My Good Friend – My Ass

We the “Little People” are excluded from their club of elected and appointed privilege.

I hate it when these elected clowns refer to their opposition members as “MY GOOD FRIEND” or “MY ESTEEMED COLLEAGUE”.

These political elitists are NOT in office to make friends and participate in an ass kissing fest. They are there to represent the wishes of the people who pay their outrageous salaries, perks, and pensions.

I heard Nancy Pelosi say that it’s time to stop talking about the proposed Healthcare Act and just pass it, even though she is fully aware that three quarters (75%) of the people either want no law at all, or a new Healthcare Act that will be negotiated from scratch.

If that isn’t arrogance of the highest order, what the hell is? Who is she to DICTATE to the people what SHE wants them to have, especially when they want anything but?

When was Pelosi elected to be the boss of America?

And if you want to talk about arrogance and disrespect, I could have lost my cookies when Obama reminded McCain that the election is over, and the Republicans can stop campaigning during Obama’s made for TV sham of a Healthcare debate.

As far as I’m concerned – SCREW THEM ALL.

It’s as clear as can be about what happens to these politicians the moment they get elected and look at themselves as God’s gift, fully ENTITLED to sit in judgment in perpetuity of the “Little People” who put them there.

These characters are so far removed from the people who pay the whole shot for their FREE RIDE, that they can’t even connect the dots.

When I think that the average bureaucrat gets paid as much as, and MORE than 30% of what the working people in the private sector get paid for comparable jobs, I want to FIRE them all.

When I think about the obscene pensions these government workers are paid in retirement, which is very often on a par or GREATER than working families are paid while they’re working, it makes my blood boil.

When one thinks of the arrogance of government – OUR EMPLOYEES, it’s enough to send people over the top.


Every time some politician passes a law for MORE workers’ rights, it takes away rights from employers who create EVERYTHING.

A year ago, the IDIOT Premier of Ontario (Dalton McGuinty) passed a law creating yet ANOTHER paid day-off (family day), this time in February, forcing EVERY employer in Ontario to pay for his or her employees NOT to work.

But, someone has to work. Anne and I can’t just shut our business down. We have to provide services to our clients throughout Canada and the USA.

But that’s NOT the government’s problem. It’s OUR problem the government created for no good reason other than to pander to the voters who don’t create jobs or wealth.

WORSE – In addition to this ADDITIONAL employee FREEBIE, employers still have to pay all the deductions and taxes at source to the governments, federally and provincially, just as if the employees actually worked.

How nuts is that? Pay people NOT to work and then pay taxes on what they didn’t earn.

In Canada, employers are FORCED to pay our employees for ONE month and MORE per year NOT to work, depending on how long the employee has worked for the same company, since all statutory holidays are paid time off.

Why as employers, should others and I be the keeper of people we are paying to do a job?

Shouldn’t it be enough that we employ people at all, instead of being forced by the government to be our employees care keepers?

When I think about workers’ rights exceeding the rights of employers, I wonder why anyone would ever want to have an employee.

We’ve certainly cut back on the people we employ.

When did the public servants, elected or appointed become the masters of the people who put them in office?

The people in positions of power should heed these words very carefully:

1 – The first step to revolution is the organizing of resistance groups.

Think Tea Parties in the USA.

2 – The second step to revolution is when people whom never before paid attention to governance, all of a sudden become fully engaged and challenge the system face to face.

Think American Town-Hallers.

3 – The third step to revolution is when the people who pay the freight decide that the price is far too high and decide to stop paying for it one way or another.

Less Staff – Part Time Staff – Outsourcing – Off Shore Production – Etc.

Think ALL Entrepreneurs.

4 – The FINAL step to revolution is when the people believe that their voice is ignored by the arrogance of the courts and government, and there is no other way.

“Let Then Eat Cake”.

In the USA, we are now witnessing the FINAL step. And it isn’t just about Democrats or Liberals. Republicans will do very well to pay attention.

It’s about EVERY politician who goes on Talking-Head Shows who refer to their opposition as “MY GOOD FRIEND” as if this is some kind of closed club.

This camaraderie amongst the privileged political class is NOT lost on a VERY ANGRY PUBLIC, which sees none of these bad political actors as any type of friend to the people.

The political Guillotine awaits any and all politicians who believe that he or she is greater than the country and the people they have been entrusted to represent.

One way or another, the time for revolution is soon.

To know more about what I think will be the spark that starts the inevitable revolution, click on the Radio Icon at the top of this Page to hear an 18-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good article Howard. The Left Socialists are crying here in Canada too. Canada has the best Prime Minister we ever, Pm Harper doesn’t mince words and is not shy about going after the bad guys. You are correct in saying;”For as long as we’ve recorded history, the GOOD-GUYS”. The USA, Canada and Britain are not afraid to stand and fight. We are all brothers in arms! God Bless America /Canada/ and Britain. Don’t mess with the Aussies either… they are with us.

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