Republicans – The Enemy Within

Cooperating with the Dear Leader is NOT what participatory Democracy is all about, ESPECIALLY IN A REPUBLIC.

I watched the Republican meeting (retreat) held in Baltimore Maryland (Friday January 29, 2010), where Barack Hussein Obama was invited to participate.

To me, this Republican initiative was an insult to all the people of America who are putting their trust in the Republican Party, and a slap in the face to all the people who joined Tea Parties and went out of their way to attend Town Hall Meetings and win important recent elections for Conservatives.


I have received several emails telling me how much they enjoy what I write and say, BUT – why do I insult the First Lady by referring to her as an Amazon?

One reader was so upset that he wrote to me – “Don’t be threatened by tall, attractive and intelligent women.”

My response to him was this:

“I will NOT apologize.”

“When you read my next editorial and/or listen to my next broadcast you’ll understand why. You might not like what I have to write or say, but that will be up to you.”

“By the way – My wife of 37 years is a gorgeous, talented and dynamic woman. She owns and manages our national advertising agency I created some 30 years ago. I surround myself with dynamic women who are smart, confident and reliable. So don’t give me that “threatened crap” since you have no idea who I am and what goes on in my personal life.”


Before the Democrat leadership race, I never heard of Michelle Obama. And probably neither did MOST of you. But once she came on the scene, we all heard of her.

Unlike MOST spouses of candidates who accompany their husbands or wives on the campaign trail, and from time to time deliver feel-good campaign-type speeches, Michelle Obama INSERTED herself into the campaign.

It was her husband who said that WORDS MATTER. She should have listened. For that matter, he too should have taken his own advice.

When she took to the campaign trail and said: UNTIL NOW, IN HER ADULT LIFE, SHE WAS NEVER PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN, those were words that needed no further explanation. THEY MATTERED.

When in a different speech, Michelle Obama called 2008 America A DOWNRIGHT MEAN COUNTRY; those too were words that needed no further clarification. THEY TOO MATTERED.

Unlike MOST folk, I actually listen and believe what people say in unscripted moments.

I believed that was exactly what she believed (then and now) when I heard the woman who wanted her husband to become the President of the United States say that she was NEVER proud of her country until her husband won the Democrat nomination.

I believed Michelle Obama meant it when she said that America in 2008 is a DOWNRIGHT MEAN COUNTRY. Otherwise, I would have had to believe she was a LIAR.

I also believed that her on-camera comments were just the tip of the iceberg in terms of her thoughts, since no one could sit in as vile a Church as she and her husband did for TWENTY YEARS, listening to the anti-America, anti-Semitic, and anti-White rants of a Black RACIST, the likes of Jeremiah Wright and NOT agree with what he said.

And why in the world would she as a mother want her children to be subjected to this vile racism in a Black Liberationist Church of all places? Let alone have them Baptized there by this piece of crap Jeremiah Wright?

In their absolutely true and consistent fashion, the LEFTIST media, which more or less means just about all of the media, pumped-up Michelle Obama to be some kind of sophisticated beauty paralleled to Jacqueline Kennedy.

It’s not like Jacqueline Kennedy was really a role model for anything, but true to form, just like the LEFTIST media fawned all over Kennedy, they wanted to connect the dots between her and Obama.


Michelle Obama is no looker – Much less a beauty.

More than that, her disdain for “normal working non unionized unentitled” Americans shines through her mean eyes like two beacons making her appear as UGLY on the outside, the way I believe she really is on the inside.

She’s not the President, her narcissistic husband is. But, I seriously doubt if she doesn’t have some influence over what he says and does. Or maybe not, since the Narcissist-In-Chief seems to keep her away from the cameras.

There are many women in public life who I really don’t like, NOT because they’re women, but because of what they do or say. Or what they don’t do or say. But no one will ever be able to find anything I have ever written or said that disparages anyone, man or WOMAN for the way he or SHE looks.

