Silence Is Death

Unless you’re prepared to stand and fight for your RIGHTS. YOU WILL HAVE NO RIGHTS.

A great many of the old sayings are as true today as they were way back when, such as: The older I get, the smarter my father gets.

My dad was born in Montreal in 1918. He was one of nine siblings born to immigrant parents from Eastern Europe, mostly from Russia, where Russia bordered Romania and Ukraine.

It wasn’t easy for my dad or for his brothers and sisters. At 12 years old, he was done with school, delivering fruit from the back of a horse-pulled wagon to help support the large family.

My dad and his siblings were raised on the very storied multi-ethnic tough streets of Montreal, on and around the Main, which by New York standards would be the 1920’s equivalent to the Bowery.

From those streets during that time period came famous writers, performers, doctors, scientists, wealthy business people and some of Montreal’s great Jewish fighters (boxers).

Growing up on those streets required several important skills.

1 – The Ability to think on ones feet.

2 – Being able to run faster than the guys in pursuit.

3 – Being very handy with your fists.

My dad possessed all of those skills. But the one he relied upon most was standing his ground no matter what the threat was. He was fast, but he wouldn’t run. He was clever, but he wouldn’t try to con his way out of a threat.

My dad understood one thing better than all others:

Unless you’re prepared to stand and fight for your RIGHTS, you’ll spend your entire life begging for mercy, and/or running away as fast as you can.


ALSO – The fight that you will have to be prepared to stand for, isn’t always your own.

My dad lived by what he believed.

As the Nazis were storming Europe, my dad was volunteering for service. So did three of his brothers. He did himself and Montreal’s Jewish community exceptionally proud through his heroism and dedication to duty.

All of his many medals and commendations, including his Special Medal (Bronze Lion) Granted to him by Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands for bravery ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY, meant to him ONLY that he did what he could.

I subscribe to his idea of a CALL to DUTY.

I will NEVER measure up to my dad, since his bravery was so rare, but I will NEVER run or walk away from a fight. And I will NEVER bend a knee to anyone. Neither should any of us who can stand-up for what’s right, when standing-up is so important.

Some of the Americans who hold a visceral hatred for me, who have actually sent me emails praying for my death, tell me to mind my own business and stay out of THEIR country.

If that were the case, America would have NEVER intervened in the business of other countries. America would have never entered World War One or the War against the Nazis.

America would not have gone onto fight the North Koreans or the Soviet Union in the Cold War. America would not be in Iraq or Afghanistan, nor would America have such an influence in the Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait – etc.

And America would not be the umbrella Israel needs to survive.

To these LEFTIST Hate-Mongers who want me to mind my own business, they are either too ignorant of the world and how America’s intervention has given us global stability and prosperity which too many of us take for granted, or they are just so hateful of those who won’t take it lying down, that they are indeed the most dangerous threat to FREEDOM we have.

I guess these LEFTISTS who claim to care about everything that really isn’t any of their business, like your lives and mine, don’t seem to care that America has freed BILLIONS of people from the yoke of tyranny, the most current of which are the people of Iraq.

Every one of us who can make a difference in the battle to win FREEDOM for those who beg to be FREE, and to keep FREEDOM alive amongst people who have taken FREEDOM for granted, must do whatever we can, wherever we can.

I now draw your attention to the SCREAMING SILENCE coming from Obama’s White House, as everyday Iranian Folk who are standing their ground for FREEDOM are being beaten, arrested, tortured and murdered.

It says everything that must be said about Obama, who can’t even offer his support for the Iranian people in the streets, even if it is in WORDS ONLY, especially since words are all Obama seems to have.


When the Iron Curtain crashed to the ground in Poland; Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope stood shoulder to shoulder with the Polish people letting them know that they were NOT alone. Obama is no Reagan. And he is no Thatcher.

He is ONLY Obama, an empty vessel who pretends to be the leader of the FREE World.

I ask all of you who read and listen to to MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD. Do not be intimidated by those who yell the loudest, and insult the most, they only yell and insult because they have nothing else to say.

And don’t let Obama get away with his WAR on Individual Freedom and the American Way. It’s all up to every Freedom loving person on this planet to expose him for what and who he is, but especially the people in the USA, who through the ballot can remove this insult to Freedom.

Spread the word. Go to Town Hall Meetings. Go to Tea Parties. Write your Government Representatives. Email them. Phone them. And BE IN THEIR FACE 24/7!

You don’t have to bleed on the battlefield to fight for your COUNTRY and World Freedom. But you have to be engaged.

Just like Lord Obama threw all of his old friends, including his typical White Grandmother under the bus, he’ll do the same to America, DON’T LET HIM!

To know more about how I see the uselessness and empty-words of Barack Hussein Obama, click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page and hear a 12-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is why I have joined arms with you – you are a fighter!

    I wear a patch on my vest – “Die first, Then quit”

    As my youngest son stated, “when you speak, you must be willing to back it up. Our president has lost integrity because he speaks and then cowers.”

    Never Again and Mission:M25 are fighters – not talkers!

    Carry on Howard – I will be found beside you – not 20 blocks behind.

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