State Of The Obama Address

That everything that went wrong in his own FIRST YEAR was the fault of everyone else but himself.

I am utterly convinced that there is more than just a little bit wrong with the brain of Barack Hussein Obama, to the point that he REALLY needs clinical psychiatry.

I listened to that rambling mess of a speech last night (January 27, 2010) that was anything but a State of the Union Address. It was in fact a State of the Obama Address, since it was all about him.

I – I – I . . . ME – ME – ME.

It was a lecture to everyone, including his own Party, while being yet another campaign speech. Perhaps he’s forgotten that he already won more than a year ago.

He contradicted himself throughout the speech, especially in his demands for Congress to get along, while simultaneously referring to the republicans as the Party of No.

Even George W wasn’t spared – Yet again.

What was most disturbing to me was his absolute belief that what America needs is MORE government. BIGGER government. MORE regulations. And MORE spending with MORE government involvement in the total fabric of American life.

In one sentence he talked about the need to FREEZE spending. In another sentence he spoke about the need to reduce tuitions, discount student loans and boost social spending.

He spoke about subsidizing mortgages and the need to pass his Healthcare Bill. He also spoke about the NEED for the USA to lead in Cap and Trade.

So, how does he imagine he can FREEZE spending and be MORE responsible with the budget of the American people when all he sees is the NEED to create MORE entitlements?

He spoke about the Stimulus Program, Recovery Act, Job Creation Act, or whatever the hell he wants to call it today, SAVING Jobs. What jobs was he referring to besides teachers, firefighters, police and other civil servants?

Even though the jobs he is referring to provide some necessary services, they COST the taxpayers money and do nothing to create REAL employment.

He said so many things during this dreadful narcissistic address that picking them all apart would take a week of writing. But, one thing he said, said it all to me.

Midway through his speech, he spoke about a program that he would like to see that would help university students pay off their loans in either TWENTY years or TEN years.

Twenty years if you take a job or career in the private sector. AND TEN YEARS IF YOU TAKE A JOB IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR.

Imagine that: Twice as long to pay off a student loan if you go to the PRIVATE Sector where REAL jobs and wealth are created. And JUST TEN YEARS if you go to the PUBLIC Sector that CONSUMES wealth.

If nothing else can be said about where the brain of this piece of work is focused, THAT WAS IT.

This was the meanest and most arrogant speech I’ve ever heard from a President of the United States of America.

Those of us who are old enough to really remember Richard Nixon, have to also remember Nixon’s personal ENEMIES LIST. This was a list mainly comprised of Leftist Members of the Media.

It wasn’t right. It was secret. And it was very focused. And once news of it became public, Nixon was pilloried for it in the press.

So what about Obama? What about the ENEMIES LIST he ran-off last night without even pretending to keep it private?

He attacked the Banks, Wall Street, Big Business, Conservative Talk, the Republicans and EVEN THE SUPREME COURT, as if everything that is wrong with America is their fault.

And that everything that went wrong in his own FIRST YEAR was the fault of everyone else but himself.

Strange though how he NEVER whispered the name of groups like ACORN or the walking, talking horror shows like George Soros who use every dirty trick they can think of to do in the personal FREEDOMS of the people of the Greatest Nation on Earth.

Obama said that important legislation like Healthcare was not passed because of the Republican Party, ignoring the truth that his filibuster-proof Senate and enormous House majority could have passed anything they wanted to, IF they wanted to.

The Republicans did NOT defeat his insane policies.

His OWN Democrats, who couldn’t stomach the idea of walking off the edge of the cliff for their DEAR LEADER defeated Obama’s appalling LEFTIST policies. But why let facts and truth get in the way of a propaganda speech?

LORD Obama spoke about earmarks, as if he didn’t PROMISE to veto EVERY earmark that came before him once he became President. He’s so utterly arrogant that he thinks people don’t know that he signed BILLS into Law with the greatest number of earmarks and pork in terms of number and cash value than any other President in history.

He spoke about the need for government to tighten its belt, as the “Jack-in-the-Box” Pelosi sprang to her feet giving applause, forgetting about her full-sized luxury Jet Airplane she NEEDS in order to get back and forth from her District in California to Washington.

A small Executive Jet just wouldn’t do.

Or his DATE NIGHTS with the Amazon Wife at the expense of the financially battered people of America? LET THEM EAT CAKE.

THE BEST PART and the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the entire speech was not only that it was just a collection of Obama platitudes, just like all the other things he has said over the past two years:


If I was a democrat worried about my political future before this excrement of a speech, I would now be in a hysterical panic trying to figure out what I had to do to put as much space between the NARCISSISTIC DEMAGOGUE-IN-CHIEF and myself.

Maybe after giving this some real thought, just maybe this State of the Obama Address was the BEST thing possible for the future of the USA.

If you want to know more about what I think about Obama’s speech, that I believe will only go to further do-him-in, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of the Page to hear an 18-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Dear Mr. Galganov,

    You are one TRUE PATRIOT!!! I thank you for all your encouragement, which is exactly what America needs, especially right now. I love your editorials and always pass them on. Thank you again & please continue your editorials. May God Bless You.. God Bless America & Canada.

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