The Fight For FREEDOM Never Ends And Knows No Boundaries

Imagine – Hating me to this EXTREME because I support America.

Ann Coulter will be speaking at Ottawa University tonight (Tuesday, March 23, 2010), which is located in Canada’s Capital.

Let me explain Ottawa U:

Ottawa U is a heavily government funded, even MORE LEFT than usual for most Canadian Universities, where French Language Activists including professors and administrators abound.

Just recently, MOST Canadian Universities, INCLUDING Ottawa U participated in a weeklong demonstration called Israel Apartheid Week where students are ENCOURAGED to say and display anything they can to BASH Israel.

To the contrary, any students who wish to show the opposite side to this anti-Israel (read anti-Semitic) HATE-A-THON are attacked by the Israel (Jew) haters from all levels, including the administrations of MOST participating Universities.

In many, if not MOST major Canadian Universities, Freedom of Expression is reserved for those who want to show their disdain for Israel, America, and LEFTISTS.

For Conservatives, any attempt to exercise their Freedom of Expression is not only discouraged, it is far too often denied in the name of public safety.

Several years ago in Montreal, at Concordia University, which used to be Sir George Williams University (my alma mater), a Jewish group invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak.

Netanyahu was there. The organizers were there. But the speech never happened because those who organized the event were attacked. They were spat at, beaten upon, and denied entry into the facility.

As a result of this THUGGERY, the University ordered the speech to be canceled. Also, given the stature of Netanyahu, one would think the authorities would have provided MORE than ENOUGH security with a huge police presence. THEY DIDN’T.

Not only did the police not send enough people to defend this Jewish Group’s RIGHT to Freedom of Expression and Netanyahu’s RIGHT to speak and be heard, they stood by as spectators, as the violent demonstrators did what they wanted to do, including standing on a police vehicle for a greater vantage point to protest.

Ann Coulter is not my favorite Conservative. Even though I agree with much of what she says and writes, I think she is too much over the top and too much about herself. BUT, that said, her voice has the RIGHT to be heard loud and clear.

So, imagine what you would think if you were Ann Coulter, and you received a letter from the University Provost, Francois Houle, who in writing, WARNS you that this is Canada, NOT THE USA, where in Canada, Freedom of Expression has its LIMITS, so you better be careful about what you say?

Remarkably, this piece of work Houle is right. There are no shortages of restrictions on FREE SPEECH in Canada. For example, according to the Canadian Human Rights Commissions, you are NOT allowed to say or write that you think homosexuality is an abomination, even if you are saying this as a Minister in your own Church.

And as punishment for making this statement, the Human Rights Commission ORDERED the Minister to pay a HUGE fine, and NEVER–EVER make another reference to homosexuality in public, INCLUDING in his own Church.

Or, that Islamic Fundamentalism is a disease that will kill our own Western Freedoms and Culture. Just ask Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant who were so charged.

But, you are allowed to dehumanize Israeli Jews, the USA and Conservatives.

In the French province of Quebec, the unrestricted use of the English language is AGAINST the law. That’s OK.

In Quebec, anti-English hiring practices at any level of government are acceptable. That too is OK.

In Ontario which is 96% NOT French, Franco Activists have SEGREGATED school busses, just so their French children will not come into contact with English kids. That is also OK.

They’ve created FRENCH ONLY publicly funded healthcare clinics refusing to treat English speakers whose tax dollars carry these clinics. Okie Dokie.

And they’ve passed FORCED bilingual sign laws OUTLAWING the stand-alone use of the English language, which is an outright ATTACK on Freedom of Expression, which I am fighting against tooth and nail.

Because I’m fighting this overt attack on Freedom of Expression, I’m the bad guy. I’m the racist. I’m the bigot. I’m the Francophobe. Talk about demagoguery.

I won’t reveal how much money I’ve spent, mostly through generous donations of people which make it possible to fund our legal challenge and collateral information. But it is a lot.

The other side of LEFTISTS who are fighting to abrogate everyone’s Freedom of Expression is being funded by the government, which is ALWAYS the case, will spend well over a quarter of a million dollars before we even get to Appeal. Maybe before the initial case will even be heard which was supposed to be yesterday.

But, since I have very little faith in the Activist Canadian Court System that seems to have little regard for the true meaning of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I have sent out a 12 page full-color booklet to EVERY resident, business and farmer (6,124 copies) via Canada Post in the community (Russell Ontario) that has imposed this FORCED Bilingual Sign Law.

So here’s how my day started yesterday (Monday March 22, 2010):

I received an email that was so vile and threatening, far MORE than usual, that the Ontario Provincial Police were called in. This email dealt with an extraordinary hatred of me for a variety of reasons, but MOSTLY because of my SUPPORT for FREEDOM in the USA.

Imagine – Hating me to this EXTREME because I support America.

Because of my booklet, the emails ranged from suggestions to what I can sexually do to myself if I was sufficiently supple, to YOU’LL GET YOURS. Most of them were in French, some of them in English.

Our court date was to start yesterday, but has been “indefinitely” delayed because the Court cannot find a bilingual judge, even though EVERYONE on both sides of this challenge speak fluent English.

People ask me why I do it, since I make NO MONEY whatsoever doing what I do? And why do I put myself not only in the public spotlight, but also in harm’s way?

THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE: I value FREEDOM more than just about everything else?

And why do I spend so much time and effort fighting to keep the American DREAM alive?

Because if America FALLS – FREEDOM World-Wide FALLS with America.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you for your reminders. For my Right friends…just remember: NEVER EVER give up…just get in there & ALWAYS do your best to win. Seriously. Mary Curren, Aberdeen, WA

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