Obama Is Titus – Titus Is Obama

I judge a man by the company he keeps AND KEPT before the eyes of the world were upon him.

There are THREE flags that I am prepared to FIGHT and Die for:

I will fight and die for the flag of my birth – Canada’s Maple Leaf.

I will fight and die for the Stars and Stripes – The flag that represents FREEDOM worldwide.


The Hebrew word for HOPE is TIKVAH. The title of Israel’s National Anthem is HaTikvah – THE HOPE.

Whenever Israel’s National Anthem is sung, it is about Hope for the survival of the Jewish people. Following are the words of HaTikvah written in the late 1800’s:

“As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart, with eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Zion, then our hope – the two-thousand-year-old hope – will not be lost, to be a free people in our land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem.”

In 70-AD, the Roman General (come Caesar) Titus, led his Legions to the destruction of the SECOND TEMPLE in Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish People, and their expulsion from their home. An expulsion that lasted some 2000 years.

I won’t restate the minutiae of the suffering the Jewish people endured between 70-AD and 1945, other than to say it all culminated with the Holocaust.

The Following Is How It Felt For Me Growing-Up As A Jew In Montreal:

As a child who could barely read, my father pointed out a sign that was posted on the beach at Rawdon, which at that time was a small Laurentian vacation community about 45 minutes north of Montreal that read:


Until the 1960’s, there was a quota on how many Jews were allowed to attend McGill University. And for those few Jews who were allowed to get in, they had to have a 10% higher average than non-Jews.

It wasn’t until the mid 1960’s that Jews were allowed to sit on a School Board anywhere in Quebec.

Jews went to the Public Protestant School System because the Catholics wouldn’t have us because we were Jews.

Jews were ostracized from living in some of the finer communities in and around Montreal, not to mention prohibited from having any membership in Golf Clubs, Yachting Clubs – Etcetera.

Until the 60’s, Jews were even persona non grata to be employed in many small to major corporations, including Canada’s Chartered Banks.

There were some incidents of violence against Jews up to the ‘60s, but more in the form of slurs, the MOST egregious being: Hey Jew, why don’t you go back to where you came from? Or Jew, go home.

Even though many Canadian Jews, very much like my father and his brothers put on Canada’s military uniform and distinguished themselves in battle during the Second World War, we weren’t the type of folk who led with our fists.

We as a community never demanded entitlements from the majority because we were Jews. We didn’t demand special accommodations because we were Jews. And we didn’t holler discrimination at every turn, also because we were Jews.


Because we were Jews, like Jews have always done, we worked hard, risked in business, educated our children, became professionals, and kept to ourselves as best as we could to be the smallest targets possible.

And then something INCREDIBLE happened in June of 1967 that put a spring in our step, confidence in our minds, and pride in our hearts.

In just SIX DAYS, the Jewish World was transformed from a passive ghetto mentality to a mentality of WE BELONG TOO, and DON’T MESS WITH US.

All of a sudden – “NEVER AGAIN” meant something.

In just SIX DAYS in June 1967, the little State of Israel, surrounded by a hostile population numbering 50 times its size, kicked the ass of the combined armies, air forces and tank brigades of 9 Arab (Moslem) countries, whose sole intention was to drive the Jews into the sea, making the Middle East JUDENFREI.

What the Nazis and their European collaborators couldn’t do in Europe from 1939 to 1945, the Moslem Arabs couldn’t do either.


I don’t fear Israel’s Arab/Moslem enemies, since I know that Israel can handle them. Who I fear MOST is Barack Hussein Obama.

I believe with every fiber of my being, that Obama would not lift a finger to keep Israel from being obliterated.


I believe that Obama would INTENTIONALLY create the conditions that could lead to the fall of the ONLY Jewish State and HOMELAND since the year 70-AD.


If I were a religious man, I would pray for the safety of Israel. But, since I am not, I place my hope in the courage of Israel’s leadership to stand tall against every conceivable maneuver for DEADLY “concessions” Obama will DEMAND from Israel.

I judge a man by the company he keeps AND KEPT before the eyes of the world were upon him.

Obama’s LOVE and RESPECT for Jeremiah Wright, the unapologetic HATER of America, Whites, Jews, and Israel has to be SCREAMING WATCH-OUT!

That Obama went to the so-called Washington DC “Million-Man-March” of Louis Farrakhan, who holds NOTHING back in his Nazi style hatred of Jews and Israel, has to ring bells of alarm.

That Obama has found no shortage of time to visit Arab and Moslem countries, but no time whatsoever to visit Israel, even when he was in the neighborhood, begs the question – WHY NOT ISRAEL?

Instead, Obama sends his Court Jester Joe Biden to lecture Israel on being conciliatory, as Biden the CLOWN simultaneously pledges to the Palestinian Arabs that they will have a CONTIGUOUS Independent State, meaning the connection of Gaza to the West Bank.

I fear when a politician says trust me. I fear when a politician says you are our best friend and we will NEVER let anything happen to you. Just as those European Jews entered Auschwitz through a gate with a sign overhead that read “Arbeit-Macht-Frei”, wanted so desperately to believe the sign to be true.


I wonder how the Hollywood Jewish Community, the likes of Barbara Streisand and Steven Spielberg will feel about the man they couldn’t wait to get into office, when he uses his office to try and destroy Israel, the ancestral NATIONAL homeland of the Jewish People for more than 3000 years?

The HOMELAND that gave birth to Jesus Christ and the Christian religion.

To know more about my fears of Obama for the future of Israel, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 6-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well!!!!! This editorial came just in the nik of time, I was SERIOUSLY considering NOT VOTING in this election!!!!! (What with voter fraud i.e.; DEAD people voting, Black Panther intimidation along with ALL the rest of The Left’s BS, I was willing to give up for the first time since I turned 21……51 plus years ago)!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU Mr. Galganov for jolting me to my senses!

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