Not ONLY is he not so smart - He is so much SO DUMB.

I haven’t written anything in the last week, because we put our beloved 12-year-old Sheltie (Scot) to rest on Wednesday (January 20, 2010) at 1:20 in the afternoon, and it’s hard to write with tear-filled eyes.

The good news is that he lived a GREAT life right to the very end. And everyone who ever met Scot will remember him fondly.

It’s sad that we can’t say the same about many people.

Anne and I cannot wake up in the morning without a dog in the house. So, by 8:00 o’clock that evening, we were at a German Shepherd breeder/importer who had a 4 and a half month old Schutzhund German Shepherd that was flown-in from Europe.

Before agreeing to sell us this terrific dog, the breeder wanted to have a guarantee that he would have a wonderful home.

Here’s what I said to her – Word for word:

“It will not be a question of whether or not he gets to sleep on the bed. It is ONLY where on the bed he will wind up sleeping.”

We got home after 1:00 o’clock in the morning with our new puppy who we decided to call Stryker, which is the name of the American/Canadian built all-purpose, all terrain, armored ultimate troop carrying fighting machine.

We figured that a dog of his stature will need a REAL macho name, especially since he will grow up to be a lover rather than a fighter.

The breeder/importer was a fair distance from where we lived, so it took quite a while to get there, especially in the dark on country roads. During the drive, Anne and I were thinking about what this four and a half month old puppy would look like.

Guess our surprise when we saw him, and he was OVER 45 pounds? Today, just before completing this editorial, Anne and mucked-out the barn and took Stryker for a walk through our forest in pouring rain.

The walk with Stryker brought sunshine back into our lives despite the weather.

Our outward tears for Scot have finally stopped. But his memory will live on for as long as we do.


OBAMA got his ass kicked in Massachusetts last week.

Perhaps I should repeat this, since it seems that neither Obama nor his White House Insiders understand exactly what happened when Independent Republican Scott Brown ate Democrat Martha Coakley’s breakfast, and came back later for her lunch.

The people voted AGAINST Obama.

It wasn’t just about Healthcare, Cap and Trade, Card Check, Stimulus Squandering, the lack of Transparency in the White House, Dirty Backroom Deal-Making, treating BLOOD-THIRSTY Moslem TERRORISTS as though they are common criminals, taking over Banks and Insurance Companies, taking over two thirds of the American Auto Industry, indebting America’s grandchildren, insulting America worldwide, pampering himself on Date-Nights with the Amazon wife while the “common” folk worried about putting bread on the table, ACORN, or about appointing horrible actors as Czars.

It wasn’t even about being made to look like a Laughing Stock for his Nobel Peace Prize, which he received for things he MIGHT do in the future. While in his acceptance speech, he spoke about the necessity to make war in order to have Peace. How’s that for an OXYMORON?

Nor was it because he walked away from the Climate Change Conference looking every part the International Eunuch that he is. Or because the Euro-Trash of the Olympic Organizing Committee are still laughing at saying no to the LORD Obama.

Or because the Russians, French, British, Germans and Iranians think that he’s a massive PUTZ. Or that China is shaking with fear at his fiscal incompetence that could sink their economy along with America’s.

It wasn’t about any one of those many issues. It wasn’t even about all of those many issues. IT WAS ALL ABOUT OBAMA.

No one wants to admit it. Not the Democrats – Not even the Republicans. Not even the CENTRISTS AND INDEPENDENTS who voted for Conservative Scott Brown instead of Liberal Martha Coakley want to admit.


In spite of everything Obama and his Spin-Doctors want you and themselves to believe, the people in LEFTIST Massachusetts DID vote AGAINST OBAMA.

And here’s why:

He’s not smart. We constantly hear about how smart Obama is. But, if he was so smart, he would be able to say hello without a teleprompter. If he was so smart, he wouldn’t be insulting his own nation while traveling abroad as if that is something he thinks the American people should be happy and proud of.

If Obama was so smart, he wouldn’t have allowed his White House to be high-jacked by Pelosi and Reid.

If he was so smart, he wouldn’t have made ridiculous promises during his campaign no one could keep. But then again, if the people were so smart who voted for him, they wouldn’t have voted for him in the first place.

The capper on how smart he REALLY ISN’T, is in how he has publicly spun HIS PERSONAL loss in Massachusetts as – wait for it:


Not ONLY is he not so smart – HE IS SO MUCH SO DUMB.

He is so really honest to goodness dumb, that even the Republicans don’t want to publicize it for fear that the rest of the world will lose whatever amount of diminishing confidence that might be left in the United States of America.

Obama is so DUMB, that he thinks he’s smart. He’s so self-deluded, that I believe that he actually believes the crap that comes off his Teleprompter and out of his mouth.

Imagine that the fate of the whole world rests in the hands of the DUMBEST person to ever sit in the most Powerful Office on the planet. And then take it one step further, knowing that the next two people who wield real power in the USA are Pelosi and Reid who are just as DUMB.

WORSE – If something were to happen to Obama, we’d be saying President Biden. Try to get that around your brain.

What an absolute mess the American voters have made for themselves, their country, and the world for electing a Delusional Narcissistic Demagogue whose only VERY LIMITED personal history SCREAMED STAY AWAY!

The good news is this:


I wrote on July 23, 2009 in an editorial titled: I Told You So – Yes I Did, that Obama would not be able to make it beyond his first year, most probably because his own Party would throw him under the bus, just like he threw everyone else under the bus who got in his way.

But, as much as I believed what I wrote then, I never expected him to TOTALLY collapse as badly as he has. For all intents and purposes, America is WITHOUT a President, or with a President in name ONLY.


We knew a month in advance that Scot’s days were numbered, and did EVERYTHING we possibly could to keep him feeling well and alive to the very end.

When that time arrived, we had our Veterinarian come to our home to put Scot to Rest, so he would pass with the least amount of stress and greatest amount of dignity.

And as soon as it was done, Anne and I took Scot to our pet cemetery.

He was wrapped in a blanket in which he was comfortable, and buried with his head upon his favorite pillow along with two of his favorite fluffies. We both cried as we took turns filing the grave.

I write this, because it is cathartic for me, and to demonstrate how much value a human, or in this case humans can place on the value of a dog, and so little in the value we legitimately place on the current President of the United States of America.

If that doesn’t say it all – NOTHING ELSE WILL.

May Scot’s Doggy Soul Rest In Peace.

If you want to know more about what I think of OBAMA’S staggering loss, click-on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to listen to a 11-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. …and now we hear that in 4 states, phony 3rd party candidates are on the ballot to try to siphon votes from republican candidates. They pose as less liberal than the principal liberal candidiate.Spread the word so that this attempt fails in all cases.

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