Coulter will justifiably take Canada apart tonight on the Bill O’Reilly show.

What happened to Ann Coulter in Ottawa this week says all there is to say about the condition of Freedom of Expression in Canada.

In my last editorial (March 23, 2010), I wrote about Ann Coulter’s speech that she was “GOING” to give at Ottawa University in Canada’s capital, and how she was WARNED by the University Provost to watch what she says.

What the Provost said, is that in Canada, Free Speech has its limits, unlike Free Speech in the USA, so be careful what you say so as to not violate our hate-speech laws.

I also wrote about LEFTIST THUGS who were able through violent intimidation to stop a Netanyahu speech several years ago at Concordia University in Montreal.

What I forgot to mention in the last editorial, is that Concordia University is also widely known, especially amongst its Jewish student body as GAZA U.

But, back to Ann Coulter in Ottawa – Just as it was with Netanyahu, the THUGS egged-on by the LEFTIST Academic Elitists were able to keep Coulter from speaking through MOB intimidation.

The speech was canceled even after half the speaking hall was filled, with more than twice as many standing outside hoping to get in.

In a live FOX News interview with Megyn Kelly (March 24, 2010), a Canadian (Toronto) journalist told Kelly who commands the biggest TV audience in America at this time of the day, that in Canada, “We don’t believe in Freedom and Free Speech”.

I am neither misquoting nor making this up.


Coulter will justifiably take Canada apart tonight on the Bill O’Reilly show which is broadcast at 8:00 o’clock eastern time. Just for Canadians to know, O’Reilly has the single largest News Network audience in North America.


On Monday (March 22, 2010) I sent out a mailing to 6,124 homes, businesses and farms in the Township of Russell Ontario (Canada) where two out of 4 French Town Councilors and an appeasing Anglo Mayor voted to FORCE all businesses to post their new signs in French and English.

It is now ILLEGAL in Russell Township to have a sign in just French, just English or ANY other language other than French and English. This is a clear violation to Section 2b of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms concerning Freedom of Expression.

The argument put forward by Mayor Ken Hill and his two French councilors for passing this law which ABROGATES Canada’s Freedom of Expression, is that it is the right thing to do. It is respectful to the French-speaking minority. And it is good for business.

The one I like best, which is the hallmark of their legal defense against my court challenge that says:

“Bilingual signs are necessary to the preservation, promotion and survival of the French language and culture in Ontario”.

The funny thing about this defense is that the lawyers led by Ron Caza of Heenan Blaikie, one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious law firms, who are fighting for this FORCED Bilingual Sign Law and affront to our supposedly guaranteed RIGHT to Freedom of Expression, have SUCCESSFULLY fought EVERY French RIGHTS case by saying just the opposite:


The province of Quebec has spent TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars doing everything it can to WIPE-OUT the use of English throughout the entire Province, INCLUDING laws that make the unrestricted use of the English language ILLEGAL.

To enforce these anti-English language laws, Quebec created a LANGUAGE POLICE, which has the authority to visit any business, unannounced, without probable cause, and without the need to possess a warrant of any kind to search for ILLEGAL English with the power to issue warnings and FINES if any ILLEGAL English is found.

To show the extent of ethnocentric anti-English laws in Quebec, all public street signs, parks, buildings – etc, throughout the province that had any English upon them have been changed to French ONLY.

Not only do they want to wipeout the use of English in Quebec, they want to wipeout the visible history of English in Quebec.

It is Quebec’s assertion that any form of Bilingualism is death to the French language and culture.

Not only did Caza’s Expert witnesses agree. But one of his most important witnesses (Dr Castonguay) in the Russell Case said that Quebec’s language laws are an abysmal failure because they have NOT been able to extinguish the use of English in Montreal.


Is it that any use of bilingualism is death to the French language and culture? Or is it that without bilingualism, the French language and culture cannot survive?


So, on the front cover of my slick 12 page full-color booklet, it reads:

“How to WIPE-OUT the Franco/Ontarian Language and Culture – Ban any Stand Alone Use Of The French Language. MAKE IT ILLEGAL.”

On the inside front cover it reads:

“Isn’t that what these three have done?”

Below this question are the photos of the two councilors (Lorraine Dicaire and Donald St Pierre) and Mayor Ken Hill who BANNED the Stand-Alone USE of the French Language.

So, how do the French Press and LEFTIST English media deal with this?


I never said or wrote that – Not even close – Talk about YELLOW journalism.

One woman who lives in Ottawa who says that she’s Jewish, who hasn’t read the booklet, but heard about it, sent me an email saying: “That as a Jew, I should be ashamed of myself for wanting to wipe out a language and a culture.”

“That I am no better than a Nazi. And I should join a group of Skinheads.”


Let them be angry. Let them fume. Let them demonize me. But more than anything else, let them know that this isn’t a fight against FREEDOM of EXPRESSION where they get to do all the fighting, while the other side cowers in fear of being demogogued.

I know who I am. And more importantly – I know who they are.

I make no demands upon anyone to how they should live their lives, as long as what they do doesn’t interfere with me and mine, or whose lifestyle is not legitimately injurious to others.

I don’t ask French people to express themselves in my language. I don’t ask Moslems to become Jews or Christians, and I don’t ask people of faith to become Atheists.

So, whenever someone wants to IMPOSE his or her OWN beliefs and/or culture upon me, they can expect a fight.

If we do not have as many Freedoms as possible, we do not have a FREE SOCIETY at all. Once we acquiesce to the loss of a FREEDOM, that FREEDOM is lost forever.

Just as an aside:

In all of Canada, EXCLUDING the ethnocentric French province of Quebec, which has been recognized as a nation within a nation (by Canada’s Parliament) which also enjoys international status at the Francophonie and the United Nations, Canada’s French population is LESS than 3% of the national population.

In Ontario where I live, that number of people who identify with the French language is about 4% of 13 Million people. Yet, they want the 96% majority to accommodate them TO THE POINT OF SURRENDERING OUR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

By the way, for Quebec’s efforts to eradicate English in Quebec, as many as half a million “Anglos” left the province since the beginning of racist language laws enforced from the late 1960’s.

As a result, Quebec DEPENDS upon the largesse of English Canada in something called equalization payments for their very survival.

And instead of English being the second most used language in the province, it is now Arabic.

And these people have the gall to demonize me.

If you want to know more about what I think about Canada’s assumed Constitutionally GUARANTEED Freedoms, and what I think lies in waiting for the American people, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 21-Minute Audio Editorial.

To clear the air: Just before my last editorial, everyone received a notice that I was taking time off. That notice should not have been sent, and is published ONLY when there is no new editorial.

I am very touched by the number of you who wished me to have a good rest, and who were concerned for my well-being. THANK YOU ALL. But I am fine, and have no intention of cutting back on my editorials.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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