I hate government paid bullies who use the people’s money for their FREE RIDE as if it is their due.

When LEFTISTS feel empowered and are financed by the State, there is nothing they believe that can stop them. BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE.

At one point, someone stands up and says ENOUGH! And then takes the fight to the Something-For-Nothing Bunch.

And if enough people begin to understand what the fight is all about, they come together and join the battle. And at that point in place and time, it all begins to change.


WORSE – I hate government paid bullies who use the people’s money for their FREE RIDE as if it is their due.

Maybe even WORSE than that: I HAVE A VISCERAL DISLIKE FOR LEGAL GUNSLINGERS who latch onto the publicly created misery with which to cash-in from the publicly funded purse, even if that publicly funded purse is being used to go against the will of the people.

AND MORE THAN ANY OF THAT – I find the LEGAL GUNSLINGERS who have their own agenda tied into the battle that is being financed by the people for their own political advantage, to be reprehensible.


A group of French Speaking Activists in the Province of Ontario which is 96% NOT French speaking has pushed for a Township Law that makes the use of English ONLY on commercial signs of all kinds ILLEGAL.

If you’re an American reading this, think Spanish.

This small Town, one of several in this part of Ontario, within a half hour drive from Ottawa, Canada’s Capital, has passed such a law.

Not only is this an open attack on FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

How far does Linguistic Affirmative Action Go? There is a number of Ontario towns and cities with a French speaking presence where PUBLICLY FUNDED healthcare centers are for FRENCH PEOPLE ONLY.


Publicly funded FRENCH ONLY healthcare centers where English-speakers who might actually be bilingual are PERSONA NON GRATA, because they’re NOT French. What’s the DNA test to determine one’s FRENCHNESS?

Bedsides – Even in Canada, there are laws against any and all forms of discrimination. But, because of the influence of French votes, which is simply akin to Tyranny of the Minority, our politicians close their eyes to such things so as not to offend those who can help put them, or keep them in public office.

Do you think ANYONE of decent character would ever approve of an English ONLY, or White ONLY, or Christian ONLY healthcare center?

How about SEGREGATED Ontario school busses where English-speaking children are BANNED, because the French parents, teachers and school board do not want their French children to be corrupted by the language of their English friends?

When I launched my court challenge against the Ontario Township of Russell’s law that BANS the standalone use of the English language from all new commercial signs, Russell’s legal GUNSLINGER RON CAZA, responded with a letter to my lawyer, essentially telling ME through him how he will BURY me with costs for taking on this bylaw.


Since we’ve begun this challenge, Caza has introduced his EXPERT witnesses who do better for our case than they do for his. WHAT A JOKE!

He has filed an affidavit going after me personally, as if this case has anything to do with me. EVEN A BIGGER JOKE!

He infers in surreptitious ways in affidavits that not only am I anti-French, but somehow a racist.

So, how does he explain why a French Canadian (Jean-Serge Brisson) who lives in the Township of Russell is also fighting the same fight I am, but from the other side, since this same HORRIFIC attack on Free Choice and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION does not allow French ONLY signs either?

Caza has spent a FORTUNE of PUBLIC money on this fight.

We have spent plenty of our own money, but NONE of which are public funds to win a victory for the RIGHTS of every person, regardless of his or her language, culture, religion, gender, age – etc, for EVERYONE to enjoy what should be the unassailable RIGHT to FREEDOM of EXPRESSION.

Not ONLY is Ron Caza a BULLY who is a partner in one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious law firms (Heenan Blaikie), he is also arrogant to the point that he can ONLY see his side of the challenge.

So, how do you think he feels now, after just receiving an AFFIDAVIT from one of Canada’s MOST RESPECTED POLLSTERS, Conrad Winn, who is also a noted professor of Political and Social Science at one of Canada’s prominent Universities (Carlton University – Ottawa)?

Not ONLY did Conrad Winn produce an Affidavit that will probably be used to set the standard for future language and RIGHTS challenges, but also, he introduced polling that I commissioned, that for the very FIRST time shows what FRENCH speakers REALLY care about.

Imagine: This language debate has been going-on in Canada since the 1960’s, and no one ever went to the French speaking community in Quebec or elsewhere to really ask what they wanted in a quantifiable way?

Politicians certainly took propaganda polls to justify the horrible decisions they made vis a vis language laws that stripped-away the rights of English Speakers, but NEVER to the very best of my knowledge did any one of them commission an honest poll that simply asked French speakers what it is they want in terms of what it will take for THEM to promote and protect their own language and culture.

By the time we’re done in round one (Superior Court), before we go to Appeal, and possibly before the Supreme Court of Canada, where with the help of generous support I’ve already financed one case in its entirety, and helped finance another, Caza will have probably run up the tab for the Township of Russell into the $200,000 range.

You tell me that this isn’t scandalous?


None of the American money sent to support Galganov Dot Com Inc goes into this fight. This is a Canadian issue that needs to be funded by Canadians. IT’S OUR FIGHT.

That said though, it is also a fight every American should focus upon, since you are not that far away from the same linguistic entitlements vis a vis Spanish speakers as we are in Canada.

Linguistic AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is no less reprehensible than Racial AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Both are equally detestable and discriminative.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. One can’t blame the people for being skeptical about the outcome of the November election, due to the FRAUDULENT activities which exist in the election process. After observing Barack HUSSEIN Obama in the presidential debates, I thought for sure that Gov. Romney would be elected president. Your “list of guarantees” is very impressive and I hope you’re right! Being an optimist, I do tend to believe them, but still can’t help but to wonder what the LIBERALS “have in store” for THIS election?

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