Party Republicans – Their Own Worst Enemy


The Republicans are just not getting it. The American people do not want conciliators, bridge-builders, or BIG-TENTERS.

Just the opposite.

The people want conciliators thrown out of office. They want bridges blown-up. And they want the big tent torn down.

They don’t want compromisers. THEY DON’T WANT POLITICIANS.

Obama was elected because he convinced the people that he was NOT a REGULAR type politician. That he was going to CHANGE the way politics was done.

That he would TEAR UP bills with earmarks. That he would BAN Lobbyists from the White House. That he would make the political process transparent. That he would put all Bills on the Internet 72 hours before they were voted upon. That he would open up all debates to LIVE televised viewing on C-Span. That his would be a Presidency of nonpartisanship and compromise. That he would heal the International wounds caused by American arrogance. That he would talk to America’s enemies without preconditions. That he would close GITMO in his first year.


And that he, Obama, was the agent of HOPE & CHANGE . . . YES WE CAN!

Obama was elected because he WAS NOT BUSH.

Also, because McCain ran one of the WORST campaigns I have ever seen since the Dukakis fiasco.

Where Obama shouted CHANGE from the heavens, McCain shouted the SAME OLD – SAME OLD from the depths of nowhere. And worse than that; he MUZZLED his GREATEST asset, Sarah Palin, whom not only did he hang out to dry, he stood by while his campaign team savaged her in the press.


If they did, they would have elected McCain. And had McCain run an honest unapologetic no bullshit campaign, he would be in the White House today instead of Obama.

The people really do want change. REAL CHANGE. Not the crapola Obama has proven to provide. Not the make-believe change the Republican Party is putting forward.


HERE IS WHY NO CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN SHOULD SUPPORT MITT ROMNEY, and why the Republicans might very well blow the best chance they might ever have in 2010 and 2012.

I watched Romney on the FOX Sunday News Program with Chris Wallace (March 7, 2010), where amongst the many questions asked, Wallace asked Romney one simple yes or no question:

Are you going to run in 2012? How much simpler can it get than that?

Instead of just coming out and answering it with a yes or no, since EVERYONE knows that Romney will be there in 2012, INCLUDING Romney, he spoke in circles and NEVER answered the question.

He just doesn’t get it. And in my opinion, he shouldn’t be nominated just for that.

When Sarah Palin is asked repeatedly at every media opportunity if she would run, she never obfuscates. Palin has made it abundantly clear that she will run in 2012 if there will be enough support.

How utterly refreshing.

When Romney was asked why people should vote for him, when his Massachusetts Healthcare Law is pretty much the same as Obama’s? Romney developed verbal diarrhea and answered everything but the question.


I was very disappointed in Scott Brown when he voted along with Harry Reid’s Job Bill, JUST to show NONPARTISANSHIP, even after Reid screwed-over Brown’s own Republicans, after they and the Democrats agreed on a nonpartisan Bill.

My parents always insisted that I NEVER forget that I will be judged in life by the company I keep.

In this case, Scott Brown chose to hang out with Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, who also voted for this watered down Reid Bill, who can ALWAYS be counted upon to screw over their own Party and the principles of Conservatism.

As an aside to Brown’s disappointing performance:

Isn’t it interesting how the Parties and the Media learn NOTHING from experience, ESPECIALLY the Republican Party?

Brown won an impressive victory in Massachusetts, partly because he campaigned hard and well.

More because his opponent stunk-out the joint.

Even MORE so because the people in one of the MOST Liberal of all States in the USA were shouting they wanted CHANGE.

But MOST OF ALL, because of the grass roots.

Remember them? – Tea Partiers and Town Hallers, whose voices are being heard from the Atlantic to the Pacific – From Mexico to Canada.

Even the shameless Pelosi is trying to lay claim to the Tea Partiers, who not so long ago she compared to Irrelevant, Astroturf, Nazis, and Thugs.

ONLY one year after electing a charismatic rookie Senator to the Presidency of the United States of America with no REAL history, the Media and Republicans are already BILLING Scott Brown as the NEXT COMING.

Is he Presidential material the Media is asking?

How stupid are the Media?

Or more importantly, how stupid do the Media think the people of America are? Besides giving a GREAT acceptance speech after his opponent conceded, what qualifies Scott Brown to become the President of the USA?

Well, at the very least, unlike the current President, Brown doesn’t hate America and the Free Market System.

If the Republicans don’t make a U-TURN and really begin to stand for what the American people REALLY want, the grass roots will do one of two things.

1 – They will withhold their support on the streets and from their pockets and very well might not even bother to vote.

2 – They will run THIRD Party Conservative Candidates (Tea Partiers), splitting the votes to allow the Democrats to sneak up the middle.

Both of these scenarios are very likely. And what do you think the outcome of either of these two events will be? Two more years of Pelosi. Six more years of Reid. And maybe even four more years of Obama.

And no one will carry MORE responsibility for this tragedy when it happens, than the Republican Party who just doesn’t get it.

To know more about what I think of this tragedy in the making, Click onto the Radio Icon at the Top of this page to hear an 18-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Kudos Howard on one of your best commentaries. As you state, quitting IS NOT an option. “He can who THINKS he can”;
    “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. Yes trite, but true. Another, “God, Guts, Glory”. I have been accused of being overly optimistic many times. I reply that ATTITUDE determines ALTITUDE. This is more that just rhetoric or philosophy, it’s truth.

    “Damn the torpedos, FULL SPEED AHEAD”, Thanks again, John

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