Obama’s Debt – A Threat To World Security

Money is power. Power is FREEDOM. To lose one is to lose both.

If you’re old enough to remember Ronald Reagan’s War On The Soviet Union (Evil Empire), you will also remember what it REALLY was that finally did-in the Soviets (Russians).

It wasn’t REALLY bombs and bullets. They played a big part, but not the deciding part.

In every face-to-face confrontation between Russian surrogates, mostly in the Arab/Moslem Middle East where American and Israeli military technology repeatedly wiped them out, the Russians lost fortunes in military equipment and prestige.

BUT – The granddaddy of all American endeavors to win the COLD WAR was Reagan’s Star Wars, which was viscerally opposed by the European and American LEFT.

The arguments against Star Wars were as follows:

1 – It is too expensive.

2 – It will be a barrier to any chance for peace.

3 – It will hasten the proliferation of weapons.

4 – It will weaponize space.

5 – It won’t work.

So what was the real outcome?

1 – Star Wars was wildly expensive and gave the world unbelievable technologies while putting the greatest scientific brains to work on unimagined technologies which the whole world benefits from today.

2 – It became a barrier to peace ONLY in the minds of the LEFTISTS.

3 – Not only did it NOT lead to weapons proliferation. It did just the opposite.

4 – It never came close to weaponizing space in the way the LEFT wanted everyone to believe.


It worked by spending the Russians under the table. Star Wars and Reagan’s other policies of confronting the Russians at every turn eventually bankrupted the Evil Empire.

This strategy proved several things. The first is that Reagan was right and the LEFT was wrong.

It proved that money matters. And any country can be defeated which does not have the wealth to carry-on the fight.

China hasn’t changed much in the past millennium. It still has a gargantuan population like it has always had. And it is no more a free society today than it was yesterday.

So, what has made China the upcoming world power?


China has money. Their people don’t have much. Their society is repressive. And there’s no glint of a future turn to FREEDOM. But so what, with money, they are untouchable.

How much money does China have? The simple answer is enough to carry an ever increasingly indebted America on their shoulders.

But it’s not just China. Russia has found great wealth in its oil and gas reserves and pipelines. And with Russia’s new wealth, it is imposing itself upon Western and Eastern Europe.

What they couldn’t achieve with bullets during the era of the Cold War, they are now doing with money.

Saudi Arabia and other Middle East bad actors are also swimming in money with which they too are propping up the American economy.

So what happens when the Chinese, Arabs and others tell America to take a hike and demand their money back? Or demand more interest on the money owed and FUTURE loans? OR demand a piece of the American homeland in payment for outstanding debt?

Don’t for a second think that all of the aforementioned can’t or won’t happen. IT WILL. And it will happen MUCH sooner rather than later.

A country without wealth is vulnerable to all who wish it harm.

In this global age, like always, it is not just the sword that decides between right and might. Even pissant dictatorships have swords.

It is he who can afford to purchase the greatest number of swords of the best quality, and then train those whose job it is to wield the power of the sword whenever and wherever necessary.

It is the country whose population is the most unified and focused to task, with the most to lose that will draw the sword and swing it with purpose.

It is the country that carries not just itself, but others along with it.

MONEY is the power of Freedom and security.

A nation’s wealth and commitment to securing that wealth is what buys the swords that willing people will pick-up in combat to defend what is theirs and what is right.

All the great nations throughout history were nations of wealth and prosperity which begat unity. But when the wealth failed, so did they.

Look at what is becoming of the United States under Presidents well before Obama who started the journey towards entitled poverty.

And now look at Barack Hussein Obama and his LEFTISTS in the White House, Senate and Congressional House putting America’s financial decline on the fast track to oblivion, and with it, America’s inability to coalesce as a people, to inspire the world, to move forward ahead of the pack, and maintain Freedom through strength.

It is not America alone that Obama is sending to perdition through unsustainable debt, but the stability of the Free World.

Money is power. Power is FREEDOM. To lose one – Is to lose both.

In just one year, Barack Hussein Obama and his willing Idiots on the LEFT have already dealt America a terrible blow that will become fatal if the people do not rise-up and do between now and November 2012, what they did in 1776.

If you want to know more about what I believe can and will happen if this fiscal and social insanity isn’t stopped here and now, click onto the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 16-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is a fight for the survival of the free world. If America goes down the Euro-tard leftist hole, who will fight the Muslim Islamists and the ever-more-powerful communist Chinese? Canada? France or England (already on an irreversible decline toward Muslim nationhood)? We conservatives must ALL get out and vote because even deceased liberals will vote. Just ask Al Franken…
    America is “the last best hope for mankind” and it’s now or never to save her – and the free world.

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