Obama Fatigue

The big lie, and the even bigger joke amongst the willing Media IDIOTS who still fawn over this snake-oil salesman is how brilliant they say he is.

Abraham Lincoln said:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

I am becoming fatigued with President Numb-Nuts-In-Chief.

Because he is such a dreadful and tiresome piece of work, I don’t want to write about him anymore. And I don’t want to read about him anymore.

I don’t want to see his puss on television or in print anymore. And I don’t want to hear his ubiquitous voice anymore.

I just want him to shut the hell-up and stay as far away from making decisions on the essence of the USA and upon the world scene.

If I didn’t believe that Obama isn’t the DUMBEST person to have ever occupied high office, especially the Office of the President of the United States of America which brings with it the title of World Leader, I would have to believe that all he has done, was done to intentionally destroy the USA, and set the world on a fast track to calamity, which would make me believe that he is the GREATEST TRAITOR ever.

But, that said – I don’t believe he is a traitor.

I am utterly convinced that he is FAR TOO STUPID to understand what he’s really doing, since he and his buddies seem to be making it all up as he and they go along. At least a traitor would have a plan.

That Obama is so stupid ONLY makes me wonder what the people who voted for him use for brains. Especially for a guy like Obama whose ONLY personal history screamed STAY AWAY!

Someone who REALLY doesn’t like me just sent an email telling me that it’s ONLY because of people like me that Obama has had a tough first year.

It blows my mind to know that EVERYONE gets to vote no matter how utterly stupid or uninformed they are. But that’s Democracy for you.

Does this letter writer not realize that until a couple of weeks ago with the victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, that the Democrats controlled the whole Congressional Enchilada? And that the Democrats didn’t need even ONE vote, not one stinking vote from a Republican to pass anything and everything they wanted?

I guess not.

But, whether this Obama supporter knows it or not, not one Republican can be blamed for anything Obama did or did not do in his first year as POTUS.


This seems to be lost not only on her (the letter writer), but on just about every other LEFTIST who can’t seem to absorb the truth about Obama.


The big lie, and the even bigger joke amongst the willing Media IDIOTS who still fawn over this snake-oil salesman is how brilliant they say he is. But, what else could they say about the HORROR show they are personally responsible for putting into the White House?

Can anyone expect the Media, literally all the Media save a few (FOX News and Conservative Talk) who shilled for Obama to say MEA CULPA? I wish all of us decent folk a long lifetime, but I seriously doubt that any of us will live long enough for that day to ever come.

I know many people who voted for Obama. Many of whom are family members, who I thought were relatively bright and reasonably informed. I was wrong.

As I’m getting older (60 on February 12th), I’m realizing more and more that people who have money, professional status, and/or a superior education are not necessarily people with common sense or practical knowledge.

As a matter of fact and truth, many of these people who have it “too good” are very often so far removed from reality, that the only thing that is real to them is their own hedonism, in addition to an arrogance that makes them believe that they know it all, when in truth, they don’t have a clue.

The REAL people who have wealth and education who know what side is up, are no different from the REAL people who do not have academic or professional pedigrees, who struggle everyday to get by, but have a better understanding of those things that really matter than the self-absorbed LEFTIST OBAMA-MANIACS.

There are THREE principle groups who LOVE the LORD Obama.

1 – The intellectuals, academics and performers who’ve long forgotten what the real world is all about. There are the inheritors of wealth who think they are special because they have money. Civil service workers who look down on the “little people” who pay their bloated salaries, perks and pensions. Not to forget the Self-Important privileged unionists and those who have never built or have grown anything.

2 – There are also the Something-For-Nothing Bunch who are quick to grasp everything that is anti-business and anti-entrepreneurial, along with the Climate Changers and the rest of this mob of sad-sacks who pay very little to nothing in taxes.

3 – Then there are the Liberals, especially White Liberals who voted for this Black guy because he’s Black.

A couple of weeks ago, Barack Obama Super Media Sycophant Chris Mathews of MSNBC, spoke of Obama as not even sounding like a Negro when he spoke. What kind of a crap-for-brains comment was that?

After Obama became President, all I heard and read was how MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL AND INCREDIBLE for the USA to have voted for a BLACK, excuse me, “AFRICAN AMERICAN” President, as if that was the MOST important thing about the election.

In this day and age, MOST real folk couldn’t care in the least what the skin color, religion, age or gender is of the person they elect to lead. What REAL folk care about is if they made the RIGHT choice based upon the winner’s ability to do the job as well as could be expected.

It seems that Liberals care more about electing a guy because he’s Black, excuse me “AFRICAN AMERICAN”, than they care about who he is, what he’s done, what he is going to do, and who his close friends and associates are and were.

It’s all come to an end now for Obama and the jerks who had a serious hand in cursing not only the White House with this DUMB- DUMB President, but the entire world.


If you think I am the only person who sees Obama and his supporters in this light, think again. The nightmare we all know as Obama is done.

America is rapidly waking up.

The elected Democrats who want to keep their gravy train on track this coming November are scrambling to keep as much daylight between them and him as imaginable. And even the Leaders of the World are treating Obama like the amateur that he is.

As I predicted on July 23, 2009 in my Editorial: “I Told You So Yes I Did”, that before the end of his first year – “MORE LIKELY THAN NOT, the Democrats will make Obama THEIR OWN LAME DUCK PRESIDENT” is all coming to fruition.


Remember the Lincoln quote that leads off this Editorial:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”


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Also – Thank you to all of the people in the USA and Canada who have contributed to this Web Site and our mutual Fight for FREEDOM. Thank you letters are being sent by email and snail mail.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are right and I have always appreciated your tenacity, but the problem as I see it is not so much with the left, as with the right; pretending they are the left. It is so hard to tell the good guys from the bad, what happened to the tea party? for a brief time they stood solidly on the right and not afraid to tell it as it is. They were not beaten by the left but by the wishy washy right who when elected do the same things the left do. Where are our heroes who dare to stand and be counted?

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