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At the final writing of this editorial, Anne and I are JUST back from a shopping trip in Massena NY (about a half hour from where we live). It’s wonderful to be able to cross from one great country into another great country and back again with nothing much more than a “HOW DO YOU DO?”

In my last Editorial (Obama’s Financial Whirlwind – February 17, 2010), I wrote that the next editorial will deal with why I believe we all owe Barack Hussein Obama a debt of gratitude. A HUGE DEBT OF GRATITUDE!

To all of you who wrote to me guessing why we owe Obama a debt of gratitude. All of you were right.

Let me begin by explaining why I am making this claim with a PERSONAL story about why we should be saying THANK YOU Obama.

About 18 years ago, at a family and friends get-together at our home, a dentist friend noticed that I had a swelling under my left ear, and told me to have it looked at.

He didn’t say what he thought it was, but he did say that I should look into it MUCH sooner rather than later.

To go back in time before this happened, I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am today. And with this extra weight, came a fleshier face with a double chin. I wasn’t obese, but I certainly wasn’t thin.

Anne (my wife) used to beg me to lose weight. One day she said: “Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for you. DO IT FOR YOUR HORSE!”

I took her advice, sort of, and bought a BIGGER horse. True story. But not to worry about the first horse, we kept him as well. But I digress.

I found over the years, that when I was mounted and wanted to look back at other people riding with me, I couldn’t turn my head enough to the left to see the people behind. So I had to shift my entire body in the saddle.

I also found that I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to eat a thick sandwich, especially a heart stopping, hand-cut, out of this universe Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich, which I thoroughly enjoyed last night (Saturday) in Montreal, but that’s a different story

When I tried to open my mouth wide, my jaw would literally SNAP, with a sound that was heard clearly by people around me. And it really hurt when it happened.

So, I went to our family doctor and explained how I couldn’t turn my neck around nearly as much as what should be normal. He sent me for X-rays that showed nothing.

When in my dentist’s chair, I remarked to him about the SNAPPING jaw, he took X-rays that also showed nothing, and explained that from time to time Jaws can go out of alignment. But he couldn’t see any problems.

These symptoms persisted for years. But, like everything else in life, you get used to what you have, UNTIL YOU NO LONGER NOTICE IT.

Fast Forward To The Party At Our Home:

A few days after our home party, I went to see our family doctor who asked me how long I had the swelling, since he couldn’t remember ever seeing it before, and if I ever had anything like it in the past?

I told him that it was a one of, and it came all of a sudden in the last few days.

He sent me to an ENT specialist, who then sent me off to an ENT surgeon, who then sent me off for a Cat-Scan.

As it turned out, I was growing a tumor the size of a bagel in my neck on the Parodic Gland, the one that swells up when a guy gets the mumps.

But not to worry all the doctors told me, since this type of tumor is just about ALWAYS benign.


This was a mixed tumor; meaning that a very aggressive and nearly always fatal cancer was encapsulated within a benign tumor that was literally seconds away from losing containment.

The remedy was serious surgery and extremely aggressive and unpleasant radiation treatment that left problems that will be with me forever, none of which are debilitating, but all of which have to a degree altered my life.

What really shook me about all of this, was when the surgeon, one of the BEST in this treatment in the world, who teaches at McGill University, was the Chief of Surgery in this massive state of the art Montreal hospital, told me that this cancer had been growing in my neck for as long as 9-10 years.

Instead of growing out, the tumor was growing in. And that’s why I had never seen it before.

The tumor was the reason why I was not able to properly open my jaw, and not able to turn my neck as far as should have been normal.


That swelling that triggered all of this attention was TOTALLY gone by the time I saw the operating surgeon for the first time. In fact, while holding the films of the Cat-Scan in his hands, and looking at my neck hours before surgery, he told me that there was no sign whatsoever of a problem.

What all of this meant, was that as the cancer was growing in my neck for years, I could not recognize any of the symptoms because everything seemed “NORMAL”.

Had it not been for that ONE brief moment at a party at our home, when the swelling showed itself for the FIRST and ONLY time, I would have never known that there was a death sentence growing in my neck, awaiting my execution.


Obama didn’t create the LEFT. He isn’t personally responsible for the Something-For-Nothing Bunch mentality. He isn’t the architect of Unions. Nor is Obama the FIRST expander of entitlements of a government that has become the governor of the people opposed to being governed by the people.

Just like my cancer, all the government and social symptoms that are killing the American Dream have been HIDING UNDER THE SURFACE for years.

Just like the undiagnosed tumor that was growing in my neck – For generations, the LEFT has been growing in society, to the point that even the people who were trusted most (Republican quasi conservatives), were just as co-opted by their own sense of political entitlement and self importance as those whom were feared the most.

Just like it took nothing more than a chance meeting at a party for me to learn how vulnerable I was to something I accepted as being “NORMAL”, that’s how people have accepted the path to the end of their FREEDOMS at the hand of a system of government whose incompetence and corruption most people have accepted as “NORMAL”.


He is that WAKEUP CALL everyone needed in order to see the growing cancer before it became TOO LATE.

Obama has stirred MILLIONS of people who never gave a second thought to Politics, Email Groups, Blogs, Protests and Town Hall Meetings.

Obama has SINGLE-HANDEDLY focused the people’s attention on the growing LEFTIST political/social cancer that has been festering just under the surface for generations.

And because of HIM, and HIM alone, America will now be able to excise the cancer before it becomes TERMINAL.

Just as it was with me, when I discovered before it was too late that I had a terminal cancer growing within me, I paid a serious price for neglecting the warning signs. But I survived because I got lucky.

America will also pay a serious price, but will survive, because with the election of Obama, America also got lucky.

And just as I will carry those cancer scars to my grave, America will also never be able to erase the scars of the LEFT, which America should not, because those scars should always be the reminder of what happens when you take for granted all that should NEVER be taken for granted.


To know more about what I believe the cure will be, and how far the people will have to go to protect the political body from a recurrence of the cancer of the LEFT, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 23-Minute Audio Editorial.

Just in passing – Ed Tait has a terrific Blog that just promoted, so I’m returning the favor, give it a look at:


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard:

    You said it best, “The LEFT do BEST in unfair fights, where they can cheat, steal, lie, BUSHWHACK and intimidate. And by giving up the fight before the fighting even begins, and the body-blows are even counted, when we SURRENDER to the LEFT under those conditions, we play right into all of their nasty strengths”. Everyday, we are exposed to their lies that include everything to climate change, voter fraud, Republicans short change budget, Benghazi, and more. Stand up to these fools!

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