Even FOX News Piles On Israel

If you aren’t against Israel, you don’t have to say that you’re not against Israel.

Sunday April 11th was the Official Holocaust Memorial Day which was observed in Israel on Monday April 12th, when everything came to a halt in Israel during the morning, including all traffic, with people stepping out of their vehicles wherever they were, and stood in silence for two minutes as sirens wailed throughout Israel.

The Holocaust ended JUST 65 years ago, but to people such as myself who weren’t alive then, and to those of us who were alive more than 65 years ago, but were not affected personally, it seems as though the Holocaust was ancient history.

BUT IT WASN’T – It was MORE like yesterday.

I had supper a week or so ago with well-heeled Montreal Jews who were at the age of retirement (older than me), who were friends of friends who were CONVINCED that a Holocaust could never happen again.

I reminded the person to whom I was speaking with directly, that Germany and France’s Jewish citizens also believed that the anti-Semitic storm that swirled all around them would pass, since these European Jews were amongst the elites of their respective countries.

And because they were so elite, they looked down on their Eastern European co-religionists, even though those Eastern Jews were disenfranchised, beaten, and murdered by the governments of their own countries.

And even though many of the Eastern European Jews wanted sanctuary in Western European countries, far TOO many of the German/French Jewish elites didn’t lift a finger to help them because these Easterners were not sophisticated like them.

In truth . . . They were ashamed to be associated with them.

The Eastern Europeans were in many ways TOO Jewish, TOO religious, TOO colloquial, and TOO unlike German and French Jews who were more German and French than they were Jews. And NOT sufficiently emancipated.

As for severe anti-Semitism entering the lives of German and French Jews, the German and French Jews were professors, doctors, lawyers, bankers, financiers, manufacturers, and politicians of high standing. So, how could anything really bad happen to them they thought, since they certainly weren’t at all like the “rabble” from the East.

There were no shortages of signs, which were there for all to see, only for the looking of very bad times to come for all Jews. But people didn’t look. Or more to the point, they didn’t want to look.

One of those signs at the outset that opened the door for all other horrors was the constant nitpicking and demonizing of Jews, by elitist self-Hating Jews, or by elitist Jews who said nothing in addition to the hardcore-haters.


When a television network such as FOX News, which has been a strong and fair advocate for Israel, has key on-air staff who TEAR into Israel over an issue that is absolutely irrelevant to them and their audience, one has to take notice.

I watched Shepard Smith and Judith Miller on FOX News (Wednesday, April 6, 2010) discussing a security issue in Israel.

It seems that a female Israeli conscript who also studied journalism, kept copious notes concerning sensitive Israeli security matters, AND THEN MADE THEM AVAILABLE to the media.

The result of this action led Israeli authorities to arrest her and keep her incommunicado at an unknown location.

It is easy to guess that the Israelis want to know what she knows, what she has told, and to whom she told it. But, to Smith and Judith Miller, it is an OUTRAGE that this woman is being gagged in what they describe at a secret location.

What makes Israel’s policy on this matter even worse in their combined opinion is that the government is keeping the female conscript INCOMMUNICADO by virtue of a COURT ORDER, including an order for ALL Israeli media NOT to carry details of this issue.


To Judith Miller – She said: IT’S AN ATTACK ON FREE SPEECH.

Miller said: What was truly remarkable about Israel’s attack on the Press by NOT allowing the Israeli media to carry the details of this event, is that Israel is one of the few Democracies in the region.

Where the HELL has Miller been living?


And worse then that for Jewish Israelis, literally every time an issue is brought to Israel’s Court where a Palestinian is at odds with an Israeli, the Palestinian usually wins, since Israeli Courts are very much to the LEFT, and love to show how even-handed they are by always leaning towards whom they consider to be the underdog (read Palestinian).

So, to SUGGEST that there is something wrong with Israel’s courts is as much a slap in the face to Israel, as what Obama did to Benjamin Netanyahu during the Israeli Prime Minister’s last visit to the White House.

And NOT ONLY THAT, Israel, which is always one second away from annihilation and a SECOND HOLOCAUST, is behaving more like a Democracy than is the United States of America under Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Self-Hating American LEFTISTS they’ve surrounded themselves with.

Shepard Smith went on to literally “HOWL” about how badly Vice President Biden was treated during his last visit to Israel, when an Israeli Ministry announced the future building of 1600 new apartments in East Jerusalem.

It was “UGLY” Smith proclaimed – “UGLY”!

