Obama’s Financial Whirlwind

Obama did indeed inherit a mess. But, the mess he inherited was NOTHING in comparison to what he did with it to make it cataclysmic.

As most of the people who read this Web Site know, I am not a religious person, but, this Biblical reference, Hosea 8-7 goes a long way to describe what Obama’s White House, Senate and House of Representatives are doing to the USA and the World:

“For they have sown the wind, and shall reap the whirlwind.”

It’s NOT Bush’s fault.

While it is absolutely true that George W Bush grew government, overspent, and behaved at times more like a Liberal than he did like a Conservative, he did not so indebt America as to cause it to collapse under its own weight.

He might have, had he kept on going. But he didn’t.

It is Obama who has done that.

How bad is the debt and spending position of the United States Government under Obama?

Even though no one will come out and really admit it, it is so bad, that the entire world no longer has an international currency to look upon as the monetary standard for the planet.

How serious is the spending, the debt, and the pledge to spend more under Obama and his LEFTIST supporters?

It is so serious, that Americans can STOP warning Washington that this profligate spending will indebt the NEXT generation and the generation AFTER that, because, it is all going to hit the fan long before the next generation. LIKE NOW!

One beautiful sunny day, Anne and I were standing on an elevated area one hundred or so feet from the California Coastline, where we stopped to look at the magnificent views while en-route to Carmel from San Francisco.

While we stood on this high ground, we saw a very large wave coming onto shore, and the closer it came, the more we saw that it was going to swamp where we stood, but by that time, it was too late.

As we both turned to run away, I ran over Anne knocking both of us to the ground, and instead of being wet up to our shins as we would have been had we done nothing, we were now soaked everywhere with a generous amount of sand under our clothing for good measure.

As the water receded and we both got back onto our feet laughing, Anne said: “Did you see the size of that wave that knocked me over?” – To which I fessed-up. And we laughed even louder.

This cute story, which is true, is absolutely indicative of the financial wave that is en-route to hit the USA and the rest of the world courtesy of his LORDSHIP Obama.

Anne and I saw that wave, but unlike people who live along the coast, we couldn’t recognize how close it was, or how fast and how high it would come inland. And not being able to know any of this, we ran when it was too late.

For us though, it was just a funny moment. But, had the wave been much bigger, what was a laugh could have just as easily been a tragedy had it swept us out to sea.

That’s what’s coming to the USA – A fiscal tragedy out of all proportions. And when it hits the mainland, it will not be just a big wave that will only dampen the spirits of the USA.

It will be a Tsunami that will leave the American economy and social fabric torn and tattered. But, even worse than that, it will leave the world economy shattered, leading to an instability that we have not seen since the period of time between the First and Second World Wars.

We can already see the wave coming just by looking at Greece, Spain and other European countries whose individual combined operating revenues needed to cover expenditures is so far short from what they need just to stay even, that default is the ONLY solution left available to them. THEN WHAT?

Imagine how long it would be for you to stay in your home, drive your car and pay for everything that makes you the person you are, if you had to pay out MORE every month, than all the cash that is available to you?

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that in very short time, you would lose everything and possibly be on the street.


Obama did indeed inherit a mess. But, the mess he inherited was NOTHING in comparison to what he did with it to make it cataclysmic. That’s what happens when you let an unrepentant drunk run the distillery.

Because of what this rank amateur has done in lockstep with Reid, Pelosi and all the other LEFTISTS who have no real idea what it takes to create and perpetuate wealth, or run an economy, he and they have led America just Biblical seconds away from standing before the WHIRLWIND of his and their very own making.

Evan Bayh, who just announced his plans to not run again as a candidate (Indiana Democrat) in the coming November election, has garnered incredible speculation about what he is planning for his future as a reason he has stepped down now.

That speculation is nothing more than media hogwash.

What Bayh intends to do in the future is IRRELEVANT. The ONLY relevance is that he stepped down NOW, so’s NOT to get caught up in the approaching WHIRLWIND to be blown away with all the others.

As Obama’s debt continues to rise, just like that wave that came onshore to where Anne and I stood in California, it will swamp America.

But, unlike that wave that gently receded back to the Ocean after giving Anne and myself a funny moment to remember, Obama’s wave will cover the entire land drowning the hopes and dreams of all those who chanted YES WE CAN.

Because of Obama’s horrific policies and non-policies, the wave that is en-route to swamp America is unstoppable. The ONLY questions in my mind are:

What will be left when the torrent recedes? What will the new America look like? How severe will the well deserved backlash be upon the LEFT? And will the world body survive intact?


The Stars & Stripes will be bruised and bloodied, but that isn’t something America has not endured before. The people will be divided. But like always, those who can will. And those who cannot will ride the coattails of those who can.

As long as there is a voting majority that wants Something-For-Nothing, there will always be the risk of another Barack Hussein Obama coming to power, but after this is all over, that risk should be generations away.

In my next editorial, I will write why I believe Barack Hussein Obama was indeed what America and the world needed now, more than ever.

To know more about what I believe is in store for us financially in the very near future because of Obama’s White House, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 16-Minute audio Editorial.

Just as an aside:

Canada’s Minster of Finance just announced new rules to make it harder for people who cannot afford mortgages to have them. Unlike Obama who wants to continue giving money to people who can never pay it back, our Prime Minister is determined to protect the integrity of our banks.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is definitely something to think about, a needed wake-up call. Many of us conservatives have grown so weary from defeat, that we’ve taken on the attitude of “why even try?”. I like Mr. Burd’s patch “Die first, Then quit”. We all need to keep that spirit. Review your upcoming ballots. Campaign, give money, talk to neighbors & coworkers… do whatever you can. Never quit.
    Thanks, Howard!

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