Obama’s War On Israel

If not stopped, Obama will do to Israel what all of Israel's enemies could not.

Isn’t it curious how Obama walks on eggshells around Ahmadinejad and his Moslem Iranian Dictatorship, and kisses Arab and Moslem ass wherever and whenever he can . . .

BUT – When it comes to Israel, the ONLY real friend the USA has in the Middle East, and probably America’s best friend in the whole world, it’s a condemnation Free-For-All?

Here’s What I Believe:

I believe that Obama and his Chicago White House THUGS, including his useful IDIOT self-hating Jews in the names of Axelrod, Emanuel, Thomas L Friedman and others, have declared WAR on Israel to put these uppity INDEPENDENT Jews IN THEIR PLACE.


If there was NOT a “crisis” . . . and I use that word VERY loosely, Obama’s White House would have CREATED a crisis in order to have an excuse to go to WAR against Israel.

In this case, Obama didn’t have to make something up to legitimize his WAR on Israel; he took a legitimate Israeli RIGHT, which is the building of homes in East Jerusalem, and perverted it into his reason to PUNISH Israel.

Had Obama done this several years ago when Ehud Olmert was in charge, it might have worked, but Benjamin Netanyahu is no Ehud Olmert, and is not about to bend his knee and SELL-OUT his country on the alter of Obama.

On November 5, 2008, the day AFTER Obama won the Presidency, I wrote the following about Obama and Israel, which can be found by copying and pasting this link in your browser:



“What I have thought about at great length is the vulnerability of Israel with an Obama Presidency, since many if not most of his close friends are Israel-haters, with at least one (Rashid Khalidi), once being a prominent unrepentant member of Yasser Arafat’s TERRORIST PLO.”

“I will not be surprised if Obama IMPOSES his vision of a Peace Agreement on Israel, that will see Israel lose all of East Jerusalem, lose the so-called Jerusalem area Settlements that are entire communities housing a quarter of a million Jewish people. And see some form of the Right of Palestinian Return.”

“That doesn’t mean Israel will accept his terms. But it will mean that Obama’s White House will become an enemy and a threat to the safety and viability to the State of Israel.”

“I can see Obama’s State Department imposing freezes on American weaponry, military parts, and exchanges of critical Intelligence if Israel doesn’t acquiesce to the “Peace” demands of President Barack Obama.”

“Obama’s Presidency might very well be the GREEN LIGHT Israel’s Arab enemies have been waiting for to deliver what could be their hoped for final blow to the Jewish State.”


If we fast forward to this week, here’s what Hillary Clinton is now DEMANDING from Israel in DIRECT communication with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

1 – The IMMEDIATE halt and promise to cease all building projects in all of the so-called disputed lands. INCLUDING Jewish areas of Jerusalem.

2 – The return of so-called “occupied” lands to the Palestinians.

3 – The release of Palestinian prisoners.

4 – Accommodation for the RETURN of Palestinian “refugees”, most of whom have never lived in any part of “Palestine”, meaning Israel.

If Obama’s HATE-ON for Israel is about 1600 new home constructions planned for 3 years from now in Jewish Jerusalem, where does the release of prisoners, the right of return, the surrender of land come into it?

Obama was looking for any EXCUSE to hammer Israel over the head with a sledgehammer. And now, even though his excuse is no more legitimate than the Gulf of Tonkin set-up that brought America into the Vietnam War, Obama has found it.


If harm comes to Israel because of Obama, it will be on every American who voted for him; BUT NOT NEARLY AS MUCH AS IT WILL BE UPON THE JEWISH VOTE.

For the life of me, I CANNOT fathom how any Jew who isn’t a self hating-Jew could ever vote for, and SUPPORT a do-nothing person, whose whole life association is surrounded by JEW-HATERS, America-Haters, White-Haters (Black Liberationists), and Free Enterprise-Haters.

For every drop of Jewish BLOOD that is spilled because of Barack Hussein Obama’s TEACHING lesson for Israel, EVERY Jew who voted for him must accept responsibility.

If I saw this coming BEFORE and AFTER the day Obama won the Presidency, so SHOULD have every Jewish-American seen the same thing the day BEFORE they HELPED Obama WIN the Presidency.

In the FAMOUS words of Emile Zola who championed Captain Alfred Dreyfus, who was set-up for being a traitor, and sent to Devil’s Island by the French government BECAUSE he was Jewish:


I accuse EVERY last American Jew who voted for Obama who will do his best to BEAT Israel into HIS submission, just to prove how great a man he is.

That HE – OBAMA, will do what no other President has ever done, even if it means bringing Israel to her knees.

The Nazis of Europe could not have done what they did without useful-Jewish IDIOTS, just like Obama will not be able to destroy Israel without his useful-Jewish IDIOTS.

To know more about what I believe Obama and his THUGS and useful Jewish Idiots are willing to do to Israel, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this page to hear a 12-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I, along with everyone else here … Thank you, for keeping your eye on the ball and reminding us, to do the same thing!!! I have been downhearted, for sometime now … Thinking about what is going on in the World and the USA. Nov. 4th, is right around the corner and it seems, the closer to election time, the harder it is, for me to keep a positive attitude. I have been so disappointed, with these past few elections and simply, am afraid to hope. But, your editorial has got me, back on track. 🙂

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