an 18-Minute Audio Editorial.

Please note: In the Audio Editorial I said that there are 108 Parliamentary seats of which Quebec holds 75. I misspoke; there are 308 Parliamentary seats of which Quebec holds 75.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. ….and this is why I read your articles. I greatly appreciate your ethical reporting and digging in for the truth. I am terrified for this country and both glad and sad. Glad I’m 69 years old and don’t have a lot of years left in which to be infuriated on a daily basis, and frightened for my son and grandchildren, who don’t really know the difference between how our country once was and what it has become. Thank you, Howard.

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