Freedom Is ONLY Guaranteed At the End Of A Gun


Why is it that we don’t believe what people tell us they’ll do when given the opportunity; AND WHEN THEY DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY’LL DO, no matter how vile it is, we are SHOCKED that they REALLY meant what they said?

Adolph Hitler wrote his blueprint for his national, international and Jewish intentions while in prison under the title Mein Kampf. And even though he clearly laid out his plans, he was still ELECTED by DEMOCRATIC Parliamentary Appointment to become Germany’s Chancellor in 1933.

Anyone who would have taken the time to read the writings of Hitler, could not for a second have been surprised at what he did; ESPECIALLY GERMANY’S JEWISH COMMUNITY.

But they were surprised; at least that’s what those who were there said. But I don’t believe them.

I believe that they were so terrified of recognizing the truth, and so wishful that what Hitler said he would do, he wouldn’t; that they preferred to live in a fool’s paradise rather than face the real threat and deal with it in a real fashion.

Not only does this describe the German Jewish Community’s lack of response to the Hitler threat. It also describes the lack of response from Europe to Hitler’s Continental threats.

I REALLY believe MOST people and nations did believe Hitler, but were living in a terrified stupor in all hopes that Hitler could change.

In a word – The world’s response to Hitler was DENIAL.

Perhaps, had I been alive when Hitler came to power, I too might have reacted much like the majority of my Jewish co-religionists. I hope I would have been better than that; but who knows until you’re tested?

What I do know though, is how I’m seeing similar threats today, some of which are less egregious, but serious nonetheless, while some are just as serious as Hitler’s threats in the likes of Iran’s Mullahs and Ahmadinejad.

I also believe the Arab/Moslem leaders who have publicly stated their desire to destroy Israel, and make the Middle East Judenfrei.

But, more than just Arab/Moslems: I believe that MOST of the world would not shed a tear if Israel and 6 MILLION additional Jews went down in flames.

Actually, there would be joy. Not as outwardly enthusiastic as we’ve seen where Arab/Moslems danced in the streets at any news about pain inflicted on Israel and Jews. But the quiet kind of joy that would be hidden in crocodile tears.

That said: Don’t you remember how the Arab/Moslems worldwide were dancing in the streets, while throwing sweet candies in celebration at the news of 9/11?

If a bully sends me a message that he will attack me and mine, I WILL TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD, and PERSONALLY set in motion whatever means necessary to protect myself and those I care about.

I wouldn’t try to wish the threat away. I wouldn’t try to analyze the sincerity of the threat. And I wouldn’t put my trust in someone else to protect me and mine as a sole form of defense.

I am not writing about a hypothetical situation. My wife and I, including our animals and property lived under constant threat because of my ROBUST no holds barred FIGHT against Ethnocentric Nationalism in Quebec.

I had several choices when the threats became real.

1 – I could have just shut-up and not fight for the FREEDOMS we are all supposedly guaranteed.

2 – I could have toned-down my efforts and rhetoric and fought from a distance as opposed to getting in their face.

3 – Or I could have packed-up and fled when the heat got too hot.

But I did none of the above. I didn’t place my trust and safety for my wife and animals in the belief that maybe the thugs really didn’t mean it.

I didn’t depend on the police to guarantee the safety of those I cared about most. What I did do was hire the BIGGEST and BADDEST SON’S OF BITCHES I could find to protect me and mine.

And I made certain that they were armed and VERY visible.

I wanted EVERYONE who had thoughts of doing us harm to realize what awaited them if they tried.

At one of many demonstrations I organized, that were attended by thousands of people, a few Quebec Separatist Thugs got close enough to try and intimidate me. But instead of me backing-off, I got in their faces WITHOUT my bodyguards.

It was just them and me – GUESS WHO BACKED OFF?

Freedom cannot be won or retained by being too scared to fight for it. Or by believing without foundation that the WORST won’t happen when someone is telling you that it will.


Israel understands this better than any other country. But, even in Israel that lives from day to day as if it is living on borrowed time, from time to time Israeli leaders who should know better, succumb to the “fantasy” that those who really want Israel dead can be convinced otherwise.

Yitzhak Rabin believed against all the truths that just maybe Israel’s enemies didn’t really believe what they said. Shimon Peres still hopes beyond any reasonable hope that the Arabs and Moslems aren’t really serious about destroying Israel and committing a second Holocaust.

But they were and are wrong.

Through their well intentioned and unfounded beliefs expressed in their acceptance of the 1993 Oslo Accords that resurrected Yasser Arafat, the modern day FATHER OF ARAB/ISLAMIC TERRORISM, Rabin and Peres unleashed an international whirlwind that to this day punishes and threatens the very survival of Israel.


Obama wants to convince the world that playing nice with international thugs is the way to peace. IT IS NOT – It is the way to perdition.

Thankfully, Israel has a leader who understands the reality of weakness and capitulation. That no one has ever survived a fight by kneeling on one’s knees, or by fighting with tightly shut eyes.

Obama is taking away that reality from the United States of America, endangering the world in the process. But, Israel does not have to go down that path regardless of what Obama wants.

If Obama wants to commit national suicide, it’s up to the people of the USA to stop him, which I believe they will. But, there’s nothing in it for Israel to follow Barack HUSSEIN Obama over the cliff.

The ONLY reason – Let me repeat this: THE ONLY REASON the Soviet Union fell, had to do with the outright toughness of the USA, and President Reagan’s commitment to meet any force with GREATER force, rather than years of useless and costly negotiations.

Once you get through all the crapola, it comes down to this:

Israel’s neighbors want Israel DEAD, and the Jews who live in Israel gone, one-way or the other.

MOST of the non-Arab/Moslem world couldn’t give a damn if Israel is murdered or not. Actually, most would probably be “quietly” happy if Israel ceased to exist. And Israel knows this.

Israel also knows that FREEDOM has never been won at the business end of a cut flower.

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Mary and Ed are certainly worth listening to.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sorry to sound so cynical, but even if the GOP gets a majority in the House and Senate and then, subsequently, in 2016 gets a Republican in the White House, is anyone under the delusion that things will change significantly? Bush had a GOP majority in both the House and Senate for, I think, four years, and I think a majority in the House for six years. Yet during his eight years in office we saw a more than 50% spending increase in the federal budget from what he inherited from Clinton.

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