Obama’s Jewish Appeasers

The Nazis NEEDED Jewish APPEASERS - So does Obama.

Last night, March 29, 2010 was the First Seder of Passover. I spent it with family. Tonight is the Second Seder of Passover, which I will spend with family and friends.

I am not religious, even though I had a formal religious education at a Rabbinical College in Montreal, in addition to my Secular (Protestant) education; I revel in the Passover Seders and the retelling of the Exodus from Egypt more than 3000 years ago.

For Two Thousand Years, from the time the Romans sacked the SECOND TEMPLE in Jerusalem in 70 AD, until Israeli troops recaptured Jerusalem in the June 1967 Six Day War, Jews worldwide would end our Passover meal with a simple prayer:


It’s unsightly and troubling how Obama sucks up to every vile nation on the planet, or just IGNORES their despotism as if it’s no big deal while he treats Israel with a visceral disdain.

It seems to me, that Obama has yet to find a dictator or Islamo/Fascist he doesn’t like. BUT, WATCH-OUT IF YOU’RE A DECENT COUNTRY and a supposed FRIEND and ALLY.

If Obama has his way, his ego will contribute to the absolute destruction of Israel. But I don’t think Obama will have his way, at least I hope not because the US Congress won’t cut Israel loose. But who knows with Pelosi and Reid in charge of Congress?

Also, Israel’s ruling Likud Party under Benjamin Netanyahu, with Avigdor Lieberman as his Foreign Minister have Obama’s number.

On behalf of every man, woman and nation on this planet, whom and which have a deep-seated hatred for Israel, they must all give thanks to America’s Jewish population who voted by a margin of almost 80% to elect the GREATEST single threat Israel has faced since 70 AD.

A KAPO is the vilest of all Jews:

Kapos were the Jews used by the Nazis in the DEATH CAMPS, who willingly aided and abetted those who tormented, tortured and murdered fellow Jews, just so they may survive with “limited” privileges. And in some cases because they were as perverted as the Nazis.

If I had a gun in hand with just one bullet . . . and in front of me were a Kapo and a Nazi, the Nazi would live to see another day.

But, the Kapos could NEVER have done what they did without APPEASERS.

The APPEASERS were Jewish intellectuals, academics, politicians, Rabbis, community leaders and other assorted elitists who believed that “civilized” conciliation was the most efficient discourse available for the Jewish people.

Not only could these APPEASERS not fathom that the Nazis and like-minded Europeans including countries like Vichy France (which hosted the FIRST DEATH CAMP), really wanted to make Europe Judenfrei, even though Hitler published his blueprint (Mein Kampf) long before he became the Fuehrer.

The other problem with the APPEASERS is that they didn’t “negotiate” just on their own behalf, but on the behalf of every last Jew in Germany and Europe.

It wasn’t enough that they were cowards in the face of a promise from the Nazis to “eliminate” every living and breathing Jew, including non Jews who had a drop of Jewish blood in them, but they made cowards of Jews who had no say in the negotiations.

So, in retrospect, I have to wonder who is the viler of the two groups responsible for the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust? Was it the Kapos who had blood of their fellow Jews dripping from their hands?

Or was it the Jewish elitist APPEASERS who were overtly responsible for helping the Nazis round-up Jews, for the Kapos to do their dirty work?


Without the APPEASERS, the job of the Nazis would not have been as easy as it was. And the Kapos would have had far fewer of their own to send over the cliff to perdition.

Jews, MY CO-RELIGIONISTS, are predominantly to the LEFT of Center, even though the political LEFT of Center is NOT and has NEVER been a reliable friend to Israel. Where in truth, Israel has never had more reliable friends than Conservative (Republican) Presidents.

But, even knowing what and whom Obama was before they voted for him and got him elected, AMERICA’S JEWS GAVE OBAMA THEIR UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT NONETHELESS.

As I’ve consistently said before – Whatever SUFFERING befalls Israel as a result of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Blame lies SQUARELY upon the shoulders of America’s Jewish population that did whatever they could to put him in the Oval Office.

My many Christian friends and visitors to Galganov.com, ask me why Jews vote Liberal virtually all the time, and in this specific case for Barack Hussein Obama?

It‘s actually much worse than that.

If the Arab/Moslems will ever be able to take down Israel, it will be because of Jewish Israeli LEFTIST APPEASERS, such as Israel’s Ha’aretz National Newspaper that blamed Netanyahu for Obama’s DISGRACEFULLY bad manners, when Netanyahu visited the White House a week ago.

Perhaps these LEFTIST Bastards would have been happier had their Prime Minister said YES to LORD Obama, and surrendered Israel’s INDEPENDENCE, SECURITY and CONTROL to “HE” who BELIEVES “HE” can walk on water.

The Nazis NEEDED Jewish APPEASERS – So does Obama.

Even though I am not religious, if I prayed for Israel, it would be to NOT to HAVE to pray ever again for NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM.

The answer for why Jews inevitably vote LEFT is somewhat complicated and takes more than just a few sentences. But, there is an answer that I will write about in my forthcoming editorial.

To know more about my fear for what Obama will do because of America’s Jewish APPEASERS, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 10-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Look at that! It takes a Canadian to teach us Americans to fight and not give up! Thank you, dear Howard, for helping us see the light! Please keep up the edifying Editorials. And ‘sock it to us’ when needed. The Freedom Flag is still waving!
    God speed…..

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