In the case of the Amazon wife of the Schmuck-In-Chief, who the LEFTIST MEDIA created as America’s BEAUTIFUL First Lady, I gladly make that exception.

But, I’m willing to compromise and stop calling her an Amazon, if she’s willing to apologize for telling the world that she was NOT proud of her country that gave her and the entire world so much. And that she apologizes for calling America a DOWNRIGHT MEAN COUNTRY in 2008.

I guarantee you that she won’t apologize. And NEITHER will I.

The preceding about Michelle Obama, the Amazon First Lady actually fits into Friday’s Republican Retreat that invited her seriously flawed husband.


Just like I take what Michelle Obama said seriously, I take EVERYTHING Obama says just as seriously. But obviously, the Republican BRAIN-TRUST does not, because if they did, they wouldn’t have invited him to their retreat to spread his tripe.

What was in it for the Republicans to give this Presidential-Sickness yet another platform?

The people do NOT want the Republicans playing nice with Obama. They want him stopped cold in his tracks. They DON’T want dialogue with the Bull-Shitter-In-Chief. They want him neutered.

So, to give him a respectful forum, where the Republicans are seen to be pandering to this PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, it screams that the Republicans DON’T GET IT.

Cooperating with the Dear Leader is NOT what participatory Democracy is all about, ESPECIALLY IN A REPUBLIC. The system was designed to be CONFRONTATIONAL in order to keep the three levels of government answerable to the PEOPLE – Remember them?

Here are some irrefutable facts:

1 – FOX News was just named by a LIBERAL (Public Policy Polling) polling firm to be the MOST trusted (fair and balanced) News Network on television by 49% of the respondents. No other media even came close.

MORE Americans watch FOX News, than they do all of FOX News’ competition COMBINED.

2 – Conservative Talk Radio so outnumbers Liberal Talk Radio in all demographic categories, so much so, that the numbers don’t even merit comparison. Just in this past month, Liberal Air America went under in spite of the fortunes pumped into it by special LEFTIST interests.

3 – Glenn Beck was just named the SECOND most watched person on television, second only to Oprah Winfrey.

4 – Virginia went Conservative. New Jersey went Conservative. Massachusetts of all places went Conservative. All three candidates made their positions REALLY clear.

They DID NOT campaign to get along with Liberals. The truth and message in all of the above is this:

The people do not want the pundits, talk show hosts, or politicians engaged in POLITE politics. They don’t want to see or hear Kumbaya moments in the White House or on the Hill.


THE REPUBLICANS JUST DON’T GET IT, and seemingly can’t connect the dots. And that could be the greatest tragedy between now and November 2012.

Here’s something you have to do if you want to save your country: Stop buying into this crap that you have to be nice, even to people who hate your own country and have never in their adult life been proud of America.

Stop believing the lies coming from a Narcissistic Pathological Liar like your Demagogue-In-Chief because he uses nickel and dime words read off a teleprompter to convince you otherwise.


And SPREAD the word.

Do NOT let up. Do NOT get tired of the battle. Take NO prisoners. And ask for NO quarter. The stakes are so high, that anything but an all out effort by you can destroy the GREATEST Nation that has ever been.


Don’t let your mealy-mouthed House and Senate Republicans take YOUR fight to the enemy with platitudes, niceness, and Kid Gloves. Force them to fight. FORCE them to do what has to be done to save America. Because if you DON’T make them do it, they won’t.

To know more about what I believe must be done to beat back the LEFTIST Barbarians from the gate, click onto the Radio Icon at the Top of This Page to hear a 15-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I still remember just after Obama got elected the first time. There was a black woman being interviewed on national TV news. She was overjoyed with the fact that Obama was going to pay off her mortgage. As if. He was shrewd enough, read low enough, to word things in such a way that people would take this from what he said. It may be hard to prove, but any politician pulling this stunt should spend a lot of time in jail.

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