And then he went on to shout “UGLY” again when he said that anyone who criticizes Israel is immediately called an Anti-Semite.

It’s funny how Judith Miller kept saying repeatedly during the interview with Shepard Smith that she’s not against Israel. So, here’s a tip for Judith Miller:

If you aren’t against Israel, you don’t have to say that you’re not against Israel.

Here’s another tip, but this time for Shepard Smith:

If you want to slam Israel over something as serious to Israel as this INTERNAL national security threat which is of NO BUSINESS whatsoever to Smith, Miller or anyone else but the Israelis, chances are pretty good that you’re an anti-Semite, especially since “THE GENTLEMAN SMITH DOST PROTEST TOO MUCH ME THINKS” about being called an anti-Semite for criticizing Israel. I guess he knows who he is.

Shepard Smith went on to WARN Israel about it’s current Likud government, intimating that if they are not REMOVED, Israel will have serious trouble with the USA for turning its back on the President’s DEMAND to stop building EVERYWHERE they want to in Israel.

OH YEAH – Maybe Smith should consider who the President is, who is making these demands?

This is the SAME President who is bankrupting America, socializing the Banks, the Insurance industry, the US Auto industry and Healthcare.

He is the SAME President who is working overtime to KILL the secret ballot for union membership, reinstate the Fairness Doctrine to KILL Free Speech (Conservative speech) on radio and television, and bury the US in Cap and Trade.

He is the SAME President who has thrown the Czech Republic, Poland and Georgia under the bus just to suck up to Russia.

He has screwed over Britain on the Falkland Island issue, pissed-off France of all nations, and had the Dalai Lama enter the White House through the backdoor amongst the garbage so as not to offend the Chinese.

He is the SAME President who has JUST told the world that America will no longer adhere to its FIRST STRIKE Policy. And that America will scale down its nuclear arsenal without a quid-pro from anyone else.

Obama is the SAME President who bows to a Saudi King whose only royalty, is that he is a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS. He also bows to the Emperor of Japan, and leaves America’s single most reliable friend and ally (Netanyahu) to stew in the White House while he has a bite with his family.

Obama is also the President who can’t say enough GREAT things about Islam while telling the world that America is NOT a Christian country.

And don’t forget the Black Liberationist Church he attended for 20 years, where he was married and had his two daughters baptized, whose preacher Jeremiah Wright’s stock-in-trade at the pulpit was SLAMMING the USA, Whites, Israel and Jews.


If Judith Miller and Shepard Smith are so UTTERLY upset with Israel for keeping one of Israel’s citizens under lock and key and incommunicado for bona fide security reasons, where are, and where were their voices in defense of Jonathan Pollard?

For those of you who don’t know, or don’t remember who Jonathan Pollard is; he is an America born Jew from Texas who worked as a private intelligence contractor in the US Military.

In 1987, he was convicted of spying for Israel. NONE of the information about what he did has ever “really” come to light, but what we do know is that he received the HARSHEST sentence EVER next to execution for domestic espionage.

His sentence sent him to Marion Penitentiary, considered the most secure prison in America, which is reserved for the worst of the worst. He was ordered to be INCOMMUNICADO and to live the rest of his life in solitary confinement with no access to visitors and no chance EVER for parole.

How’s that for being extreme? So where are the voices of Smith and Miller?

It has been leaked that Pollard spied for Israel out of deep concern that the US Military was holding back vital information from Israel that would have been very helpful to the security of the Jewish State.

I’m not condoning what Pollard did, but I am certainly criticizing his punishment and the double standard of Smith and Miller.

It’s easy for people like Miller who sold out her confidential informant in the Scooter Libby Case, and Shepard Smith who likes to laugh at a bear that he repeatedly shows falling off a trampoline, as if it is funny to see an animal get hurt, to SCREW-OVER Israel, since Israel is such an easy target.

It is something entirely different to show REAL journalistic courage in standing-up for a country that is not just amongst the most incredible on the planet, but always just a second away from national Armageddon.

As far as I’m concerned – The likes of Shepard Smith, Judith Miller with Geraldo Rivera for good measure who also likes to kick Israel around would be far better suited to be on CNN rather than FOX News.

This past Sunday was Holocaust Memorial Day, a day LEFTIST Jews seem to need more than others to remember, since they think it could not happen again. But why would that be a surprise since they also voted for a snake-oil salesman by a margin of 78% on a lame promise of Hope and Change.

To know more about what I think of Obama attacks on Israel, Click on the Radio Icon to hear an 8-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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