Good Jew – Bad Jew


Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton have made a HUGE blunder, which is JUST one more on top of all the other blunders they’ve made, this time by beating-up on Israel.

America’s Jews might on average be LEFTISTS, and are in reality a HUGE national voting block for Democrats, and too often somewhat critical of Israel.

BUT – They are not so stupid as to accept a SMACK-DOWN on Israel by a President whose whole personal history is surrounded by vicious Jew-Haters.

If you want to talk about a seismic miscalculation of kicking Israel in the GUTS before the entire world, but MORE so, in front of America’s very influential Jewish community, and America’s HUGELY POWERFUL fundamentalist Christian community, THIS IS IT.

I’m actually happy that Obama has brought his disdain for Israel to the forefront.

At least now, the veneer has been peeled back, so all those LEFTIST Jews who ran to Obama’s support to get him elected, can see for themselves what they’ve wrought upon the ONLY Jewish State on the planet.

Obama is indeed about CHANGE. He wants to change the reality on the ground in the Middle East by neutering Israel to the point of extinction.


Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres are deemed to be GOOD Jews. So good, that they were both awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1994), along with Arafat, for resurrecting the putrid Arab (Egyptian born) Palestinian TERRORIST (Yasser Arafat) from his 27 year exile through Bill Clinton’s suicidal (for Israel) Oslo Accords in 1993.

Rabin and Peres were GOOD Jews because they took that leap of faith the Israel-Hating world demanded, which placed a safe and secure Israel back into the Arab meat-grinder after 20 years of relative peace with near 100% stability after the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

The world LOVES NICE COMPLIANT Jews who are more interested in being NICE guys willing to bend to the will of their “gentlemanly” enemies, which includes MOST of Europe, Asia, a chunk of South America, and the UN, than Jews who are defiant about their territory and RIGHTS.

But NICE guys don’t make peace.

To the contrary – Nice guys cause war and misery.

When Golda Meir was warned repeatedly by her own Intelligence Agency (Mossad), that the Arabs planned to attack Israel sometime in the Autumn of 1973, Nixon’s self-hating Jewish National Security Advisor/Secretary of State (Henry Kissinger) pressured Meir to stand-down her troops as a show of non-belligerence to blood-thirsty Jew-Haters.

Today – Obama and Hillary Clinton call that kind of display a Demonstration of GOOD-FAITH. Huh?

For Golda Meir’s acquiescence to Kissinger’s demand, Israel was seconds away from being destroyed, as the Arab nations surrounding Israel took the opportunity to SNEAK-ATTACK the Jewish State on the Holiest of Holy Days (Yom Kippur Eve) in 1973.

Even as Israel was clinging to life during the attack of it’s Arab enemies, Kissinger would NOT allow the US military to send vital armaments to Israel.

It took a personal intervention by President Nixon once he really understood how grave the situation was, to over-rule Kissinger, and send the single largest military airlift ever at that time to rearm Israel.


Even though Kissinger’s efforts to teach the Uppity-Israeli Jews a lesson they would never forget came within a whisker away from the end of Israel, he was nonetheless awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

But, the Jews who are not nice, such as Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, were the ones who REALLY brought PEACE and SECURITY to Israel, as did Ariel Sharon until he decided to become a nice-guy Prime Minister Diplomat, instead of the Prime Minister SOB the people elected because he was intransigent and tough as nails.


If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Washington Holocaust Museum, you will see one of the first exhibits on a wall with PROMINENT Jewish names inscribed, as those whose willingness to CAPITULATE with the Nazis enabled the Nazis to do what they had done. THEY WERE GOOD JEWS.

Like everything else about Obama/Biden, they simply shoot from the lip without giving serious thoughts about unintended consequences.

In this case, their very public FURY at Israel, including Hillary Clinton’s DEMANDS for Israel to effectively surrender their rights to Palestinian Arabs has REAL consequences.

1 – The Palestinian Arabs have interpreted the Obama/Biden/Clinton attack on Israel as a signal to start a new Intifada. How far it goes is yet to be seen. But the spark has been lit and one person, a guest worker from Thailand has already been murdered in a Gaza Rocket Attack.

2 – This attack on Israel ONLY serves to galvanize Israel’s resolve, and moves the PHONY Peace Process even further away than it already was.

3 – The Obama/Biden/Clinton SMACK-DOWN of Israel has ignited a new and needed alarm in Israel for the Israelis to understand that in the FINAL crunch, Israel will be on its own.

4 – Because of what the Obama/Biden/Clinton TROIKA have put on the table AGAINST Israel, they’ve ENERGIZED America’s Jewish Base to the point that these Capital Hill FOOLS have created yet another powerful front against themselves, who before this stupidity were ACTIVE Democrat supporters.


Even as I’m writing this, Obama’s White House is trying to find a way for this issue to DISAPPEAR. If anything, the Media is reading this so-called crisis WRONG.


That’s what happens when you take-on an Israeli Jew who won’t bend a knee.

If you want to know more about how STUPID I believe this Amateur Hour White House is in their international dealings, click onto the Radio Icon at the Top of This Page to hear a 20-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, as usual, great commentary. The Conservatives again face the most crooked bunch that has ever drawn a breath in this Country. If I may quote a line from Jurassic Park, “they find a way” unfortunately for us, it is Never in the best interest of the Citizens of this Country. I could give you a long list of the culprits who collectively should be in Prison. Look for no end of Ballot Box problems. “Hanging Chads” if you remember.

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